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Cyberpunk story

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Posted 01 February 2010 - 11:55 PM

Meanwhile in the sewer exits...
"*Cough*. That place smelled horrible! Wait we're in RAT territory now aren't we?" Said C.C.
"Yup!" Said Nick.
"Cool! I'm going to go explore my new home." Said C.C.
"Okay I'll see you around!" Said Nick.
C.C walked near a large green van type vehicle and started to look at the technology on the vehicle until some stranger ran up to him.
"Hey get away from my ride!" Said The stranger.
C.C turned around and the mans mouth dropped open.
"C.C is that really you?!" Asked the stranger.
"Yes I am and you are?" Asked C.C confused.
"You don't remember me? I thought I was your friend!" Said The stranger. "It's me Jack! Come on digit you gotta remember me!"
"I'm very sorry but I don't think I've ever been to this time before I'm actually from the future." Said C.C.
"Are you nuts? I have a picture of you somewhere on my holo-net projector somewhere. I'll show you." Said Jack taking a small device out of his pocket.
"See!" Sure enough there was a picture of him fiddling with some device in a lab of somesort.
C.C put his haand on his head. "Where was this photo taken?" Asked C.C confused and upset.
"In your secret technology lab of coarse only you can open it."
"Whothewatha? Take me there" Asked C.C.
"Okay it's in the alley on Vizo street next to Cybro's techno club." Said Jack.
After waling for a while they got there but the only thing there was a unusually large dumpster.
"There it is!" Said Jack.
"That rusty old dumpster is my secret base? I'm leaving jerk!" Said C.C.
"No see look!" Said Jack pointing to a button disguised as a bolt. He pressed it and a panel opened up revealing a DNA scanner. Jack moved his head toward it and the device said in a bland voice.
The side of the dumpster opened up in a blast door fashion and C.C stepped into the room. Suddenly the floor started dropping until they reached a dark room that suddenly came to life with the flash of computer screens and lime neon lights on the walls.
"This is it just how you left it! Your last invention is still untouched. Man it really is you C.C!" Said Jack.
C.C glanced over at a table there was a mechanical bug about the size of a basketball it was very clunky and unimpressive but jack seemed to like it. C.C saw the word C-bug and something clicked in his head.
"Wow this is a prototype for something I've already made!" Said C.C. "See look!" Said C.C pulling the computerbug out of his backpack.
"It's good to have you back digit!" Said Jack.

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 03:10 AM

Inserge strolled through his halls at a liegerely pace. It was a mile too the lair of 'Reptile' as it called itself. It was dark. Even with the dim light provided by his neon. Inserge was pretty certain that bright light hurt the mutants' eyes, but he wasn't sure, not that it would help him "...If my damn lights keep flickering!!" he finished his thought aloud and it echoed in the tunnels for a long time...
...In a room beside a giant mechanical contraption drooled Reptile. The former human disdained his mangled radiated body more than Inserge hated authority but unlike Inserge this horrid beast had some purpose, something to desire, and as Inserge walked the lonely halls of his subterranean life Reptile fought for control of his own brilliant mind.
"Rah! I've got to find that one! the special one! I know he'd help me! I despise this body!" Raged Reptile. A crab-like creature looked upon him with it's beady eyes, not sure what to do. all of a sudden though Reptile heard a noise. A noise. A noise? What sort of noise was it? An angry noise. It was a scream. Reptile didn't know whos it was nor did he care. "Oh! what now!? My light are down! I can't see! Oh for crying put loud!" It was nearer, and now Reptile's interests were piqued, but not his, his subconscious monstrous interests... He was hungry. Soon in his frenzied state Reptile left his lair....crawling on all sixxes. (Just like general grievous did in his confrontation with Obi wan in ep. 3)
...Inserge walked through an archway...In the dark...unknowingly being hunted by a green scaly mutant...
"Thank god I have night vision goggles" groaned Inserge, putting them over his eyes just in time to see a humanoid monster rushing towards him, on the ceiling. "Oh boy!" "Rawr!" shrieked the reptilian abomination as it leapt from above. Inserge pulled out his shot gun(as it was the quickest thing to grab) and clobbered reptile on the head as he came down. The thing picked itself up and looked at Inserge with it's huge bulbous yellow eyes and then reconsidered his attack. Obviously he was armed and had good reflexes.."No!" The human side of reptile had regained some manner of control. "No! I'm just too hungry! Sorry! Ah! With that Reptile ran back to his nest, leaving the Pirate confused, alone and again in the dark.
He walked on weary of Mutant freaks. Eventually he reached a wrecked pipe leading outside and stared down it, and saw the neon signs of the outside world, as well as the rain. "hmmm," pondered Inserge, but he was interrupted by Reptile sitting on a chair near a computer. "Greetings, Person-with-gun" said Reptile. "I realize that I behaved outlandishly earlier, but umm... I 'm sooo hungry..."

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 03:18 AM

Marcus looked up from the bodies to find some reporter doing a story. The police would be here any minute.

He quickly got up. Nobody besides the reporter was there. He turned to leave, but ran straight into a police officer.

"You're under arrest."

"B-but I didn't do anything."

"Pft. A STEEL alley? A STEEL searching the bodies?"

He quickly put handcuffs on Marcus, pushing him forward as he did.

"Oh come on! The reporter didn't even say I was a suspect!"

"Well, you are now."

-Dang goverment, not even looking for evidence.- thought Marcus.

