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REVIEW: 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew

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#1 legofan


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Posted 01 February 2009 - 02:02 PM

Posted Image

Hi All! Initially posted this review some time ago in another local forum but decided to also post here to share the experience. This is the first review i'm posting, so all commends good or bad is greatly appriciated!! My photo-taking skills are like  :tongue:  and dont really know how to edit the backgrounds to the photos, so hope you guys can provide me with some criticism. Here goes:

6346 - Shuttle Launching Crew : made in 1992 ! With this addition, i have completed all the past trucks and trailers! Yeh! Onto the review, hope you guys enjoy!!

1. Lego Set Number / Name :
6346 Shuttle Launching Crew

Posted Image

2. Where you got/bought it from
Ebay Auction

3. Offical Retail Price
Sorry, back then in 1992 i think it's like SGD$70++ and one of my dream set when i was young!

4. No of Minifigs (if any),
Five baby !!   :thumbup:
Two Bikers with jacket torso and blue helmet with visors
Two red dudes with red peak caps as drivers
One 'Astronaut' <- same torso as the biker guys, but red helmet with black visor.. Should really get the Mars Mission Impulse set for the real astronaut!   :hmpf_bad:

5. Your "building" experience - which you can do a step by step to show it with photos

First Up:

Posted Image
The set and instruction manual

A Little Fun for the Coming Olympics !!
Posted Image

Five baby! Five !! Astronaut really dont look good....

The Escorts bikes are up first.. As per any long axle and broad trailer, bikers are important
Posted Image

Cool Bikes! Though i love the new bikes, the classic ones are really cool too, and here you get two of them!!

Next up construction of the statelite:
Posted Image
Simple build.. This is what keeps all our telco working ~   :cry_happy:

Next is the Safety Vehicle aka pick up escort:
Posted Image
Love this classic chassis ! Really nice and easy to build with!!

Posted Image
Real Classic building of cars and pick ups!

Posted Image
Oh that wonderful lego door... please bring them back... please..

Posted Image
Completed ! Nice and Effective ! Works great as a pick up escort and looks great to drive around!  

We move on to the truck locomotive head :

Posted Image
The chassis of the truck.. LLLOONNNNGGGG!!

Posted Image
I'm the King of the World !!Not... Very classic building here, very very similar to 6335 Indy Car Carrier and 6348 Police Surveille truck..

Posted Image
Ever wondered how the 4 studs of the cabin becomes five to imitate a king cab? Here's how ~~ (See Minifig's Pointer)

Posted Image
TaDa ! Looks like a real King Cab that all big trucks have !! Love that cage front! Makes the truck look fiercer !!

Posted Image
Completed !! See the similarity to 6348 Police Surveille Truck? Wanted to take 6335 too but forgot i took it apart for washing...

The Trailer for the Shuttle is next:

Posted Image
Again.. LLLLOOONNNGGGG Trailer ! 16 studs long piece!!

Posted Image
Always love the rear lights of trucks and that PRINTED smooth 2x1 piece with Red Strips!!

Posted Image
This should be a exclusive piece! I've Never seen this before... Correct me if i'm wrong though.. (See Minifigs Pointer)

Posted Image
And we are done with the trailer! Phew ~~ Big Set!!

Posted Image
Truck and Trailer together! Even LLLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG!

Finally the main character to this set: The Shuttle! My first Space Shuttle!! WOWOWO ~

Posted Image
Check out the wings on this baby! It's really special! It's slanted! You'll find out why later...

Posted Image
The Bone of the Shuttle..

Posted Image
Looking good now !

Posted Image
A Clear look of that slanted wing! Cool right how the studs join together!!

Posted Image
Way before the beautiful control console used in 7893 and all new airplanes, it looks like this ->>>

Posted Image
A Flexible arm! Cool !! 'HELP! Attack of the Killer Anaconda!!!"

Posted Image
Check out the way the arm can twist and turn to lanuch the statelite into space! COOL!

Posted Image
Completed RockeT!! 3..2...1... LIFT OFF!!! WAIT! I'm still here!!!

Posted Image
Posted Image
The completed Set all together!~

6. Your overall rating based on fun, playable, value for $$$, part, minifigs, etc (on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is SUPER-DUPER-SET!)

Pieces vs Cost: 10/10!
I got mine at a good price on Ebay for 378 pieces! Used to drool over this set back in 1992 cause it has many vehicles and minifigs in one set!

Playability: 10/10 !
This set is great! Five vehicles ! What more can one ask for!! U get two bikes which is cool, a safety pickup which looks great and can be driven around for dispatch, a Really Mean Looking Truck with A Real Heavy Duty Trailer and a Space Shuttle to launch into the air and swoosh around! Have Fun!

Design: 10/10!
The bikes look good, the safety pickup looks good, the truck looks mean, the trailer looks heavy enough and the shuttle has that flexible arm thing and statelite!! CCCCCOOOOOLLLLLL!!!

Overall: 10/10 !
Great Set! No wonder i used to drool over this set when i'm young! But i remembered i bought 6348 Police Truck first, followed by the 6335 Indy Truck and by then this set has already dis-continued...  :cry_sad:  Really happy to have found it back again!

If u are a real town fan and u come across this set anywhere, buy it! It looks good when displayed and great playability!!

7. Your name as the reviewer.

Sammy Oh

Hope you guys like it ! All commends Welcomed! Commends, be it good or bad, keeps me going and improving! Thanks!

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#2 The Cobra

The Cobra

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Posted 01 February 2009 - 02:11 PM

What a great review!
The set is good; I'm not a Shuttle fan, but I'd love to own at least one of those 4_to_5 studs trucks (my fav being the Octan Indy truck).
Most overread phrase on S@H: "Sorry, item is not available in this country: Italy."

