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not a spaceship, a robot or a car, but... a sub!

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#1 snefroe


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Posted 04 October 2005 - 12:35 PM

Posted Image V-W-1F

i was at Norfolk Space Center a few days ago and i was allowed to take a few pictures of this small submarine... Yes, a space center with a submarine... :P
i talked to the crew later on at the bar and they explained the entire workings of the ship to me, ... but guess who had to pick up the bill...  :P  

this submarine is a ship for missions of exploration and reconnaissance. it gathers information for whatever purpose.  
they attatch all kinds of sensors, cameras and stuff at those two bars at the front (they prefer the word "boom", for some reason) and it's all controlled by the guy in the front seat. he/she most of all needs a good position to check on the equipement, the guy in the back seat is the pilot, he/she sits a lot higher, that allows him/her to have a better view to move around in the sea...

the white tanks are a new addition to the ship. they allow it more or less to land and take off at land bases and ships... they're basically rocket boosters. in theory, the rotors should also be able to fly the sub, but that has never been tested for whatever reason... in any case, it will never be the "hottest" fighter in town...

at the back, there's a small unmanned sub that is remote controlled and there's also a winch, even tho the ship doesn't really have the power to transport heavy cargo thru the air... it's mainly used to salvage wrecks of boats, planes, spaceships,... that went to the bottom of the sea... once these things are at the surface, they're picked up by large landbased cranes or boats...

the stabalisors look like fins... the crew had no idea why that is. they think it was just a result of the engineer's imagination running wild... but it looks kinda nice... the entire section can also be tilted to one side, left or right. that increases maneuverability, it seems...

the only thing that's missing is room for a small team of 4-6 divers. there seems to be a somewhat larger version of the ship, called the supergupy... but that's still topsecret. i'm gonna have to do a lot more than pay a bill at the bar to get pics and info of that ...

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#2 SuvieD


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Posted 04 October 2005 - 01:08 PM

Hey that is really nice.  I like the look and all the glass this has.  It makes it seem very stylish.

I really like the way you put patterns in the floor as well.  The overall scene makes this stand out as an even better MOC.

#3 Cutty


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Posted 04 October 2005 - 01:33 PM

I like this very much! Pretty sexy underwater-craft.

Upon further inspection the word "boom" stands for whatever elongated operating arm on a constructional device (like a crane, an excavator or whatever...). In nautic lingo it means the part of the mast that extends crossways from it and holds the sail into place from the underside. Getting hurt by this thing hurts a lot! I assure you! For you german speakers out there: the first meaning is "Ausleger" in german, the second is "(Mast-)Baum"...

Now I would like to see that craft in a nice photoshopped underwater action shot. Care for some fanservice Sne?!   ;)

Linguistic greetings,
This is Cutty. You are not Cutty. Not at all...

#4 Norro


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Posted 04 October 2005 - 04:59 PM

The diagonal red stripe caught my eye most  ;) . But that is no disrespect to the interesting sub. Something about it says to me that it needs more stability. It looks like it would be squashed at any major depth, but to contend with that there is the style element.

        God Bless,

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#5 snefroe


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Posted 04 October 2005 - 06:57 PM

thanks people...

in future i'll try to build dioramas when i'm taking photos. as you say, it just looks a lot better that way.

bars and booms... i guess i was asking for this... :P  

hm... the structure of the ship probably wouldn't survive the pressure of the deep sea, however, we're talking about synthetic materials in the 24th century or so, so i guess they've all figured it out by then... :P  the line is made up by 50 grey and 50 red wings (2x4)

#6 xwingyoda


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Posted 04 October 2005 - 07:15 PM

Great Sub Sne !!!!!

I like the idea of the back "fins", make the the ship look like a whale  ;) , and those nice little white tank make a nice color diversity (away from yellow that is !!!!)

Yes very neat, and your text is very nice, always good to place a Moc (like telling the reasons of the build, the history behind...) !!!!

Keep those nice Mocs posted Sne !!!!!!!!!!

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