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 04:36 AM

"That was rather imprudent of you, Dave."
"I know, Coffeebot, I know. But it was fun," Dave said, walking through an alley. People skittered away from him into doorways like so many roaches when the light's turned on. "It's been practically all political an economical bullying  for the past few decades, which is engaging, but it's not fun in the same visceral way as physical intimidation."
"I do not have the capacity to understand this, Dave."
"Sure you do! Didn't you have fun when you were crushing that R.A.T. in half against the wall the other day?"
"I have not yet experienced emotions, Dave, although I am endeavoring to. However, I have gathered from my psychological readings that pleasure is not something that should be taken when performing violence against others. I think that you have psycho-sadism, Dave."
The smile fell off of the old man's face.
"I was told that, once, by a different computer. Long ago. Long ago...."
"I am sorry that I have caused you sad remembrances, Dave."
"No, it's no matter. That's quite behind me now. Almost a century ago."
There was a silence.
"Any new news, Coffeebot?"
"There has been much irregular activity in the sewers, Dave. And there is a new report coming in about Vonne. She has been sighted going into the strip club on the corner of 17th and G street with an unknown female R.A.T. and out of it again with the same R.A.T. and a male one that was identified as Jones, a high-level R.A.T. leader."
"Hmm.. this report was from our spy Lahr-shi, the bouncer? I knew he would come in handy some day, even if he's dumb as a post. Well, it looks like we'll just have to wait for another report to find out where they've gone, I don't know enough bout Jones' habits to make a prediction about where they'll go, and that female R.A.T. is an unknown factor. We'll just have to wait it out."
"A wise decision, Dave. Are you going to beat up more 'punks' in the street?"
"No, I don't want to waste my energy. Maybe I'll step in somewhere for a coffee."
"I think that you may have a Caffiene addiction, Dave."
"I know that I have a caffiene addiction, Coffeebot. That's why I have you in my office."
"I see, Dave."

View Postsok117, on Feb 1 2010, 12:57 AM, said:

I hope I did a good job scripting your character TEREGLITH

You did fine. You wrote him a bit more... villianous, than I have been, but I put it down to his psycho-sadism (which is his principle problem). It was also in a bit more of a southern dialect, but that's just me being my nitpicky writerly self.

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 05:57 AM

Following Computerbug's post:

Jackson and CC were walking through the large green vehicle, conversing about CC's journey.

"So, CC, are you serious about this whole future concept?" said Jackson, looking down at a cell phone sized computer, which showed the vehicles digitalized. From the devices, the warehouse workers could see anythign they want abou the vehicles. Whilst there was still the testing warehouses, they still liked to check up on their progress through the small devices. From crash tests, to field tests, and on and on.

"Yep. I feel bad I had to leave them behind, but I had a life before the apocalyps-"

But Jackson interruped him. The two came to a halt.

"David! David! The third light is a bit dimmer than it should be; fix that. David. David, are you listening to me?"
"Take it easy, Jack. You're grinding us down here!" said David.
"We didn't hire you for the warehouses to treat you like royalty; you're here to work. So get in the program!" yelled Jackson.

"Don't you think you're a bit hard on them?" asked CC.
"Nah. As one of the designers on these vehicles, I have to treat them like the other designers do. The vehicles have to be right, or we make no money to pay for a percentage of our mining equipment," said Jackson. "We don't have time for mistakes."
"Huh... anyway, how have things been here?" asked CC.
"Fine. A bit of a bumpy ride lately, but we've made it. Solar-Com's really starting to be a bit of a pain."
"I would expect, now that the NERV chips are starting to get more and more popular. They're probably rolling in cash right now," said CC.
"More than you know..." said Jackson, tinkering with the solar converter.
"So, I forgot to tell you, I ran into some guys on my return..."
"Ricky! Get over here and apply the panel over the solar converter!" yelled Jackson. "Sorry about that, CC, you were saying?"
"I was saying, I ran into some guys when I arrived back here. One had these creepy legs... mechanical, I think.
"Sounds familiar. That, ehhh, Borgie guy, right?" Jackson asked, watching Ricky install the panel over the solar converter wires.
"I think that was his name. Borgiss, or something."
"He runs Solar-Com, doesn't he?"
"Yeah, that too, I think," said CC
"Yeah, weird guy... right..." Jackson looked in a bit of a daze.

This place is a lot more different than I thought it would be... CC thought.
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Posted 02 February 2010 - 07:42 AM

Reptile brandished four knives at once, as Cramarr grabbed a pistol.

"Just today, just today...I get so many people walking up an down my territory like they own the place. I own the place. Got it?" Reptile hissed angrily.

"I got a weapon, you shouldn't be talking to me in such a manner!" Inserge replied cheekily.

In a swift move, Reptile disarmed him. Cramarr howled with laughter.

"What weapon?" Reptile jeered.

"Look, I'll fight you if I must...but I'm going to the surface, and I might tell a police officer of your whereabouts by accident..."

"Go ahead and have your accident. I know you are on the run from them, so you can shove that-"

"How did you know that?"

"Just assume I know everything. This pipe leads to the outside world, a dark alley where you can bounce along the rooftops undetected. Leave me be!"

"Why should I trust you?"

"I haven't mauled you yet. Now go!" Reptile ordered, removing the grate. As Inserge climbed through, Reptile sniffed the air.

"He smelt....bad. He would give me indigestion" Reptile commented.

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 10:08 AM

Samantha looked at Roger Jones sheepishly. She could not believe she had worked for a maniacal cyborg aiming for world domination for five years.

"Well, I am... was a Human Resources Manager at Solar-Com, in charge of recruiting new workers for the New Terrel office - and keeping them happy, too. I... I had no idea..."

"Go on, we ain't got whole day", said Jones, tapping his foot.

"Well, lately some workers have gone missing. I dug at the office's security logs, and saw that they never left the building, but had an appointment with The President, as we call him. I've never seen him personally before today, for Mr. Charon runs the daily business routines in the company while The President hides in the background."

Samantha felt the need to take a deep breath. The R.A.T.s both looked at her with curiosity, but not with sympathy.

"So today, after work when most of the others had gone home, I sneaked to the doors of The President's quarters, and saw him emerge with another man. He... he... was a cyborg! A man with robotic spider legs and horrible, metal fangs! The other man called him Borgiss. I followed them into the N.E.R.V. testing area, and heard the whole, horrible plan!"

The R.A.T.s looked at each other.

"We know about the mind-controlling capabilities of the N.E.R.V. chips, but what is this cyborg president of yours going to do with them, exactly?" Roger asked.

"They will use Zerbite to replace the memories of every human being in this planet with ones involving Borgiss as the world leader!" Samantha exclaimed.

