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Classic 9v track to PF adaptation

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Posted 26 April 2009 - 02:08 AM

Even before I got my new Emerald Night I was thinking about running it off of my (classic, electrified) 9v tracks. Here is how I did it...

I took two brushes from a RC car set.
I cut a power functions extension wire in half.
The ends of PF wire are connected to the brushes.
The tender is slightly modified with a weight, to keep the brushes down; and a light, so I know when the train has power.
The Emerald Night has the PF XL motor, lights, and IR receiver in it. And I use the IR Speed remote.

Here are some pictures of my conversion:

http://members.shaw...._2653 small.jpg
http://members.shaw...._2654 small.jpg
http://members.shaw...._2655 small.jpg
http://members.shaw...._2656 small.jpg

It doesn't work perfectly. Dead spots, like switching tracks cause it to stop if I'm not going fast enough. I tried the lego capacitor, but it didn't have enough voltage. I really need a 9v capacitor.

I also found the train doesn't like changes in elevation.

I did this because I thought the PF rechargeable battery box was too expensive. It is almost the best of both worlds - IR remote and electrified tracks.  I just need to get it working more smoothly now.

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