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Enough: Part 5

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#1 Skinny Boy

Skinny Boy

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Posted 30 October 2008 - 05:08 PM

Have you caught up yet? No? Here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Part 5: Curiosity killed the Corossroads.

Our group had just set off to find Sid, the college dropout, who had taken a dirtbike and dissappeared. They were driving and again came to a barricade:
Posted Image

Jack (the leader, you know in the Mutt leather jacket) had an idea:
Posted Image "Cut through the rubble over there."
Posted Image

They stop:
Posted Image "What?"  "We ran out of gas."

Posted Image "Alright. Everyone out."

Posted Image "There's a garage right down the road."

Posted Image "Who said that?"

Posted Image "Me."

Posted Image Captain: "Show yourself."

The voice appears to be a man, who moves to the window:
Posted Image

Posted Image Captain: "So how do we get to this garage?"

Posted Image "Just go straight along that road and you'll get there."

Posted Image Captain: "Should we try it?"

Posted Image "Alright men-

Posted Image -We are going to get fuel,-

Posted Image - Now I don't want any funnybusiness. Alright?"

Posted Image Hayes: "Ok Captain."

Posted Image "Come on up."

Posted Image "We're gonna wait outside."

Posted Image Sang: "Hey-

Posted Image -whats that?"

Posted Image Hayes: "What?"

Posted Image Sang: "That."

Posted Image "Thats the pit."

Posted Image "Whats the 'Pit'?"

Posted Image "Well we started with the sheet metal fence,-

Posted Image -then we threw in shrapnel, shards and some chains."

Posted Image "And then we hoped that the zombies would just fall in."

Posted Image Sang: "Hmmmm. You said 'we'."   "Yeah?"

Posted Image "Are there more people here? Cos we are supposed to round up survivors."

Posted Image "Yeah."

Posted Image "There used to be. But they took off."

Posted Image "Why?"

Posted Image "They said they were going to Abbey Square, with a large group." "When did they go?"
Posted Image "Sometime last week."

Posted Image "They could be our guys!"

Posted Image Hayes: "Yeah, maybe."

Posted Image "You shouldn't get your hopes up."

Posted Image "So, whats your name?"  "Jake."

Posted Image "So Jake, you got any weapons?"

Posted Image "Nope."      (Sorry for bad pic)

Posted Image "None?"

Posted Image "Not one."

Posted Image *BANG*

Posted Image "Nice shot, kid."

Posted Image "Hey guys, we heard a shot. Everything ok?"

Posted Image "Whoah. Stupid door nearly... what the?"

Loud heavy gunfire is heard for nearly 30 seconds.

Posted Image "Jesus! There's no flesh left on him!"

Posted Image "Hey, guy with big gun-

Posted Image -check this out."

To be continued...

And some notes:
1. No, I don't have the next part ready to put in the next post due to the pic limit.
2. The setting, the crossroads and pit, were heavily inspired by 1: Tinypiesrus' "For Mother Russia" (can't put link cos computer messed up) and 2: "Crossroads" by Eric Clapton/Cream.
3. I definitely think this part was the best, not because it had zombies, but because I didn't have to use Brickfilm conversations that myself and others haven't liked.
4. This part may seem long, cos the pics, but the dialogue is short (yet took a wile to write :hmpf_bad: ). Hav a good look at the pics if you feel its short :wink: , thats what they're there for.

Thanks for looking.

Posted Image


#2 Kliq


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Posted 30 October 2008 - 07:47 PM

This is actually the first installment I've looked at so far, but I like it so much I'm going to go back and look at all of the rest.  Really good job, I especially liked how they were having a conversation while the zombie was getting closer.  Good attention to detail and I can't wait till you post the next one.   :thumbup:

#3 Guss


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Posted 30 October 2008 - 09:05 PM

ahhh some action !  :devil:

I love how they did 20 meters before running out of gas XD

nice part, Can't wait to see the upcoming fight!
Posted Image

#4 Lego12


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Posted 30 October 2008 - 10:39 PM

Very good again, Skinny Boy! :thumbup: This one is the best so far! I seriously can't wait for more! :sweet:
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#5 Skinny Boy

Skinny Boy

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Posted 30 October 2008 - 11:00 PM

Thanks guys. I have no idea when part 6 is coming. Could be tomorrow, could be 2 weeks. Enjoy the suspense, if any.

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#6 Bob


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Posted 31 October 2008 - 01:13 AM

Looks great! I like how the zombies are attacking. Its good also how you showed the zombie coming in, while they are talking.

Posted ImagePosted Image
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#7 Skinny Boy

Skinny Boy

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Posted 01 November 2008 - 11:42 AM

Thanks Bob. I knew people would like that part.

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