"Bah! This sounds like a cheap comic-book plot! Can't the villains ever come up with something original?" Roger scoffed.

"Samantha speaks the truth!" Kiara said suddenly. "I heard some of this through the air ventilation system in the roof. But there was some other person there, too."

"Yes, the man I helped escape", Samantha nodded. "He didn't tell me his name, but he was obviously a R.A.T. He might be able to help you, but I need to get out of this island. Please, Mr. Jones, you have to help me!"

Roger rubbed his beard. "Alright, you've given us important information to get us up to date with what the Solar-Com is planning. I can use my connections to get you out of here, but first you must help us defeat the cyborg."

Samantha gasped. "But I'm not a fighter or a hacker! What more could I possibly do?"

"You can give us access to the company computer systems. That way, we can get into the controls of the N.E.R.V. chips and disable them for good."

"But I don't have such authorizations! All I get access to are the personal files of the people working there", Samantha said, spreading her arms.

"Which are classified information, aren't they? If we get into those files, we will find a route into the other highly restricted sections of the network."

Samantha sighed. "Okay, I'll do it, but you have to promise to get me out after that. I'm sure Mr. Charon has already send someone after me."

Roger nodded.

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 05:31 PM

"Can I please speek to Kiara personally now?" asked Jones

"Ok" replied Samantha as she left

"Is this true then Kiara, or are you pulling some kind of joke on me?" asked Jones

"She tells the truth sir" said Kiara

"Very well, you may leave too" said Jones


"So what did Jones want?" asked Samantha as Kiara walked into the hallway

"He just asked me if you were telling the truth and I told him you were"

"Ok, I have another problem though" said Samantha

"What is it?" asked Kiara

"Well, I have nowhere to stay as my house has probably been raided already" replied Samantha

"I can easily fix you up with a place on your own or you can stay in my apartment" said Kiara

"Right now you are the only R.A.T I really trust so is it ok if I stay with you?" asked Samantha

"Yes sure thats fine" replied Kiara

The two girls walked away back onto the streets of New Terrel.

Oh and these girls do not like like each other they are now just friends.

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 09:51 PM

Agent Ichi blazed through the sewer tunnels, taking no stock of the filth, ichor and assorted detritus that lined the passageways - he was singularly focused on his quarry. The signatures by which he tracked the intruder still hung in the air, brightly displayed on his HUD. There were other readings too – exotic readings – bright glyphs indicated there was more to this intruder than meets the eye. Things started to look like they may get more complicated as one, two, three new trails joined the original. The intruder was not alone...

Posted Image

Ichi swiftly took a junction and found himself facing a solid looking steel door. Almost immediately he swept his vibroblade across it, slicing through it like butter, heavy chunks falling to the floor with a thud. Ichi silently stepped through the plume of dust that had risen, blade raised and Prism-field distorting his image should he suddenly find himself ambushed by gunfire. But all that was waiting was a dank room filled with pieces of old gadgetry and junk. A computer, desk and chair. Pipes, some damaged, lined the ceiling and walls.

A sound from above!

Ichi span around as a hideously mutated, multi-limbed being dropped from the ceiling and clashed several blades against his sword.

“What’s this? Another trespasser Cramarr?! Is it some kind of open day?!” Reptile boomed.

This isn’t helping me at all, Ichi thought, but I’ve clearly interrupted whatever he was up to.

The mutant wielded his blades with deft precision, cutting high and low, thrusting and kicking, but Ichi parried it’s blows with sword and forearm, his vibroblade easily halving 2 of the mutant’s daggers. Reptile lunged for the ninja, attempting to grab him in a bear-hug while slicing down with his remaining weapons. The ninja flipped backwards out of his grasp, landing in a defensive stance.

“My quarrel isn’t with you, mutant. I came here looking for another.” said Ichi. Reptile slowly paced around this new adversary, taking in his appearance... his scent...

“He’s gone already, into the day. And you’re not even good enough to eat. You don’t smell like normal man. What are you?”

“Whatever I may be I’m not interested in hanging around here. Let me be on my way and I’ll spare you.”

“Ha!” laughed Reptile. “Whatever you are you’re clustered in tech. I might find a pretty price for you... or little pieces of you.”

Ichi’s combat senses were identifying many ways out of this confrontation, the quickest non-violent solution seemed to be a broken pipe near the wall, a feint glimmer of light emanating from within.

“We’ll settle this later.” he announced, throwing a pellet to the ground which exploded into a cloud of dense smoke, filling the chamber.

“NO!” shouted Reptile, lunging into the cloud and flailing wildly for the ninja... but Agent Ichi had gone. Reptile roared, his voice echoed back and forth throughout the tunnels. He turned his gaze around, eyes searching and meeting the small creature cowering behind an empty box, uselessly brandishing a spoon. “And where were you, coward?!”

“Eep!” Cramarr squeaked, shrinking away from his master...

+ + +

Hope that fits with okay with Reptile's personality, Disturbia. I didn't imagine he'd be too impressed with yet another intruder into his lair!

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 10:59 PM

Warren awoke in a daze, his ears ringing, his heart pounding.  Something was hitting his leg and in the background he could hear someone yelling, he began to collect his bearings, and started to remember what had happened.  Dave, he went over the name in his head as he wiped the blood out from under his nose with his sleeve.  It took him a while before he realized there was an unhappy STEEL looking over him.

"you don't look so good"  The Steel said.  Warren picked himself up.  He began limping out of the alleyway.  "you should go see a doctor, or at least a Medi-Care stand"  The steel insisted.  

"Mind your own business junky." Warren said, flashing the STEEL a dirty look.  He heard the STEEL curse, but was in to much pain to acknowledge it.  He walked down the street.  A Medi-Care sounded like a good idea right about now.  He turned the corner and saw one right across the street.  He crossed the street and approached the machine.  

