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Review: 6040 Blacksmith Shop

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#1 tiggerkiddo


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Posted 09 August 2009 - 08:15 PM

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In my attempts to create my own custom Lego buildings, I came to realize that spaceships are what I excel at. It also means I have a few themes mixed up together and they must be sorted out as complete sets so yea. That and I'm bored so lets give it a go. I also got quite a few (Read: a lot) of old sets (Not many castle mind you) that don't seem to have been reviewed so you may see more of these.

Reference: 6040
Theme: Legoland Castle (I think. I'm going off of Peeron)
Name: Blacksmith Shop
Year : 1984
Pieces :89
Minifig: 2
MSRP: 9.25 (Dunno the currency)

Here is the box, front and back (Sorry for the glare. Will try to remember to get better shots) I can't believe I still have the box...
Posted Image

Posted Image

Next a shot of the instructions! It also includes instructions for an alternate model. For some reason it keeps coming out blurry...blah.
Posted Image

A few shots of the build...
Posted Image

Posted Image

Not a very big set but I love the colors! And now for the final build... front and back.
Posted Image

Posted Image

*insert hilarious image here when I get the time*

Minifigs: 8/10. Not all that original in the way of figures but they're simple and to the point. Do like the look of the ol' blacksmith.

Parts: 8/10. You get about 3 nice wall pieces, including a printed one and a few building bricks as well. Not bad for a cheap set (Back then! lol)

Playability: 7/10. Well there isn't much functionality out of it. It's a blacksmith's shop, all work no play!

Price: 8/10. Back then the price was more than fair I think, especially for what you get. Just don't expect to find the set for that cheap now!

Overall: 8/10. It's a nice good set. I love the selection of pieces, especially the printed castle wall, those usually come in the larger sets. It's small so there isn't a lot to see here but what is there, is nice indeedy.

#2 Inconspicuous


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Posted 09 August 2009 - 08:30 PM

It looks like a pretty decent review. I'm not an expert on reviews, but a few basic things need improvement. Here are a few of my humble suggestions:

-Take clearer pictures. Most cameras have a close-up setting (often a magnifying glass symbol) that is perfect for Legos.
-Avoid glare on the box. Angling the box slightly will help eliminate the glare. Try to avoid taking a head-on shot with flash.
-If possible, use white construction paper backgrounds. Lamps, desks, and other sets in the background can be very distracting to the reader.

The comments are all thoughtful, but I think the pictures need a little work. Otherwise, this review is looking ok.

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#3 Norro


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Posted 10 August 2009 - 05:33 PM

Thanks for sharing!  Always a classic set, I'm surprised at some of your low ratings (the blacksmith fig's brown cape is exclusive to this set... and the design for the original price is brilliant...)

Personally I always wanted this one, and am so thankful to finally have it...

God Bless,

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#4 UsernameMDM


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Posted 11 August 2009 - 03:50 AM

Not quite as impressive as the blacksmith shop in MMV ( :laugh: ), but a neat little set still.  Wish TLC would make some similar sized civilian sets now.

Nice review.   :thumbup:

#5 Zorro


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Posted 11 August 2009 - 04:54 PM

Nice review. I owned this set once but I'm afraid I sold off the soldiers that came with it to buy more Pirates sets and save some room I have plenty of now :cry_sad: ...

#6 tiggerkiddo


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Posted 12 August 2009 - 05:19 AM

Yea I'll work on getting clearer shots and a less distracting background, lol. I got another small space set I want to review so we'll give it another go soon!

I didn't know that brown cape was exclusive to this set! Thanks for letting me know, I may have to bump up the review a little haha.

#7 VintageLegoEra


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Posted 08 December 2014 - 04:40 PM

Got mine in a great Condition recently:

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