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#151 The Who

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Posted 25 April 2011 - 02:11 AM

Awesome. Thanks for helping, that was really fast.

I have seen Russian versions, but I am pretty sure they are rare, and French would be more likely. That restored one looks a lot like it.
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Posted 08 August 2011 - 03:01 AM

I've recently decided to begin purchasing uniforms rather than planning what to buy, it's about time I spent some money on them, rather than 'window shopping' at events like I usually do. I decided during the War & Peace show that I had a list of items to find. They were:
PPSH-41 De-activated - Under £150 if possible
Nazi SS Armband
Iron Cross 1st Class
Knights cross of the iron cross
Denix Walther P38
SS Dagger
Visor Cap or M35 Stahelm

In the end, I bought a Pilotka, M43 Gymnastiorka, Obr40 Steel Helmet, Sharovari Trousers and German Officer Boots. Basically, an entire late war soviet uniform to match my de-activated Mosin Nagant. I got the gymnastriorka and sharovari trousers deal for about £30 cheaper than it was selling for as we spoke to the seller, who was Slovenian, it was full of soviet army surplus, and since I only had £55 on me, he decided to let me have it for that when it was originally £89 for both 'Since it's last day, I let you have these for £55, enjoy, I see you know your stuff about history' and then he went on to describe the years these uniforms were used, who by, all information on them, really friendly guy, I hope to see him again next year, I want a Telogreika!

Anyhow, too my point. I've recently decided to purchase a correct German officers uniform reproduction, I originally was going to buy cheap East German officers gabardine uniforms and convert them to a M34 styled Officers open collar tunic, but realised it'd not look accurate enough, even though it was merely planned for a photography project I am working on for my A Levels about 'Alternate History' but thats another story. Anyway, I decided that maybe my mother was right, I should have saved the money I spent on the Soviet militaria, for German, since it was my more interested field, but I guess the idea and excitement that I'd have a complete uniform with weapon got the best of me.
Anyway, I found a cheap German officers uniform reproduction for £64.99, including Tunic and Breeches, I thought it was too good to be true, being Ebay, but nope, their a legitimate seller. Then, I came across another seller, who I originally was going to purchase the Visor Cap from, who I realised, sold Gabardine German Officers Uniforms, but more expensive. Gabardine is a smooth fabric, not that itchy, wooly feel that wool obviously gives off, its a more 'suit' feel too it, looks more expensive because it is much more expensive  :laugh: But now I am stuck between the two. Do I purchase the 'Officers Field Uniform' which is the wool version, less dressy, because its supposed to have seen action. Or, do I purchase the Gabardine Officers Uniform, and get a more dressy, snazzy, clean feel but for a hefty price?

The Gabardine Uniform, including Tunic, Breeches and Cap, come too £150 including the shipping from China which is annoying.
Or the Wool Version, costing £64.99, + £9.99 shipping from Glasgow, and the cap costing about £25.
I still would have to buy the correct insignia, the belt, buckle, P38 holster and P38 replica pistol, which added on is costly too but I guess I could buy those overtime, It's just, do I invest in a Gabardine Uniform? Or do I buy the Wool uniform as a part-time uniform? Or is the wool just better? I can't make up my mind! :hmpf:  :grin:

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Help from my fellow History enthusiasts? Thanks!

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