"Welcome to Medi-Care, your 24/7 health and drug provider, please state your emergency"  The voice said through the speaker.  Warren contimplated just how much he should tell the machine.  "Medi-Care is waiting for you to state your emergency, If you have died please move aside for our next customer"  Warren chuckled at the remark, It made him remember that machines were just as dumb as the people who made them, something his father would often tell him.

"Uhh yes, I need an Advil, I have a headache" Warren said into the microphone.  

"one Advil tablet, your total comes to 1000 Yen.  Would you like to pay with cash or credit?".  Warren looked through his pockets.  Somewhere between the time he passed out and the time he came to, someone had taken his wallet, that's what you get for taking a nap on the ground in a city of scum and villainy.  "Medi-Care is waiting for you to state your emergency, If you have died please move aside for our next customer"  

Screw it.  Warren jumped on the keypad and started typing in digits, he remember reading a book on hacking, well time to put that knowledge to use, sure he had done it once or twice, but nothing as serious, or in this case less serious, as stealing from a hospital.  Options.  Switch Users.  MEDI-CARE Official.  Refill Machine.  Password.  Warren began to think, a series of random numbers and letters, length of at least eight characters, He began randomly typing, hoping for a miracle. "Warning, Illegal attempt to steal from Medi-Care, Alerting police"  The machine wailed as Warren tried to pull away, but before he could get his hands off the keyboard, a shock was sent from it into his body.  He froze, as if he was zapped of all movement, paralyzed, then all the strength left his body and he fell on the ground.  "Sh**!" He exclaimed as people around him started to crowd.  He could hear the Medi-Care playing its message over and over, Then sirens were wailing and before he knew what had happened, he was in the back of a police car heading downtown.

They threw him in a holding tank, he could hear them in the back ground "we caught him stealing from a Medi-Care, he appears to not have a chip, well not for long that is.  A petty crime, nothing but a warning, will ship him over to Solar-Comm in the morning.  Case closed.".  Things were not looking good for Warren, just for doing one stupid thing he has been propelled into jail, but the worst part was, he would be receiving a chip.  No more hope, what could he do.

"looks like your in a bit of a jam, I think I might be able to help you out."  A voice said from the shadows. "by the way, my names Marcus."

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 11:16 PM

Marcus looked over at the man in the back of the car.

"What the heck happened to you?"

The man had blood staining his mouth.

"Got into a fight," said the man. "My name's Warren. What're you here for?"

"'Found' by the police, without a shred of evidence."

Marcus looked into the driver's seat. The cop was driving right for a police station, eyes glued to the road.

Very quietly, Marcus moved his head backwards until the spike on his headpiece cut into the apoulstrey on the seat. He bobbed his head up and down, tearing through it. Eventually, he found was he was looking for. He turned and pulled it out. It was a spring. Marcus began uncoiling, making a makeshift lockpick. He was a STEEL. He had to know these things.
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Posted 03 February 2010 - 02:43 AM

Inserge was furious. He swung his shotgun around his shoulder again after methodically cleaning it to remove any 'slime' it might have obtained during it's brief contact with the mutant or the sewer floor. His Logical mind had already come up with an answer to what had happened; The two monsters had scared off the two man who came to his lair earlier. "Why should I care though," He asked himself, thinking aloud, "They had done nothing wrong, and I was merely investigating." He stopped walking. He turned around to see another figure leaving the damaged pipe that he had left through minutes before.
"Hey, You!" Inserge called out to the shade. "Who are You?!" No reply. The figure, upon exiting the tunnel, began jogging at a brisk pace in a straight direction. Infuriated by the insubordination that the stranger displayed, Inserge ran after him. Inserge soon realized that this being was not solely human as despite the fact that Inserge was a physically fit person, he was unable to maintain the speed of his ninja-like opponent.
Constantly ten feet ahead of the pathetic human was Ichi. He turn his head slightly to see his pursuer. He was a male human roughly 5 feet 8 inches with a muscular build and some type of armor. From that he analized that he was likely a good fighter. He had a cape and a hilt for a sword, and an antique gun, it was reasonable to believe that he was theatrical and a heavily styled sword fighter. He didn't have a chip, so he was an outcast, perhaps some sort of rebel. The fact that he had managed to keep up with him for so long also meant that he had endurance, as well as a motive for following him. The motive; It was unlikely that the human had discovered his quarry, nor was it likely that he had personally offended him(which was the actual reason) It was more likely that the fool was out for some type of revenge. Ichi continued to run, now attempting to escape his pursuer without having to take time out of his search. He pulled a pellet out of his pocket, regarded it for a split second and tossed it to the floor releasing a cloud of smoke. At the same time he fell to the floor did a simple twist and was about to head of in a different direction, had he not miscalculated the depth of a puddle at his feet. A seconed delayed from his routine was all that Inserge needed.
"Oh no you don't you slippery son of a--" He swept down with his blade as hard as he could, but it ricocheted of of his Prism shield.
"We don't have to fight, I doubt that you have an apropriate motive for attacking me."
"Yeah, I've got two, one your a cyborg, and two..." He raised his sword as a challenge"... You ignored me."
"This is unreasonable." stated Ichi, drawing his blade.
"That's just what I wanted to see." smirked Inserge, finally getting acknowledgement from the curt ninja.
"I hope you realize You are delaying me."
"Good," said Inserge as he struck at the ninja. Ichi parried with enormous strength and skill, but Inserge's sword did not stay on ichi's for long as he brought it around and swiped at his sword bringing it up. Both of the duelists were masters in the art of swashbuckling, and the fight lasted for a while with neither of the two being hurt.
"It is obvious that we could continue this for some time, and I do not wish to be retained." The Tech-Ninja said mid swing.
Inserge blocked it and then swept it away, but held his blade. "I see." he said, his blood lust satiated.
Ichi sheathed his sword, and Inserge did too. For a minute they looked at each other. Inserge couldn't see past the goggles on Ichi's face, but Ichi could tell that The Pirate was almost broken, continuing the fight would soon result in the tired human to err, resulting in his death. It wouldn't be soon enough though. Ichi had judged the moment that he saw the armor on Inserge, that it was for defense against projectile style weapons, and piercing weapons. A shot from a lazer weapon, like the one he carried with him, would kill him much more quickly. In the blink of an eye, The white armored opponent of Inserge, swung his arm over his shoulder and pulled out a gun. "You fought well, but I need to catch something, and your not it." with that he blasted inserge in the chest, flinging him several feet away from Ichi. Ichi then turned and jogged away. Inserge picked himself up, and yanked a knife from his belt. He then tossed it, lodging it in the exo-skeleton of Ichi, who, if he felt it, did not respond.
"Slippery son of a--" and with that he blacked out.

