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Crowley Mansion Characters

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Posted 26 October 2005 - 03:24 AM

Character Bios (provided only to each character before the mystery started)

Akkhraziel:  professor of political science and ancient political theory.  Akkhraziel is an expert in his field and has studied ancient civilizations including those of China, Japan, and Egypt.  He is a martial arts expert who enjoys dueling with Western sword styles.  He also enjoys music.

Athos: corporate attorney for the Paradisa Corporation.  Athos is also a collector of rare antiquities from Egypt and the Orient.  His hobbies include hiking and fencing.  He has been assigned to Paradisa’s legal team responsible for the procurement of land in Port Heceta.  Athos is a shrewd and cunning businessman who will stop at nothing to make money for Paradisa.

Bloody Jay: known to have murdered four individuals aboard the Lego Express, Bloody Jay was not convicted for his crimes due to circumstantial and tampered with evidence.  Bloody Jay is a “real-life” Viking who participates in Norwegian historic events.  His hobbies include fencing and horseback riding and he is also the collector of antique swords.

Clecle: a French college student majoring in Hotel Management.  Clecle dreams of managing a beach resort for the Paradisa Corporation.  Although she is young and sometimes naive, she is a shrewd businesswoman, very resourceful, and hacks into computers for fun.  She often times carries her pet ferret with her in public.

Darkie: prominent archeologist for the private museum, the Institute of Egyptian Antiquities based in Los Angeles, California.  Darkie has uncovered numerous Egyptian artifacts from the 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties of Egypt.  Her most recent find has been the discovery of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings.  Darkie’s hobbies include international travel and sharp shooting.

Darth Ewok: a University student studying Computer Imaging and Mechanical Engineering.  Darth Ewok wants to apply his talents to special effects for science fiction films.  Not much is known about Darth Ewok but he is a “visual learner” who has the uncanny ability to remember spatial distances and can draw what he sees to scale.

Jipay: supply chain manager for the international supply chain Brick Works specializing in bricks and construction supplies.  Jipay’s company has been most busy in the Northwest United States lately, as they have seen heavy growth in commercial and residential properties.  Jipay is a collector of Egyptian Artifacts and was recently suspected to be involved in an Egyptian artifact heist at the Louvre.  His hobbies include theatre and painting.

Jonfett: college student studying prehistoric anthropology.  Jonfett enjoys hunting and has a collection of numerous rifles and bows. He has traveled all over the world with his wealthy father who is a renowned game hunter. Jonfett secretly dreams of hunting a real person as his greatest challenge.  He is also quite good at soccer.

Mr. Lego Builder:  loyal and dedicated architect for the Lego City Construction Department (LCCD), Mr. Lego Builder has been employed with LCCD for several years.  LCCD plans to bid on an upcoming contract solicitation in Port Heceta, Oregon.  Mr. Lego Builder’s hobbies include model design, art, sculpture, and solving riddles.

Sarg Kulo:  secret agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service; Sarg Kulo travels the globe using his intelligence and excellent marksmanship to thwart espionage, terrorism, and crimes in which England has a particular interest.  His recent assignment has been the recovery of very valuable Egyptian artifacts that were stolen from the Louvre in Paris.

Snefroe:  rocket scientist for the advance technology company, Brickheed Martin.  Snefroe is a member of the elite “Special Project” Team of Brickheed Martin where research is conducted to design experimental aircraft.  His most recent project has been in the research of alternative fuel sources.  His hobbies include creative writing and travel.

XWingYoda: corporate attorney for the Paradisa Corporation.  XWingYoda is involved with Paradisa’s international division involved with business and commerce with Asia and the Middle East.  His true dream is to open a Chinese restaurant in a small town.  His hobbies include tennis, wine, and travel.

Character Clues (provided to each character privately)

Akkhraziel:  You know Darkie's name as a prominent archeologist who recently discovered a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Athos:  XWingYoda also works for your corporation. You know of his name in the international legal division involved with business/commerce with Asia and the Middle East. You've never met him, however.

