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Princess Skralla

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Chapter 15, Part 2

Skralla and her mysterious enemy were fighting for what it seems for years. Skralla managed to pin her down, but her opponent fought back by kicking her across the room.

Mata Nui and Belriax saw what was happening. Mata Nui activated the Ignika and sent a blast of energy which caused the other Skrall to collapse.

Before Skralla could say anything, Mata Nui and Belriax approached.

“I’ve missed you, old friend,” said Bellriax

“I haven’t seen you in ages? Are you okay?” asked Skralla.

“Everything’s alright,” said Mata Nui, “You’d better hurry and find Tuma,”

“There’s no need for a search,” replied a voice.

The trio turned to see Tuma, flanked by two Rock Steeds.


Kiina and Gelu arrived with their armies, aiding Mata Nui’s and Skralla’s armies but neither of them were to be seen.

“Is it perhaps they got inside the fortress?” asked Kiina.

“One could only hope,” said Gelu.


Vastus and Ackar arrived with theirs and the four armies, together fought back at the Skrall.

“What about the others?” asked Vastus.

“Sounds like they made it in!” answered Ackar, eyeballing at Stronius.

“I’m ready when you are,” said Vastus.


Stronius looked around with increasing worry. Already, over 3/5 of the Skrall armies were falling. If this continued at this
rate, then the Skrall would fall.

But not me! I will be the last one standing, alongside with Tuma!

“Hey, Stronius!” said a voice.

Stronius turned to see Ackar and Vastus, Thornax launchers at the ready.

“So this is how you play games, right?” asked Stronius.

“Your reign is over!” snapped Vastus.

“Surrender now so that this battle can end,” said Ackar.

“I could, if I want, but my orders come from Tuma. You’ll have to make him surrender, not me!” shouted Stronius.

Ackar and Vastus charged. Stronius used his club to blast them away but he missed. Ackar shoved his giant torch at the Skrall, burning Stronius.

The elite Skrall screamed in pain as the flame was burning his armor. His armor was scorched through the heat. Using the last of his strength, Stronius swung his mace at Ackar, sending him unconscious.

Vastus barely dodged his attack. He fired his thornax at the ground nearby to knock down a pile of rubble, raining on top of the Skrall. He quickly dragged Ackar to safety before the rubble piled on top of him.


Back inside the fortress, Skralla, Mata Nui, and Belirax were locked into a conversation with Tuma.

“You’re running out of time, in fact you’re too late! My reign is just the beginning. When my Skrall defeats your armies, you’ll bow to me!” said Tuma.

“You’ll never lead everyone! It’s bad enough that you lead the Skrall!” snapped Skralla.

“I was made to rule the entire world. Do not question me!”

“You were never like this! You used to care for me and your people! Now you are…”

“Silence!” snapped Tuma. He turned to his Rock Steeds and said, “Kill them.

The creatures charged but Skralla was quick enough to make a force field between her friends.

“Go now!” said Belriax. Mata Nui and I will deal with this!”

Mata Nui and Belriax took out their weapons, preparing to fight the creatures. Tuma already left the room, heading to the top of his fortress. Skralla was not far behind…

Gresh, Tarix, and Strakk arrived at the scene. They have formed a temporally alliance earlier with Malum and his Vorox.
They all had one thing in common: hatred of the Skrall.

“Look! There’s help coming” shouted Vastus.

Kiina and Gelu turned to see the other Glatorian flanked with Malum and the Vorox.

“Well,” said Gresh, “Are we going to have those guys have the fun?”

Tarix bumped fists with Strakk, Malum and Gresh and said, “Let’s get them!”

The four Glatorian and the Vorox charged into Roxtus and into the battle.

Gresh paired a few blows with some Skrall. Some of the Vorox snuck behind the Skrall and used its tail to inject a poison, killing the Skrall.

Tarix and Strakk led a few Skrall to a trap which then the Vorox appeared with some Zesk.

Malum led his army of Vorox to Tuma’s fortress, killing any Skrall along the way.


Tuma looked with increasing worry. He was shocked to see Malum with his Vorox, invading his realm as well.

“Father, please have mercy and end this!” said Skralla.

“I will not surrender!” he shouted as he exchanged blows between his sword while Skralla defended herself with her staff.

At the best moment, Skralla called upon her staff to create a wind chain to pin down Tuma temporally while she ran down the stairs, heading to the shrine.


Gresh executed another flip and landed a kick. Another Skrall was coming behind but Strakk wacked it with his ice axe.

“Thanks for the save, Strakk,” said Gresh.

“No problem. We have to find Tarix,” replied Strakk.

“Watch out!” shouted Gresh. Chunks of rubble from some structures were collapsing.

“Skralla has to hurry before the entire village ends up like Atero!” shouted Strakk.


Skralla ran down the stairs, she was worried that the wind chain may not hold Tuma long enough before she could complete her mission.

She arrived at the Shrine and light up a torch. She needed help from her ancestors, fast. After a few minutes of praying and concentration, the world around her changed suddenly…


The scene was a place where she never dreamed of. She was surrounded by thousands of spirits, mostly Skrall that were killed. One of the Glatorian approached. It was Certavus!

“Certavus!” shouted Skralla, “I missed you!”

She tried to hug him but he was a spirit and couldn’t hold him or his hand.

“You’ve done a lot for the Glatorian,” said Certavus.

“Indeed,” said another voice.

The two turned to see Starax.

“Time is running out, princess,” he said.

“What do I have to do to save Bara Magna?” she asked.

“You have to absorb the Four Stones. The Staff will then changed into its true form like it once was in the before time. Once you get that done, get to Tuma’s throne and destroy its corruption that it’s flowing. You were only immune to its power because of that necklace. The other Skrall were not as fortunate as you so they followed Tuma’s Plan,” explained Starax.

“Then?” asked Skralla.

“Then you summon the light crystal. Certavus and I will then, by the powers of the Throne, (once it’s cured,) will spread the light all over Roxtus and eventually the rest of Bara Magna.

But before Skralla could ask more questions, she was back at the shrine. Time was running out so she quickly took out her stones, placed them on the ground, took out her staff and absorbed them.

Before her eyes, the staff changed drastically. Parts of the staff were swapped; one of the ends grew larger. The symbol on it was that same one that the Ignika had.


Skralla arrived at her father’s throne, aimed her staff at it and said, “The Throne of Tuma, be free of your shadow bonds and reincarnate, under your new master, Princess Skralla!”

A blast of energy smacked into the throne, restoring its light but the throne was resisting the attack.

Please change. Believe in my father, believe in myself…believe in the staff…she thought.

It was a seesaw contest, at one moment, it seemed that Skralla was going to win, but the throne resisting the attack. Skralla concentrated with all of her might on the throne but it was very difficult to do, though she mastered her powers of the staff. If she failed to change it, Tuma and the other Skrall will still go about conquering.
Just before she collapsed, Mata Nui and Belriax arrived and helped her.

“I can help you,” he said, “I believe that you’ll free the Skrall.”

“Let’s do it,” said Skralla, nodding.

“Come on, girl! I know that you’ll win!” answered Belriax.

All three of them concentrated at the throne; a ring of light surrounded them, pouring energy into the Throne. Then the throne began to feed back power into the staff, causing an explosion of bright light.

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