Inserge regained his consciousness a few minutes latter. He was face down in the streets of New Terrel, and he was being approached by three figures. They looked like STEELs, but they were carrying bats.
"Hey, Jho! He's alive!" "Crap!" "Hey, I think I saw that guys picture in the news!" "Yeah, It's that Phantom guy." "Let's send a message to the fuz! Heck we'll look like heroes!"
"NO." Inserge managed to say in a groggy, yet assertive voice.
"Yeah, well what are you going to do about it, Ched's sending the N.E.R.V. Mail to the coppers right now!"
"I'm going to kill you." Inserge struggled to his feet, though every muscle in his body protested, he then unslung his shotgun from his back, and wispered "Get outa here you no-life muggers."
"Damn, 'Guy's got a gun!" "Let's get outa here!" the three thugs skedaddled down a narrow passage out of Inserges sight. The police would arive soon though, and Inserge was not going to stick around until they came.
He dragged his aching body the eight miles back to his lair, where he took some medicine and collapsed into his mattress.


Pedro, did I portray Ichi well?
If you guy's didn't know by now my character hates "cyborgs", and is proud to be one of the last humans alive. He is willing to put up with them though. Also in the begining of the post, he was angry because he had been served by Reptile, who he considers himself superior to, and also he was angry that Ichi (who he still doesn't know anything about aside from the fact that he's super human, and has one of his daggers on him, aswell as a cut) did not acknowledge him. Also Inserge's Armor is pretty useful against lazers, as well as the other things mentioned.
It's kind-of funny Callmepie, originally I was going to make you one of the suspects as well, but i wasn't sure how you'd take it! :grin:
Reason for Edit; Spelling error, and no end quotation mark. Then I added a bit more because I was unsatisfied by what I had written.

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 05:41 AM

"So who runs this place?" Asked C.C.
"Well you created it so I guess you would." Said Jack.
"No no no I REALLY don't have what it takes to be a leader." Said C.C.
"Well nobodies really been running it since you left and your lab area is always secured off whenever your not here so second in command was Ginko." Said Jack.
"Ginko?" Said C.C.
"He's a big tech-head like you but sadly he's got a N.E.R.V chip." Said Jack.
"Well that's too bad." Said C.C. "In Borgy's office I heard something about Turrel being the last place to be taken over." Said C.C.
"You mean it's not all going to happen at once?" Said Jack.
"Of coarse not it's going to take about a month for each country." Said C.C. "Say is there a bed in my lab? After all it is my new home and I'm tired. But who pays for all the electricity?" Said C.C.
"It goes on Cybro's techno club"s bill there is a secret entrance to our mining base from there." Said Jack
"And who runs that?" said C.C.
"Jenny she's our other chief engineer second to you you designed all of this actuall but she's the mining expert so she makes the vehicles." Said Jack.
"Where's the main computer system?" Asked C.C.
"That'd be in your lab why?" Asked Jack.
"While I'm sleeping the detectix can download all of the info into itself and it only works with my DNA signature." Said C.C.
"Why don't you just use a fingerpri..... What happened to your hands?!?!" Asked Jack.
"Wow I had hands when I was here last?" Asked C.C.
"Um yeah!" Said Jack a little scared.
"I lost them in a battle with one of my inventions called an S.C.R.A a looong time ago."
"Wait S.C.R.A? I thought that that was invented by Dr. Christopher. Cox." Said Jack.
"That'd be me." Said C.C frowning.
"But he died in the 2000s!" Said Jack.
"Time travel." Said C.C.

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 06:19 AM

Jackson and CC had walked out of the vehicle and were on the outside. Jackson was inspecting the outside.

"Of course, that makes tons of sense," said Jackson. "All of this... you altered everything, CC. You created all of this technology?"
"You better believe it," said CC.
"That's really quite something! You know, we've missed you over the time you've been gone," said Jackson, gently kicking one of the tires to see the pressure. "Seems to be normal tire pressure..." he muttered.

"Jackson, everyone seems a bit... different. Solar-Com seems to be making this world a bit more grey than it should be," said CC, sounding rather concerned.
"I wouldn't worry about it. We've managed while you've been gone. But the truth is, things will be a whoel lot better now that you're back!" said Jackson, winking.

Jackson grabbed a clipboard off a work table, with a dozen check boxes on it. He pulled a pen out of his pocket, and started checking things off.

"So, CC, how's the future?" asked Jackson.
"Not as nice a place as you'd think. Let's just say it's a very quiet place."
"That's too bad. How quiet?"
"You sure you want to know?" asked CC.
"Sure, why not."
"Well... I was living through the apocalypse," said CC, looking at the floor. He knew Jackson would probably mock him for this.

There's a surprise, thought CC.

The pair started moving back to the warehouse doors.

"So, like, how many people do you think survived?" Jackson asked.
"Maybe about less than a quarter of the human population," said CC.
"That little, eh? Sad, very sad... we work our way up through history and then wham!" Jackson hit his fist into his palm. "There goes all we built. So, how far into the future is the apocalypse?"
"I don't think I should tell you that... didn't they establish a law or something about even telling you all of this? Could I go to jail for all of this information?"
"I doubt it, CC. It'll be our little secret."
"You seem to have a lot of secrets!" CC grinned.

Jackson paused, and coughed.

"I'm sorry?"
"I said you seem to have a lot of secrets," said CC. "What, did I say something wrong?"
"... No. Just forget it."

Once they arrived at the warehouse doors, Jackson spun around to CC.

