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Review : 7773 Tiger Shark Attack

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#1 Guss


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Posted 10 November 2008 - 02:55 PM

Ref :
Name :
Tiger Shark Attack
Price :
22 CHF = 19 USD = 14.5 EUR

Links : Brickset

hello everyone, here is my first review ! I bought this set because I wanted the shark and it was really not expensive  It looked great on the box, so I bought it.
I'm sorry for the bad pics, but I had no times to photography it correctly

let's start!

here is the box, with my Sigfig next to it to makes you an idea of the size ^^
Posted Image
the back, where you can see the shark and the submarine functionalities  :
Posted Image

let's open the box !

6 bags, a loonng dark-grey piece, and the manual, the bags are not numbered, and I prefer it like this ( and my sigifig with his new swim-suit ^^ )
Posted Image

random view of the manual :
Posted Image

let's start to build, as usual, by the figs :
Posted Image
I love their heads, they're not "Only modern" or futuristic heads, like some in space sets, with microphone and stuffs,  they can be used for anythings, their torso are printed front/back, nicely printed.
Posted Image
one thing I didn't like, their helmets are not "waterproof" , see on this pic :
Posted Image
there is a little hole , you can compare it with an old suit to the right

then you build the "treasures"
Posted Image
they're quite cool ! but you can't steal it without making the big shark really angry !
Posted Image

happily, after the treasures,  you build the big gun, so you can deal with the shark :
Posted Image
well... or with my sig-fig, to steal his treasures, the gun is pretty cool .
Posted Image

once you finished to build it , you start to build the shark !
first, you build it tails
Posted Image
then, the middle section:
Posted Image
then, the head :
Posted Image
and Finally, you assemble all the parts, wow, this guy is scary :
Posted Image
as you can see, an entire minifig can fit in it mouth.... HELPPP
Posted Image
the body of the shark have, sadly , 2 disgraceful holes, but they re obligatory for the flexibility of it :
Posted ImagePosted Image
these holes allow it to take some cool poses, even if the tail can't stay in place without your hand holding it( it flex with rubber parts )
Posted Image

then you build the submarine, it s a very very cool submarine, with it shooting thing at the front ( it shot really far )
Posted Image
Posted Image
the cockpit is pretty cool, sorry but the pictures I took of it was really fuzzy ...
(other views of the submarine on the gallery )

a little view of the extra parts I got ? I think I'm pretty lucky... I had a lot of extra parts !
Posted Image

and a view of the entire set :
Posted Image

Notes :

Build: 9/10, that was really interesting to build, the shark is really cool to build
Design: 9/10, the submarine is really cool, the shark is awesome even if the 2 holes are a little ugly
Playbillity: 10/10, a great set to play with, the "flexibility" of the shark and the nice shooting system of the submarine + the accessories and the treasure allow a looot of scenarios
Minifigs: 9/10, I don't really like the hole in their helmets, but they re really nice and their heads are cool, also, their back is printed !
Price: 10/10, a really low price for a set like this, but it surely was cheaper because of Christmas.

Score: 9/10

Conclusion : I really loved this set, fun to build, lot of cool parts and well designed ( I love this shark ) ... well , I love this shark so much that my sigfig stole it !

Posted Image

AH AH AH  !!! good byyye !

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Posted Image

#2 The Cobra

The Cobra

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Posted 10 November 2008 - 09:17 PM

I own the two smallest Aquaraiders set, and hope I can find a good bargain for this one (I think you bought it on sale; RRP is 30 euros); I also dream of buying 7776 the shipwreck, but that's just a dream.

Back to the Tiger shark attack: bot the shark and the submarine look very cool, so does the little "spear machinegun".I think it would have been hard to have a moving shark without those holes. It would have been better with another minifig and/or a larger trasure.
Can't say it's perfect, so I rated it 4/5.
Most overread phrase on S@H: "Sorry, item is not available in this country: Italy."

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