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Lizzie Loves to Limbo

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13 replies to this topic  – Started by Joose , Oct 13 2009 01:10 PM

#1 Joose


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Posted 13 October 2009 - 01:10 PM

Posted Image

Far Shot
Posted Image

The pirate in the corner was enjoying the action...
Posted Image

...Dave, meanwhile, just wanted to run!
Posted Image

The under-age Kid outside was desperate for a look in!
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Outside Shot
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Thanks for looking!

#2 Admiral Ron

Admiral Ron

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Posted 13 October 2009 - 02:24 PM

Wow! this is a great entry, great idea, and great execution. I would only change a couple things, and they're pretty small ones,
1. I dont really like the fire at the top of the chimney, perhaps some smoke puffs instead?
2. I think Dave's legs need to be white.

Other than that excellent job! and welcome to the forums!

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#3 MetroiD

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Posted 13 October 2009 - 07:22 PM

Simple. Yet brilliant.

This entry did put a smile on my face (I guess that's because I too have been craving for a few rounds of rum these last few days), and that's precisely what any MOC should do. Way to go Joose, seeing as this is your first MOC, you're obviously a talented tale-teller!

Now on to the MOC itself - I'd totally give you a 9.5/10 for using all those perfect expressions. The only thing I would have done differently is the pirate lady's head - I'd use a different ladies' minifig head in order to give her some extra... appeal :pir-blush: Talking about that - you might however use the Indigo Islanders' leg assembly as well for that special hula-hula feel :)

Enough about the lady... Even though all eyes seem to be here in this MOC! What I would suggest about the structure of the pub would be to add a few more layers of sloped bricks (or some other kind of more elaborate roof design, which should give the whole entry an even better look). That way you could make use of the additional space and perhaps add some lighting, decoration, perhaps even wooden roof trusses!? I really feel that this would add a new dimension to this wonderful entry.

Other than that - Admiral Ron's advice about changing that fire piece at the top of the chimney and instead creating some custom smoke is a great suggestion. Oh, and I really love how you've used the kegs and the paddle in order to set up that Limbo stick. Sweet!!!

All in all, a refreshing entry... Now then, where's my rum :pir-sweet:

Edited by TheOtters, 13 October 2009 - 07:22 PM.

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#4 Zorro

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Posted 13 October 2009 - 07:38 PM

Poor Dave...but good MOC so far! I'm not going to give any creative critic this time (with pain in my hearth), but that shouldn't stop the others!

#5 badboytje88

  • Bad Lick

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Posted 13 October 2009 - 07:41 PM

If I'm correct this is the second entry with a female pirate. Hurray for female pirates! I really do like the idea of the pirates limboing! There are some minor points of improvement, I am sure are also mentioned above. And maybe some new ones.

- I'd change the colour of the pants on the imperial soldier. It aught to be white.
- I'd change the face on the female pirate. This one looks too generic and expressionless.
- The flame out of the chimney doesn't look right. You should change it into smoke. You could use 1x1 round plates for the smoke. It looks lovely if the smoke starts white and ends in 1 or 2 shades of grey.
- I like the fence but I don't like that some of the plates with tooth aar positioned differently than the others.
- The bar could use some more small parts like cups, candles, weapons, food and such.

I think you've got a very good thing going on. It can only get better!


#6 Tereglith

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Posted 13 October 2009 - 09:20 PM

This is a good idea, and, as usual, most of the good advice to be given has already been given by the others. Listen to them, especially about the flame coming out the top of the chimney. It looks like a blast furnace currently, with twenty-foot flames  :pir_laugh2: . Using small white plates and side-linked white clips can create a good wind-blown smoke look. Also, the inside of the structure isn't really saying "pub" to me. I would throw in a small round table with a chair, and maybe a tipped-over wine glass on it, to fill the empty space between Limbo Lizzie and the fireplace. Also, if I were the underage kid, I would simply be looking in through the open doorway. I'm willing to accept that the kid is just extremely dumb, and that's why he's using the window, but it would make more sense if you used a wooden door with a 1x6x1 arch over it.

Other than that, though, this entry is great! I like how you broke up the floor with different-colored boards, and the expression on the soldier's face is totally fitting to the situation. Good job!