"Hey, do you know a Samantha Vonne?" asked Jackson.
"Samantha Vonne? No," CC replied.
"Huh. Her and some other girl came through the warehouses earlier."
"Yeah, sorry, never heard of her."
"I'll have to learn a bit more about her then. A bit suspicious... You know that they still haven't taken my advice on closing the warehouses to the public? Honestly, you think they'd humor us for once..." said Jackson. "Alright, CC, I must say it's nice to see you again. But I have to go back home now. Closing time here at the warehouses. You better go back to your lab and check the place out, bud. I'm sure you'll find it interesting," said Jackson.
"Yeah, thanks for showing me to it... I'll do that," said CC, smiling.
"See ya later, CC," said Jackson, turning back to the warehouse doors for one last shout. "Ricky! Ricky! Hey! Shut down the place, okay? We're leaving!"
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Posted 04 February 2010 - 02:25 AM

Marcus made quick work of the spring, gnawing it until it ended in a fine point, The police were turning on 18th street, Warren estimated about 12 minutes until they arrived at the police station.  He looked through the glass that separated the prisoners from the drivers, it was most likely sound-proof.  Marcus bent into a pretzel and began picking the lock on the handcuffs.  Warren watched the cops steadily, you think they would pay attention but there minds wre on other things.  Marcus mumbled as he forced the wire in CLICK, He began to un-cuff himself, Clack, the lock broke, "crap" he muttered,  "okay reach into my left boot" he said.  Warren lay down on the back seat and reached into Marcus' boot, he felt a handle, groved for fingers, he pulled it out.  It was a device, a small spinning blade.

"why didn't we use this before?" Warren asked.

"now where would be the fun in that?" Marcus replied.

Warren turned on the rotating saw and began cutting the chain that held his cuffs.  SNAP.  The two cuffs broke apart.  He began working on Marcus'  cuffs.  But he was short on time, only two minutes until they would arive at the police station.  "Screw this!" Warren yelled.  He redirected the saw to the car lock, sparks began to fly and an alarm went off.

"What the hell are you doing!?!?!?" Marcus exclaimed.  But warren was deep in his work.  The cops looked around and activated the emergency knock out gas in the back.  It was quick to activate.  Warren quickly changed his plan and atacked the glass instead.

"Help me!" Warren exclaimed.  Marcus began atacking the glass with the spikes on his helemt.  There was a small crack.  Warren could fellthe knock out gas setting in, he was fighting a losing battle, "hold on" he thought to himself.  The crack spread engulfing the whole window.  It shatered into large fragments.  Warren grabed the driver and began to pull him back, away from the wheel.  The car reared up onto the sidewalk and started mowing down street lights.  Pedestrians were jumping out of the way, a couple people weren't so lucky.  "Colateral Damage" Warren thought.  The Car reared up again on a pile of garbage and fliped over.  The Cops were suspended in air.  However Warren and Marcus were not wearing seat belts so they fell on the roof with a thump.  Warren was no longer tired, way to much adrenaline.  They smashed the window out and crawled through it, they started to run into the streets.  

"Quick" Marcus said "into the sewer"

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 02:32 AM

Marcus held opened the sewer. Warren crawled in. Marcus was about too when he realized he forgot something. He ran up to the cop, who was unconsious, and grabbed his and Warren's weapons of off his belt. Then he jumped into the sewer as well.

Marcus passed Warren his stuff.

"I think I can get us to my house from here, there's a manhole right next to it."

He and Warren walked off into the darkness of the sewers.
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Posted 04 February 2010 - 04:02 AM

"I'm sorry, Coffeebot, what was that again?" THUMP "I can't quite hear you." FWSHING!
Dave folded his warhammer hand into a katana with a thought, made a pair of large but shallow cuts in his STEEL assailant's chest, and then kicked the anonymous man squarely in the stomach, sending him flying into the pile of trash leaning against the wall.
"Where is she?" he asked, folding the katana back into a hook.
"She is headed away from a potential R.A.T. base at 19th and K street. A Ching surveillance bot spotted her and managed to shoot a nano-tracker on her shirt. We now will know wherever she goes within the city."
"19th and K, eh? Blast, that's a long way on foot."
"I have foreseen this eventuality, Dave. In addition to conversing with you I have also taken over your car's computer system. It has been following us the whole time. I am driving around the corner now, Dave."
Sure enough, Dave saw his luxury car, large by city standards, roaring around the corner and into the narrow alley, its single headlight glaring at the street like the eye of an angry cyclops. It stopped right in front of him, and the wrap-around window peeled back, revealing a plush seat. Dave climbed in, and the window instantly closed again.