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#3 Freddie


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Posted 01 February 2009 - 02:29 PM

View Postlegofan, on Feb 1 2009, 03:02 PM, said:

*image snip*
Completed !! See the similarity to 6348 Police Surveille Truck? Wanted to take 6335 too but forgot i took it apart for washing...
What? No 6539? I reckon that this was a common design in the 90's for trucks. It was so common that there even was body style differences using this design: the Color Line promotion had one with a bonnet, and 6670 had adapted it to a tow-truck.

A very nice review of this set. I remember wanting this set badly while the Spaceport sub-theme was still around. I guess it was the set's imposing looks and parade-ish presentation that made it as awesome as I remember it. Still want it after reading this review, though not as badly.

#4 BlueBard


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Posted 01 February 2009 - 03:16 PM

Wonderful review! I remember this set was one of my first City ones and I became crazy with all those vehicles!  :tongue:  you made me so nostalgic...  :wub:

#5 Loganwan


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Posted 01 February 2009 - 06:54 PM

Thanks for the review.  It was fun to watch the minifigs building the equipment.  I would LOVE to have that truck.  There are some great classic pieces there.  The little truck looks just like the truck from the old coast guard set I am working on a review for that came out three years before the Shuttle set.  It is so fun to see the classic sets and see the progression from year to year.
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#6 CP5670


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Posted 01 February 2009 - 07:44 PM

The truck and other vehicles are great. I like how the trailer is actually built from bricks, unlike the single-piece trailers that have become common in recent years. There are a lot of minifigs for a set of this size as well. I never had this set myself, but I remember one of my friends had it.

The shuttle itself looks kind of crappy compared to the newer Launch Command one though, or even the one in the 1682 set from the same time. It's too short in length and the proportions of the wings and engines somehow don't look right.


This should be a exclusive piece! I've Never seen this before... Correct me if i'm wrong though.. (See Minifigs Pointer)

That appears in numerous sets actually and is quite a useful piece. TLG never really made a new version of it unfortunately, when they switched from the finger hinges to the click hinges.

Edited by CP5670, 01 February 2009 - 07:46 PM.

#7 legofan


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Posted 02 February 2009 - 08:54 AM

View PostFreddie, on Feb 1 2009, 10:29 PM, said:

What? No 6539? I reckon that this was a common design in the 90's for trucks. It was so common that there even was body style differences using this design: the Color Line promotion had one with a bonnet, and 6670 had adapted it to a tow-truck.

Sure Sir! I unfortunately dont have that set, but i do have the 6335 Indy Transport :
Posted Image

Looks Good ?
Thanks guys so much for all the commends! I Have another review on the 6335 Indy Transport, should i post it up also?
Yap, i love the older trucks too... Very nice! They look nice when compared with the older 4studs cars, but when placed beside the newer sets, they are drawfed by them....  :cry_sad:

#8 TheBrickster


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Posted 02 February 2009 - 03:09 PM

Excellent review Legofan!  I like your presentation of the minifigs as they seem to assemble the set (although a different background would have been nice).  I've added a poll so other members can vote on this terrific Classic Town Space Shuttle set.

My favorite part of this set is the truck and trailor, and the car and cycles.  They've got that Classic Town style that just looks great.
This is definately a classic! :thumbup:

Can you share pictures of the front and back of the box?

#9 WhiteFang


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Posted 02 February 2009 - 05:15 PM

A very fine review, legofan.  :sweet: Thanks for sharing this review of yours with our vibe community. Do share the next review with us too.

This is one true classic low loader vehicle. The trailer is very nice and long. More importantly, it is able to fit the entire shuttle in it. It comes with 4 amazing classic motor bikes. I love those classic bikes and these set is defintely value for money. I have never seen this set before until I have saw this review of yours, and I must admit that I enjoyed viewing and reading the entire review process. Great job and keep up the good work.  :thumbup:

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#10 Bizz


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 05:29 AM

A nice review of a very nice set! Thanks. And good photos too!

I got this set when it was new and I still have it for display at home. :wink: I don't think I ever have disassembled it, at least not the shuttle itself. For me this space shuttle served as a link between my Lego town (on earth) and my Space theme sets, visiting and supplying them. As a child it also inspired me to build my own very huge space shuttle (that could fit this little shuttle in its cargo bay). Maybe not a very realistic build by today's standard, but it had a pneumatic crane and retractable landing gear.

Back to this set: Like the design, as others even I think the shuttle in the Launch Command sub-theme from 1995 look better and more realistic, like 6339 and 6544. Unfortunately I don't have any of them. :cry_sad: The 5 stud truck and the trailer looks great, also the motorbikes look very good.

View PostFreddie, on Feb 1 2009, 03:29 PM, said:

I reckon that this was a common design in the 90's for trucks.  It was so common that there even was body style differences using this  design: the Color Line promotion had one with a bonnet, and 6670 had  adapted it to a tow-truck.
Oh, 6670 :wub: , you almost inspire me to write a review...

Edited by Bizz, 03 February 2009 - 05:50 AM.

#11 legofan


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 06:25 AM

Thank you guys so much for all the commends!  :wub:
@ The Brickster: Sure! My pleaseure:

Front of Box:
Posted Image

Rear of Box:
Posted Image

Box In-Flip:
Posted Image

Will post up the review on the other 6335 Indy Transport soon!  :blush:

#12 Moose


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 06:56 AM

no no no!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to review this set! you beat me to it.  i was in the process of putting it back together before i had to come back to school after break, but the shuttle still needed some pieces, and some of them were old and discolored.  the trucks of this time were amazing, i had this one, victory cup racers, surveillance squad, and the tow truck. they were all great and looked wonderfull together.  

on a side note, does anyone know where i can get the stickers for this set?

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