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#7 Bricknave

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Posted 14 October 2009 - 12:59 AM

Well done, I think this MOC has been professionally constructed!  The interior of the building is nice and smooth like what you would see in a real life building, and the outside looks natural.  Also, the concept of a pirate lass doing the limbo is excellent!  :pir-classic:

I have one suggestion for this MOC, though.  The old brown 2x2 round plate should be replaced with a new brown version of it.  The old brown paddle is fine, but the old brown 2x2 round plate "competes" with the new brown barrel -- especially since they are both close up.  Feel free to do this whenever you get the chance to do it.
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#8 The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst

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Posted 14 October 2009 - 01:32 AM

Welcome to EB! This is a great way to make your first post; I'm really liking this MOC. The pictures are really nice as well, although I think they could be a tad brighter. The premise and story-telling is unique, silly and leads to some really good alliteration.  :pir_laugh2:

The outside, first of all, is splendid. The detail with the toothed fence is ferocious yet practical  :pir-tongue:. The foliage and palm tree leaves are nice, and the parrot and flag indicate that it is indeed Pirates' land. The barrels and pickaxe are those little additions that don't make it so empty. I like the ground colored studs scattered about and I don't think more would hurt.

I really like the facade of the building. The round studs work well, the window colors are fine, and the roof seems to work. The fact that you made it open top really helps to show what's inside, which I think is great.

Now the inside! I really like the smooth tiling you did with it. For a bar it seems a little empty though. Maybe a chair or two, or even a table could help with that. Maybe you could just extend the table the pirate is using outwards towards us?

The minifigs are good, although it seems a little funny having the feisty lady pirate an old Pirates Minifig while the others relatively new. May I suggest picking up Pirates Tic Tac Toe? [It has so many Minifigs for such a low price @_@]. Or some use of the modern ponytail hair? and Female Pirate Head [or any other] could really bring her out.

The fireplace has a really nice shape, and I like the use of the stone printed piece. The trans orange studs there for hot coal [or whatever is burning] is a great touch. I don't like how it slopes up like that though, it seems unnatural, especially at the end. How does it look if you kept it 2x2 throughout and then had it end with 4 Round 1x1s? Also the fire seems really silly up there. Maybe some round 2x2 white plateswould help? [Or any other smoke technique]

Anyway I really like this silly little MOC, and there is definitely going to be some tough competition in the division.

A great MOC, and best of luck!


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#9 Guss

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Posted 14 October 2009 - 09:08 AM

ahah that's a cool and funny entry ^^ never thought of limbo XD great job on it!  :thumbup:
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#10 martinsuper

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Posted 14 October 2009 - 07:28 PM

What I enjoyed:

1. Dave
He really does look like a poor young lad in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2. Lizzie
Very nice choice for the classic pirate wench. It bought me back to an older time of LEGO pirate.

3. The floor.
I liked how around your firplace is a stone floor. This makes sense. I like when MOCs make sense. If you would have had a wood floor around the fireplace it would have bothered me because it would burn.

4. The picket fence.
Simple, yet very eye appealing and looks like it belongs there.

What bothered me:

1. Details
I know that Dave's pants and fire out of the chimney have already been mentioned but I don't feel I would be doing a full critic without mentioning those items.

2. The outside pirate
If Dave can just walk in and watch whatever he wants, why can't that poor chap outside come in for a show too? It isn't totally wrong because it allows for a window without showing too much outside.

3. Roof
Why not finish the roof so that it meets the edge of the MOC? Is this due to lighting concerns? You have already shown a nice roof, maybe just build a little more of it?

A very nice MOC that is simply built yet very entertaining!

Good Job!


#11 Captain Blackmoor

Captain Blackmoor
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Posted 24 November 2009 - 11:45 AM

Posted Image

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#12 Big Cam

Big Cam
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Posted 24 November 2009 - 03:06 PM

Great MOC, I like the pirate in the background, he looks like he's having a pretty good time, if you know what I mean.

#13 curtisrlee


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Posted 24 November 2009 - 07:07 PM

Exellent MOC you got there!  :pir-classic:
I think the soldier's legs should be white though.

View PostBig Cam, on Nov 24 2009, 07:06 AM, said:

Great MOC, I like the pirate in the background, he looks like he's having a pretty good time, if you know what I mean.

I think I know what you mean...

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#14 Captain Green Hair

Captain Green Hair
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Posted 24 November 2009 - 10:20 PM

Shouldn't this be Izzy loves to limbo?  :pir_laugh2:

This is a nice MOC, i love the chimney and the expressions on the minifigs.
I would like to see a finished roof if possible, and perhaps it might look nicer in a different colour to get some contrast on the outside too.
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