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6212 Review: X-Wing Fighter

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#1 JimBee


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Posted 19 November 2008 - 03:53 AM

Posted Image
Set Name: 6212 X-Wing Fighter
Number of Pieces: 437
Number of Minifigs: 6
Price: 49.99 USD/ 39.99 GBP/ 61.99 EUR
Theme: Star Wars- Classic
Year Released: 2006
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Posted Image
Hello, and welcome to the third and final 6212: X-Wing Fighter review that is to be done on Eurobricks. This is the fourth X-Wing minifigure-scale model that TLG has done, not including UCS and MINI models. This set has a good number of playability features and figures, and is designed excellently, as I hope you'll realize after reading this review.

The box
Posted Image
Mainly the standard box art for that time period, although it does show the rare figures included in the set, with three new ones.

Posted Image
So, we begin with the set. The design has an overall sleek look to it, which is something that I look for a lot in Star Wars ships. It also features some ingenious design techniques, as well as playability and customizable features.
This ship was used by Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance in all three Original Trilogy films, although this version is from both Episodes IV and V.

Front view
Posted Image
The front view is impressive, for sure. It shows how areo-dynamic this ship really is, which is one thing that I think TLG got across really well. Note Luke in the cockpit.

Side view
Posted Image
Here you see the main shape of the ship. Note the two guns mounted on each wing, as well as the armor just below the cockpit.

Posted Image
The mid-section of the ship. Note R2-D2 in his astro-droid socket, and the printed pieces with the rebel insignias. Yes, thankfully, this set has no stickers, which is a huge plus.

That little armor piece mounted on the back is held on by hinges, and flip up for no apparent reason. I think it is just there on hinges to be angled correctly.

Astro-droid socket
Posted Image
R2-D2 is held in his socket by two blue "jumper" plates. Fortunately, Artoo is the full fig, and not just the head. I think that the little bits of tan here look good, and don't stick out too much from the red and white color scheme.

Posted Image
As we come around to the cockpit, we notice an interesting control panel piece, which is printed. It is from that famous scene of A New Hope in which Luke shoots torpedoes into the Death Star's only weak spot.
The 2x2 slope has an image of the monitor showing the on-going trench on the exterior of the Death Star. This is one awesome piece, probably the best detail about this set. Also in the cockpit is a yellow lever, which could have been better suited as a black or red one. I also don't like the bits of blue showing. While they were easy to find while building, they really stick out, which is unattractive.

The unique windshield is held on by hinges and can be flipped up or down. Additionally, the pilot does not attach to his seat because of a 2x2 vent piece, which make it easier to remove him, and he doesn't rattle around when your swooshing the ship.

Landing gear
Posted Image
The landing gear consists of two hinges; one for lifting the leg and another for adjusting the foot. This is the only landing gear on the ship, since the back part just rests on the surface that it's sitting on. This is a little unstable, and sometimes buckles beneath the nose's weight. However, the landing gear should stay up if you don't touch it while it's on display.

Also note how the nose angles inward to form a point at the end. This is done by those 2x2 bricks that connect to each other with Technic holes and pins, to move the connecting piece left and right.

Lightsaber storage
Posted Image
At the bottom, under the cockpit, lies the lightsaber storage. A piece similar to the windshield is, again, connected by hinges to open up. Here you can store the blue lightsaber included in this set. Please also note that the lightsaber hilt is chrome. Yes, chrome!  :wub:

Posted Image
Here's the rear. You can see the thrusters, some rubber bands and a Technic gear that is being used a knob. I wonder what all of this is for?

Wing mechanism
Posted Image
If you turn that knob, it will spin a Technic spiral, which in turn, rotates the little knobs, which...

Open Wings
Posted Image
...opens the wings! This is definitely the main feature of the set, and works surprisingly smoothly. The wings are supported and assisted by six rubber bands included in the set, which come wrapped around the dark grey rubber band holder, like in every set with rubber bands. There are two in the front (one on each side) that are held on by Technic head pins, and four on the back (two on each side) for extra support.

Posted Image
What a cool angle! This is extremely fun and easy to swoosh around, especially with the wings open. Just make sure you hold it correctly, or parts might break off, namely the thrusters.

