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2009 version of my town

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#1 SalvoBrick


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 04:45 PM

Posted Image Layout

Some time ago I showed you the new buildings of my new town, made following the "modular building" system (16 x 16 or 16 x 32 studs size).
Now I've finished this year's layout; since in my house there isn't enough space, I've left it at my parent's house.

But now some pictures! :)

Posted Image
Posted Image
General overview

Posted Image
The station

Posted Image
Backside of some of the buildings :)

Posted Image
Why I sholld buy the new tow truck if I made my own version using some bricks I already have? :)

Posted Image
The old hot dogs vendor now sells ice-creams :)

Posted Image
Pizza delivery :)

Posted Image
The station again, road side

Posted Image
The main street

Posted Image
Service station

Posted Image
Break dance! :D

Posted Image
Me and my wife's sigfigs :)

Posted Image
Switch tower

Posted Image
the main street, again

Posted Image
the... blue corner cafe :) and the post office

Posted Image
Pizzeria and other buildings

That's all for now. More pictures here:

Hope you like :)

#2 Klaus-Dieter


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 05:26 PM

That's a great town layout, SalvoBrick! :thumbup:

I really  :wub: it!

The houses, cars, minifigs and accessory are awesome! :oh:
The Esso garage and the police station are designed brilliantly and look very realistic! :thumbup:
The most I like the lovely details you included like e. g. the ice cream cart, the clothesline in the backyard or the breakdancers.

Very well done! :thumbup:


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#3 Rick


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 05:28 PM

Great. You're an expert at combining modular and classic town and at packing such a detailed layout in a relatively small space. (Just get that flesh-tone minifig out of there  :wink: ) Too bad you can't take it home with you.

#4 Reaper052


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 05:29 PM

Not that this isn't good or anything but I think I liked your old layout better.


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#5 Commodore Hornbricker

Commodore Hornbricker

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 06:29 PM

Very nice town layout.  The buildings are nice and all the little scenes you have set up really bring it to life.
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#6 aawsum


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 06:42 PM

He that looks great  :thumbup:
You really used up all the (limited) space you had in a very good way.

#7 BlueBard


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 08:53 PM

Charming town!  :thumbup: Love all the little CC standard buildings. As you can see in my signature I'm also a lover of this type of construction  :wink:

#8 Fulvio


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 11:25 PM


all very nice.. tutto molto bello direi  :classic:

special is pizza delivery  :tongue: and ice-creams

#9 Milan


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Posted 05 August 2009 - 11:29 PM

Wow, nice...I like the view on main street!
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#10 nintha


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Posted 06 August 2009 - 02:14 AM

I like your city, great job.

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#11 Vestabuyer


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Posted 09 August 2009 - 04:16 AM

Greetings!  :classic:

I absolutely love your city layout! Very Nice! I tried sending you a PM hope you have received it.

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#12 Col. Brik

Col. Brik

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Posted 09 August 2009 - 09:49 PM

Excellent town layout. Very well done and the attention to detail is great.

I look forward to more  :thumbup:
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#13 Raven Brickroft

Raven Brickroft

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Posted 09 August 2009 - 10:59 PM

Great looking town. I wish I had more bricks just so I could make my medieval village look something half as good as that.

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Posted 13 August 2009 - 04:01 AM

I spent a lot of time looking at your photos.  Very nicely built city.  :thumbup:
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#15 saberwing


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Posted 14 August 2009 - 03:49 PM

Wow that is amazing!
I love all the small details.  :wub:  
Especially the washing line.

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#16 Mike Yates

Mike Yates

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Posted 16 August 2009 - 01:54 PM

I wish i could build something to this standard. Brilliant work but im going to stick with non modular as a TFOL i prefer playability Over looks and my Cousins and nephew like to play with my lego so its alot healthier for me.

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