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UCS Scale TIE Bomber

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#1 Walter Kovacs

Walter Kovacs

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 05:47 PM

Posted Image
This is the earliest of my TIE designs that I will be building.  There is one earlier model (a TIE Defender), but I was so disappointed in how it looked, that I don't even have the file anymore.  TIE Def fans, do not dispair; the TIE Def is the last model I will build.  

Posted Image

Being one of the first models, the first thing that you should notice is that it is very plain and blocky.  There are very few greebles, as I really hadn't gained confidence in my greebling skills.  The model itself is very stable once it is fully assembled, but getting it to that stage is a challenge.  There are several slope bricks which aren't support very well (or at all), and the entire assembly wanted to collapse while in construction.  In fact, while photographing it, I tried to remove a few elements to get a better picture of the cockpit.  The result was a large pile of LEGO on the floor and an end to my photography session  :(

The rear view really shows some of the problems of this model.  The center section is very blocky, and could really use some greebs badly.  The two pods have two different back ends, so to speak, which throws everything off.  The engines are in the wrong location (there should be one each on the back of the two pods).  The wings could be 3 or 4 studs longer.  And the top of the two pods need some greebs to set them off; as it is, they are very plain looking.

Posted Image

The front of the ordinance pod and the center section are one of the few places where a used any greebles.  The bomb chute (the little thing that hangs down from the ordinance pod) looks decent enough, but the strut holding it needs to really be re-thought.  I thought the front of the ordinance pod looks OK, but could probably use an update.  The center section definately needs some work.

Posted Image

The cockpit is very spartan inside.  Two printed slopes on either side of the pilot's seat, a printed tile on the control stick, and two printed inverted slopes above the pilot's head.  Compared to later models, there's very little detail there at all.  

Posted Image

When I first envisioned doing the TIE Bomber, this is the detail that I knew I had to include.  It is a moveable rack for loading bombs and missiles into.  I even made some missiles and a crate of bombs to be loaed into the rack.  The rack doesn't extend out as fas as I would have liked (it gets caught on the round 2 x 2 plate that holds the back of the door on), but overall I was pleased with how this detail came out.  One of the few things I was pleased with.  The doors that hold the missiles and bombs in open and close.  :)

Behind the cockpit, I added a lot of detail, trying to get some mechanical looking greebs.  It came out a bit cluttered, but it isn't bad.  Too bad you can't see them unless you take the ship apart.  I tried to make the back section open, but the hinge got a little too complicated.  Here is a view of the rear section of the cockpit pod.  The controls here I imagined were for diagnostics.  

If you get the feeling that I am not happy with the design, you would be right.  I will do an updated version in the future, it's just not on my radar screen quite yet.  At the time I first completed it, it looked great to me.  But I've done much better work since then, and this model looks very dated to me.  

Here is the full Gallery, when moderated.

Next up will be another early model, but one I am much happier with, the TIE Drone (or is it Droid?).
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#2 prateek


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Posted 21 April 2009 - 10:05 PM

looks good  :thumbup: i like how you made the hexagonal shape on the bomber part

#3 Asuka


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Posted 27 April 2009 - 09:40 PM

A splendid work and a very accurate and detailed MOC indeed!  :thumbup:

#4 CloneCommanderDelta7


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Posted 01 May 2009 - 09:09 AM

It looks even better than an Official UCS TIE BOMBER could be.  Great Work!  :thumbup:   I love It!  :wub:
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#5 RileyC


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Posted 01 May 2009 - 10:29 AM

thats great!! i really like the octagons and the wings are cool aswell. great work!

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#6 pedro


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Posted 01 May 2009 - 05:06 PM

Good stuff!

If I can suggest anything, it'd be to make the hull on both pods rounder, more cylindrical, rather than limiting yourself with the shape of the windscreen. It seems like you'll have enough slopes to give it a try :wink:

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