Posted Image
Here's the nose, which angles in from the cockpit. You can also see those pieces that I was talking about before that allow the nose to angle inwards. There is some tiling and greebling here, but not so much that it is excessive.

Posted Image
Here is a look at the wing design. Note the printed 1x4 tile that has a pattern of red and white spaces. There are 5 red stripes, for Luke Red 5.

Customizable feature
Posted Image
Whoops, this is the same picture as the last one! Or is it? Take another look. You'll notice that the 1x4 tile changed to a white and red pattern of 1x1 tiles. This is the customizable option, which allows you to change the ship from Luke's Red 5 to Wedge's Red 3, which has three red stripes instead of 5. This is a wonderful feature, and one that TLG did not have to include, but they did anyway. :thumbup:

Posted Image
Finally, we reach the figures in this set. We get six in this one: Luke Skywalker (Pilot), Han Solo (Hoth), Leia Skywalker (Hoth), Chewbacca, R2-D2 (not pictured), and Wedge Antillies. The three exclusive figures are Wedge and Hoth Han and Leia. These are all great figs, and while TLG didn't have to include Han, Leia, or Chewie, they decided to, which is another great thing about this set.

The only disappointing thing about the figs is that Wedge's head is the standard smiley. Ah well, you can't have everything. Also, one thing that you should notice is Luke's head. In this set, it is the same one as Obi-Wan Kenobi's from the Republic Cruiser, but in the Jabba's Palace set, he had a slightly different head which had black eyebrows and no line below the mouth. Although these heads are very similar, I think that Luke should keep his old head.

That just about wraps it up, here is the...

Final Verdict:

Build: 7/10, it is a little slow at the beginning, an very repetitive with the wings, but overall satisfying. Should take the average builder about an hour to complete, although it took me 2 hours because I was watching a movie while building it. :tongue:

Playability: 9.5/10, this set has plenty of play features, although the real fun will come when that TIE Advanced comes out next year. :sweet:

Swooshablilty: 8.5/10, it is very easy and fun to swoosh, as long as you hold it in the right place. Still, the thrusters sometimes fall off.

Minifigs: 10/10, TLG not only included the basic figs (Luke and Artoo), but also was very generous and included four other amazing figs.

Design: 9.5/10, although there are a few... blocky parts, this set is very well designed and very sleek.

Price: 9/10, although I had to pay $60 for it at TRU ( :hmpf:) , this set's original price is pretty fair.

Overall Score: 8.91/10, an amazing set with very few flaws. I highly suggest you get it if you are any kind of Star Wars fan. I am not an OT fan, yet, it looked good enough to get. If you are getting this (or already have), I also suggest you get the TIE Advanced coming out in Janurary '09, to reenact that famous Death Star trench scene. :thumbup:

That's all for now, hopefully you enjoyed this review!

Posted ImagePosted Image
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#2 Dark Brickz

Dark Brickz

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Posted 19 November 2008 - 03:57 AM

good review! one of my personal favorites. one of the best remakes tlc made and great minifigs.
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#3 ditto


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Posted 19 November 2008 - 04:33 AM

View PostDark Brickz, on Nov 19 2008, 10:57 AM, said:

good review! one of my personal favorites. one of the best remakes tlc made and great minifigs.

very comprehensive review that points out the set's features. thanks jim!

#4 KimT


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Posted 19 November 2008 - 01:00 PM

I'll be adding this to the Review Index

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#5 Dennimator


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Posted 19 November 2008 - 10:25 PM

A great review on a great set, but...


Leia Skywalker (Hoth)

should be "Leia Organa (hoth)". :tongue:

#6 simonjedi


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Posted 20 November 2008 - 09:02 PM

I have this set and i really like it.

Its very well priced and has quite a few new/ hard to get minifigures

I've greebled the back bit to make it more movie accurate, i'll try to get a pic ASAP

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#7 Razzer


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Posted 20 November 2008 - 10:35 PM

This set's been out for ages and et I still haven't gotten round to getting one! This review was perfectly timed, so I can add it to my Crimbo order from Lego.com! It really is a great set, although I may need to get two so that Wedge and Luke can take on the Empire together. Also, I suppose it always helps to have more Chewie's for  Kashyyyk battles!

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