Posted Image
Dave's car

"Unless you car to take control of the car, Dave, I will drive us via the most direct route to Vonne's location." Coffeebot's voice now came from the speakers on the inside of the car, rather than Dave's hearing aid.
"That's fine, Coffeebot, you can drive," Dave said. Instantly, the car careened forward through the alleyway, narrowly avoiding obstacles and potholes. Within moments, they were on a major road, weaving between the tiny motor-trikes that most residents drove in. A few life-threatening minutes later, they were back in a different alley, careening through different types of trash. Finally, Dave saw two pedestrians in the distance, one a R.A.T. with long brown hair and the other his quarry, Vonne.
"You certainly have a unique way of driving, Coffeebot," Dave said.
"The probability of a crash never exceeded twenty percent during the trip, Dave."
"That's... that's good to know. What is that R.A.T. doing?"
"Unknown activity. Her actions seem to indicate the procuring of a weapon from a bel-"
The R.A.T. turned around. There was a flash.
And then the car exploded.
The rollcage of the car, designed to protect the occupant from harm, took the shock rigidly and flew into the air. Dave's hook was instantly a vibro-katana, and he sliced the roll cage in half, lest it hit an electric wire above the street and kill him. He leapt out the top as the two halves fell down into the smoldering wreckage. He twisted and summersolted in the air, using his transforming hand to reposition his center of gravity, and managed to land on his feet in a crouch in front of the inferno that used to be his car, Tommy Gun in hand.
There was another flash from the weapon of the distant R.A.T.. Prepared this time, Dave let lose a short burst from his gun with his typical deadly aim. The projectile sent from the R.A.T.'s gun was hit mid-flight by one of his bullets, and it exploded in the alleyway. Using the smoke from this explosion as cover, Dave ran towards the R.A.T. and Vonne, ducking into a side alley just before the smoke cleared. He ran through the network of crawlspaces and between-wall crevasses, Coffeebot giving him directions, until he was just ahead of Vonne and the R.A.T. Walking silently out behind his targets, who were still looking at the spot where he had disappeared, he quietly raised his gun. A single bullet spat out of the muzzle and shattered the R.A.T.'s grenade gun. Both women spun around.
"Ladies," Dave said, breathing heavily, his exertions catching up with him. "I believe we have a lot to talk about. If you desire to not have small pellets of lead lodged in your brains, I suggest that you cooperate. A cab will be arriving in a few seconds, and we can calmly sort this out in my office."
"Dave-" Coffeebot whispered. "She has another gu-"
But it was too late. Kiara had shot the ground at Dave's feet with another explosive, and it fell out from under them. After a brief drop, all three found themselves in the sewer, burning chunks of pavement falling around them.
"That didn't go as planned." Kiara said, looking around. "Oh well, no matter." She raised a different gun, pointing it at Dave's head, when a sibilant voice floated out of the darkness to the left.
"Why? Why? Why can't they leave me in peacccce?"

It seems that if we're all going to meet up, the sewers are the place to do it. Basically anybody who's in the sewers right now can continues this from here.

Also, I apologize for the lack of background in the picture of Dave's car. I haven't had much time for MOCing lately.

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 04:10 AM

I'm just going to get me and sok's character to where everyone is.

Marcus and Warren continued along the sewer until they saw an out-of-place steel door-halved and lying on the floor. Marcus and Warren snuck along the wall and poked their heads inside. They were several people inside, including RATS, a mutant, and to Marcus's displeasure, 2 Chings. What on earth was going on here?
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Posted 04 February 2010 - 09:00 AM

Samantha was on the verge of panic. It was Mr. Charon himself, standing right in front of them holding a katana and a gun.

They had all dropped several feet below into the sewers, but they weren't alone. A mutant crawled into the dim light trickling from the sky above, and a moment later two other humans walked in on them. Samantha recognized the other as the sleazy R.A.T. she and Kiara had asked directions from earlier.

"We meet again, Samantha", Warren said. "In need of a helping hand again, are we?" He and the STEEL that he was with pointed guns at Mr. Charon. The mutant lurched back, quietly observing the situation.

"I see you've made friends with the vermin already, Miss Vonne", Mr. Charon said, not letting go of his weapons. "I have a terrible feeling that you weren't going to come to meet me tomorrow morning after all."

"No. I know all about your boss' horrible plans, and I can't believe you are with him on them. Borgiss plans to enslave the whole human population, and you would let him do that?!" Samantha felt fear giving way to anger.

"You know nothing of my plans, girl!" Mr. Charon barked. "Do you take me for a mindless fool who would blindly follow a cyborg into my own destruction? I have far greater ambitions than that!"

"You have to figure out some new ambitions in Hell if you don't drop your weapons - now!" Kiara shouted.

Even when being aimed by three weapons, Mr. Charon didn't seem to faze. The stalemate in the sewers continued.

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 08:08 PM

"Might I interject this strange reunion? The human population is under threat?" Reptile questioned, surprised by this new revelation.

"That thing can talk?" Samantha stammered, resisting the urge to scream.

"Ahhh, SHUT IT! This is what your people reduced me to! This is what your people have created! LIGHTS OUT!" Reptile cackled insanely.

The lights flickered. Everyone was on their feet. In the tiny fleeting moments of light, Reptile's jaws appeared in front of them. He was as fast as a phantom of the night. Once the lights stayed on, he was gone from sight. So was the complex computer. Muddy clawprints were only left, which indicated that Reptile left the sewer completely and now roams the surface.

As Kiara was turning to threaten Dave again, he was pointing his gun at her.

"Oh how the tables have turned!" Dave smiled. Suddenly, flickering flashes blinded everyone temporarily. Once their eyes were clear, they saw several robotic (floating) eyeballs above them.

"Camera probes!" Warren hissed in fear.


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Posted 06 February 2010 - 07:05 PM

Having slept for a few hours in his sleeper, Inserge pulled of his sheets and opened the class doors of his sleeper.(The sleeper is a useful invention that has been on the market since the late 2000s. It is a self contained glass capsule that not only adjusts the mattress to your own personal comfort, but also releases air of the perfect temperature to put you to sleep, and then lowers the temperature to keep you asleep. Due to the comfort, and restfulness of this product, the average sleep lasts only half as long as it would in 2010. A variety crafted for those with chips allows half of the mind to function the whole time, so that work can be done while the body sleeps.) He completed his 'Morning' ritual, and stepped through the entrance into the sewers.
He ran over the events of last night; He had killed a few cops along with his Yakuza companions, and been named "The Phantom." He had been foolish enough to let his guard down in the presence of a bipolar mutant, who snatched his shotgun out of his hands. 'That would not happen again,' he thought to himself, with remembered rage welling up inside of him. Then in his anger he recklessly chased a cyborg assassin-type through the streets of Terrel, until at last they fought, and though they were almost equal in sword-skill, the cyborg had been faster at the draw.
Inserge was unemployed at the moment, and he didn't like the feeling. Later today he would have to visit his "old pal" Sheldon, to find an employer... and a target. In the mean time though Inserge felt like enacting some revenge on the green four armed creep who had taken advantage of him last night. "That lizard will pay." Said Inserge through his teeth.
As Inserge walked through the sewers he felt something amiss. His lights still wouldn't turn on for one thing, but also it seemed as if he was being watched. He was. A camera probe, resembling a mechanical, disembodied eyeball, hovered near the ceiling right behind Inserge. The camera had scanned as much of him as it could spy, and had already connected him to the name "Phantom." 'The fugitive was here in the sewers,' thought the miniscule probe. 'The police must be informed.' In it's hurry to identify the Phantom, the eye had flown into a pipe, causing a loud reverberation, and revealing to Inserge that he was being followed. Inserge spun around, wielding a small laser pistol, and fired in the direction of the noise. He hit the pipe, but in the split second of light the shot provided, he was able to see the eye floating ever nearer. Now he new what he was targeting, and he hit. The camera probe fell from the ceiling like a shooting star, or a bug who got to near to a hot light and died, sparks flying after it. Inserge had no idea how much information the probe had obtained on him, but however much it was, it was too much.
He marched on through his sewers until he encountered two figures running through the darkness
"We're lost aren't we" one said in a gruff voice. "No!" The other one protested, "I'm just not sure where we are at this moment."
"Great," said the first "You know, this has been one of the worst days since my wife died."
"You've told me that about ten times, just look around for any of those camera probes."
The last comment caught the curiosity of Inserge. "Do either of you wanderers need a guide?" demanded Inserge in an almost pleasant voice, although it sounded more like that of a shady watch dealer...
I will most likely post pictures for this when I return to my house tomorrow!
The two figures are Warren and Markus, forgot to say that.
Also Sheldon is mine, I'd like to introduce him thanks :tongue:

