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Review: 4837 Mini Trains

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#1 Inconspicuous


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Posted 24 August 2009 - 03:10 AM

Posted Image

I was recently reading in the BSTF Forum about a sale at Big Lots, so I stopped there that day. I found a bunch of Creator and Racers sets for $3 each, so I decided to get this one. I was really attracted to the color scheme of the main model, and 73 pieces for $3 was a steal. So, I got this set, and now here is my review.

Posted Image


Set Name:
Mini Trains
Set Number: 4837
Number of Pieces: 73
Minifigs: 0
Price: 4.99 USD, 4.99 EUR, 7.99 AUD, 3.89 GBP
Theme: Creator
Year Released: 2008





Posted Image
The front of the box shows the main model of this set along with smaller pictures of the alternate builds. The piece count curves around the left side.

Posted Image
The back shows smaller pictures of the three models and the 2 alternates curve around the sides.

With Lid Removed:

Posted Image
Next the lid is removed. I've always liked the reusable containers, partially due to the convenient lid. It snaps on nicely, but can be easily removed.

Box:: Thoughts: A fine reusable container with crisp pictures- this is what's expected for a small Creator set. It is still very appealing.  :wub:

Posted Image
The set includes the instructions, ad booklet, one bag, and a few loose pieces. Sorry bag builders, but this one doesn't work. :cry_sad:  However, the bag is quite full, so the train might not fit anyways. The box is quite full, partially because plastic is thicker than cardboard.


Posted Image
The front shows the 3 models again, but the photo is slightly different from the box art, which is always a nice touch.

Random Page:
Posted Image
On this random page, the first model is being finished off. There are no step parts inventories, but the yellow border and blue background is very appealing.


Posted Image
The parts inventory is on the back. There are no "Win products" ads on the back, like there usually are on current booklets.

Instructions:: Thoughts:
Simple, yet pleasing. Great colors, and easy to follow. I should stop complaining about folded booklets, but it still bothers me. I'm always afraid of ripping the booklet when I flatten it.  :grin:


Pieces (unsorted):
Posted Image
Ahhh, one of my favorite sounds: Fresh, crinkly bags.  :tongue:  The pieces come clattering out.

Pieces (sorted):

Posted Image
And a shot of all the pieces. A lovely selection of green, gray, black, and white. Quite a bit for a little set!

Pieces of interest:
Posted Image
A few of the interesting pieces. The dark green cheese-slopes are very nice. Cheese lovers rejoice! For those of you converting your spare cannons into wheeled ones for Brickbeard's Bounty, this set offers two sets of wheels. The black clip piece is new to me, and functions no differently than its predecessor. The green grille bricks are excellent as well.

Pieces:: Thoughts:
73 great pieces in great colors for $5 is just fabulous! When it comes to good, cheap pieces this set can't be beat.



Model 1 Build:
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
In-build shots of the locomotive, taken at steps 4, 8, and 12, and 16 respectively.

Model 1 Front:
Posted Image
A view of the front of the train. The black poles and cheese slopes are nice details.

Model 1 Back:

Posted Image
A shot of the back. Notice that the roof isn't supported in the very back.

Model 1 Top:
Posted Image
And a top shot. I like the cheese slopes added for detail. I'm not sure why the 1x1 trans-yellow plate is there, though.  :wacko:

Model 1 Extras:
Posted Image
And the extra pieces for the model. Since this is the main model, these are also spare for the other models. Hence, these are the "real" spares. (you'll get it after reading the rest.  :wink: )

Model 1:: Thoughts: What really attracted me to this set is the main model, so I really love this one. The green and black color scheme is pure win.


Model 2 Build:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
A few in-build shots of Model 2, at steps 4, 8, and 14.

Model 2 Front:
Posted Image
Somehow this doesn't look like a "modern diesel engine" to me. It doesn't look like the trains where I live, but then again, none of them are green.  :tongue:

Model 2 Back:
Posted Image
The back of the train. You can probably buy a few extra copies of this set and build custom train cars that attach to this model.

Model 2 Close-up:
Posted Image
The only part of this set that I particularly is the nice SNOT detail as pictured here.

Model 2 Extras:
Posted Image
The leftovers of this model. It seems like quite a few.  :look:

Model 2:: Thoughts: Considering designers had a certain piece selection to build this from, they did a good job. However, I never cared for the alternate models in Creator sets.


Model 3 Build:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
More in-build shots! Pictured at steps 4, 8, and 14, just like last time.

Model 3 Front:
Posted Image
The front of the tram. Not very many interesting details apart from the clips at the top.

Model 3 Back:
Posted Image
The back is almost identical to the front. If you really like this model, you could probably connect a few together.

Model 3 Extras:
Posted Image
And the extras. Even more than the last model.  :oh:

Model 3:: Thoughts: This is my least favorite model, because it doesn't look like the trams I've seen, doesn't have any good details, and is just a little blah.

Posted Image
Indy got tired of pulling around Marion on their "Sightseeing Tour of Cairo" so he found an alternative solution.


Posted Image

Now for those Totals!

Design: 10/10 The first model is awesome, the second good, and the third ok. I really only care about the first though. It has excellent details and techniques.

Parts: 10/10 Amazing piece/price ratio and a fantastic selection too! For $5 this is a steal!

Build: 8/10 Satisfactory, but it's a shame there's no brick separator in these small Creator sets.

Minifigs: N/A

Playability: 6/10 This is more of a model set, but the train is actually quite fun to roll around. (I guess it would be called rollability  :grin: )

Price: 10/10 A lot of bang for you buck. If you can get it on sale, buy multiples!

Total: 44/50 This is a very good small set, with great parts and models. The color scheme is great, and I love the main train.  :wub:  I'm not a huge fan of Creator, and I enjoyed this set quite a bit. I think that and my rating definitely say something about this set.

Thanks for reading!


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#2 WhiteFang


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Posted 26 August 2009 - 01:22 AM

Nice review. Thanks for sharing this with us especially highlighting its alternate builds.  :sweet:

I feel that mini-models like this will make a fine table display.  :wink:

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#3 Tom Bricks

Tom Bricks

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Posted 04 September 2009 - 03:06 AM

A detailed review for such a small set. :thumbup: The main model looks pretty good but the others could use some work. If I see this some place though I'll be sure to pick it up.
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