A few facts about the letter and your involvement:

It was one of three such letters that were written by you on behalf of Paradisia Corp. to influence Dorian Crowley to sell his property.  

Corporate letterhead is not generally used in letters of this kind for legal purposes.  This allows Paradisia to deny involvement later should someone claim unethical business practices.  

The property had been appraised for over $5 M in September of 2003, with an estimated value to Paradisia of closer to $7 - $10M.  You are not aware if Crowley knew the true value.

Paradisia's Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer have been pushing you to aquire this property at any cost.  Your job is "on the line" and you are quite expendable to the Board.

Someone on your legal team had been working with a member of the Town Council of Heceta to attempt to also purchase the property.  Paradisia was prepared to buy the property from Heceta with a "nice profit" if they could convince Crowley to sell.

Dorian Crowley never responded to any of the letters but a field representative was sent to the mansion in May of 2004.  He claimed that the house was haunted and ran in fear refusing to never visit the mansion again; before his employment was terminated.

The last attempt to contact Crowley was made in August 2004 by two other field representatives.  They stayed in Heceta almost a week working with the local police department.  Their efforts were unsuccessful and they too no longer work for Paradisia.

Bloody Jay:  You've heard of Jonfett and his father who are renowned game hunters on an international level. Jonfett; however, has been rumored to be violent and many individuals are scared of his temper and interest in hunting more than just animals.

Clecle: You took an engineering class last year where you learned of an American company called Brickheed Martin that develops experimental aircraft and other "special projects". You hacked in to their computer to find out more about their "special projects" and recall seeing Snefroe's name on a list of scientists conducting research with alternative fuel sources.

Not finding out much more, you didn't access their computer again.

Darkie:  You've heard from the Institute of Egyptian Antiquities that there was a recent theft of Egyptian artifacts from the Louvre. French police have been working around the clock to recover the items.

You also know Akkhraziel's name as a prominent professor in the field of ancient political theory who knows much about Egyptian and Asian civilizations.

Darth Ewok:  You once spoke with Clecle in a chat room. You know that she is a college student studying Hotel Management in France. She is quite good with computers and wants very badly to work for Paradisa Corporation when she graduates from college.

Jipay:  Mr. Lego Builder is an employee of the Lego City Construction Department (LCCD). They have a large order of bricks pending the award of a contract with Paradisa Corporation. You do not know the status of this contract but it could mean millions in revenue for Brick Works.

Jonfett:  How can you forget Bloody Jay? Bloody Jay also shares your interest in hunting but prefers something a little more historic, the sword. You know that Bloody Jay has continued his interests in Viking history and has been learning to speak Latin.

Mr. Lego Builder:  You once took an architecture class with a young man who called himself Darth Ewok. He was very young but brilliant in Computer Imaging and Mechanical Engineering. You remember that he was a "visual learner" who could look at something once, and draw it to scale purely from memory. He planned to use his skills in the area of special effects for science fiction movies.

The class was rather large and he would probably not remember you.

Sarg Kulo:  Some background investigation re. the theft at the Louvre was provided to you before you left England.

An intelligence report indicates that Jipay, supply chain manager for a construction supply chain called Brick Works has been named as a potential suspect. Unfortunately, details regarding Jipay's background are limited, and the report that was provided by a French operative is unconfirmed.

No further information was provided.

Snefroe:  Sarg Kulo visited Brickheed Martin several years ago during a rocket demonstration conducted with visitors from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Royal Air Force. He was not military personnel; however, but you did not know his involvement. He would probably not recognize you as you were "behind the scenes" at the time.

XWingYoda:  Athos also works for Paradisa Corp. You know his name from the legal department involved with land and property procurement. You've never met him before but through mutual friends, you've heard that he has quite a collection of Egyptian and Oriental antiques.

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