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Posted 06 February 2010 - 11:29 PM

Garviel Loken regained conciousness after the crash and for reasons he didn't know upside down. Dazed and disorientated he looked around the damaged police car. There was a spike of pain as his N.E.R.V chip rebooted and began to replay his memories.  He remembered fighting some criminals in the backseat. He remembered the car flipping over. The criminals were long gone of course, but if the tracking systems were still operational, they could still be tracked. He turned to his partner and was about to ask him if he was ok, but then he noticed it. A lamp post had broken through the front of the car and had impaled him in the stomach. "Damn" Garviel thought "He was one day away from retirement as well..."

Garviel disconnected the seatbelt and crawled out of the car. Limping over to the boot he was surprised to see that the automatic weapons hadn't been stolen. He grabbed a nano rifle, several clips of ammo, medical supplies, the tracker (that was still working) and disappeared into the sewers, tracking his prey.    

EDIT: I'm a count!

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Posted 08 February 2010 - 11:50 PM

"I'm inserge" Said Inserge.
"And I'm warren and this is Marc." Said Warren.
"It seems the nearest exit is right..... over there!" Said Isrge pointing to a little dim ring of light coming from the exit.
"There's probably going to be a ladder around that area so we'll be able to get out." Said Inserge.
"Great I was getting claustrophobic!" Said Marc.
They then climbed out of the hole.
"Where are we?" Asked Warren.
"Cybro's tech club." Said Marc.
"Shhhh I hear something!" Said Inserge.
"Look!' Said Inserge.
A kid about 16 crawled out of the top of the dumpster.
"Did you see that there was light coming from the inside of it! Seems suspicious. They might be spies I'm going to go check it out." Said Inserge.
Inserge went over into the large graffiti ridden alley way twards the trash disposal unit and tried to open it.
"It wont budge! Catch that kid he's a spy!" Said Inserge.
They started running after the kid and when he saw them he started running too they didn't look very friendly. Then they caught him.
"Who do you work for RAT! Said Inserge picking him up by the collar.
"Um. Uhhhh nobody sir!" Said The kid.
"Tell me!" Said Inserge holding him at gunpoint.
"I don't work for anybody I swear!" Said the kid.
"I'll go through your backpack then I'll probably find out." Said Inserge. "But don't move. I bet you work for that dreaded Solar-Com dontcha?" Said Inserge.
Marc seemed a little worried about the kid but warren had seen many deaths and this would just be another brain splatterer by the looks of t.
"No I'm actually against th..." He was interupted Inserge dropped the gun.
"Yearrrrg!" Yelled inserge. The kid pushed the gun behind him with his foot and picked it up and put it in his pocket.
"Something bit me! Something cold and it felt like metal" Said Inserge his finger was bleeding.
The Kid as about to run off but warren grabbed him by the collar. Then four spindley mechanical arms extruded from his backpack and lowered him to the ground.
"What are you some kind of freak?!?" Said Warren Holding a gun towards him.
"I'm C.C and I'm not a spy please don't shoot!" Said C.C. "I believe I was sent to help you in this time of need." Said C.C.
"What are you talking about? If you don't fess up I'm gonna have to put you outa your misery!" Said Inserge.
"Let me SHOW you." Said C.C leading them to the dumpster.
After they got to the secret base...
"This place is amazing but why'd you bring us down here RAT?" Asked Warren.
"Look just let me hack into their cameras and I'll show you!" Said C.C. Then a video started playing of a four legged cyborg talking to his green haired assistant then after about 20 minutes it ended.
'That's horrible!" Said Marcus.
"And this place down here is a rebellion?" Asked inserge "If so I'm in."
"Me too." Said Warren.

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Posted 08 February 2010 - 11:59 PM

"Count me in too," Marcus said.

He looked around the lab, a STEEL's dream. If he was alone in this place, he could only imagine the parts he could cannibalize from these machines...but then again, if these guys were against Solar-Com, so was he.

"So, C.C, what do you think we could do against this company?"
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Posted 09 February 2010 - 02:47 AM

C.C immediately noticed his shifty eyes looking for loose items to take.
"Alright how about this? If I make you a gizmo of some sort do you promise not to steal anything?" Said C.C.
"I don't know what you're talking about." Said Marcus.
The metal sheets made to look like eyebrows on C.C's goggles came down into an angry position.
"Is it a deal?" Asked C.C.
"Okay..." Said C.C.
"How about we work on that helmet it looks like something from SAW." Said C.C.
"Saw?" Asked Marcus.
"They were extremely stupid movies that were very popular in the 20th century I never saw the but they circled around a puppet that killed people with a series of gadgets that would slowly kill them." Said C.C.
"eww." Said Marc. "I'll think about it.

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