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EB News Presents : The Newest Crew Member.

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#1 Stauder


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Posted 24 September 2008 - 03:37 PM

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Ok, so maybe you know, maybe you don't but we hope to have a new EB News Reviews member. His name will not be revealed till the end, thus is SF will be a telephone. I need him to send me a PM saying he will take the job. So we start.
I am Stauder, your host. This is ImperialShadows the heckler and this is today's mystery person. Ignore Dragonator's name in the questions, I was too lazy to write up new questions  :tongue:
Where are we?
Tantine VI
I am certain you spelled that wrong.
*Ring* *Ring*
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I'm here, let's get this over with.
Ok, let's start.
Your wish is my command.
I like this...
Q. Why the name Dragonator and the strange lack of a real sigfig?
*Name Edited out* was a doodle on the side of some notes when I was doing some research in an archive, I spend a worryingly large proportion of my life reading old documents. So when I finally decided to join EurobriCk I thought I'd Adopt it as my nom de Lego. The lack of a sigfig is due to me thinking, "well I'll make one soon" and then never getting around to it. I've had a decal on my PC for months but I've still yet to get round to printing it. Maybe by the end of the year I'll have actually got round to it.

Q. Dragons Reviews?
I was just in it for the Gold staR, no my first post long when I joined was a review (not everyone believed I had the set due to a lack of pictures) so when the academy opened I though it might be fun. Since then I've sort of become addicted, it's a strange form of relaxation. Also it means I feel less pressure to present MOC as mine aren't very good, maybe we need a building acaDemy next?

Q. How long have you collected Lego?
On and off since I was about 5, there have been time I haveN't bought Anything for months but even in my dark age (as I see it) I'd still probably buy a set or two a year and I've always had one at Christmas since I can remember and still do.

Q. What are your 3 favourite sets?
6276 - Fort Sabre (well that was the UK name for it) or Eldorado Fortress
6074 – Black FaLcon's Fortress, my first major post dark-age purchase.
6876 – Alienator, I just can't get past the simplicity and skill in that set.

Q. What is your Favourite Theme?
A tie between Castle and Pirates, we'll see how it turns out next year when they're head to head again.

Q. Best In Real Life Lego Moment?
Probably being taken to Legoland Denmark as a child, not that I knew where we were going until we arrived, but I have very fond memories of that. Closely followed by discovering that there was a Lego shop at Bluewater just a bus ride (well a fairly long one) away from where I live in London and not knowing about it till I walked past it.

Q. And, for that matter your best EB moment?
Be granted the opportunity to join EB News and work with some of the greatest members of EuroBRICKs. Was that ok? Will you let my family go now?
No. You forgot to do the dance.

Q. What sets would you like to see TLC produce?
It'd like tourist attractions, most cities have something to sell tacky postcards of there's no reason the Lego world should be any different. I also work for a museum so it would be cool to have it produced in Lego

Q. How do you feel about becoming part of the EB News crew?
It's rather confusing to be honest, last week I was writing a dissertation now somehow I'm working on EB News. I think I missed something along the way.
The Chloroform has that effect some times...

Q. Can we see your lair?
You can see the box room I'm currently working in, I'm moving soon so nearly everything's packed away but I've still got a few bits and boobs out.
Did he just say that on live televisison?
FFC have been taken  care of, we got this place boob-y trapped since last time.
Ok, enough boob jokes.

Q. Who is best, Me, Myself or I?
I, is quite clearly the best of those three options.

Q. Am I Annoying?
No I'd say terrifying, especially your PM's.
You should see him use a fork.

Q. Who should we Interview Next?
Umm err…………. Someone more interesting than me would be a good start. By the way, where is WhiteFang?
I sent him to IS's summer house.
I hope he didn't touch my flag.

*Somewhere in the Lego Carribean*
Posted Image
*Back in the studio*

And now, after this rather odd interview, I shall tell you that the name of the person is in the interview itself. His name is a bold one.
Ha ha. He he.  :hmpf_bad:
The essence of bad pun. For those lazy, it's Cardinal Brick.

*signal fades*

*Signal comes back up*
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*signal fades again*

Edited by Stauder, 24 September 2008 - 07:23 PM.

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The previously stated ingredients of EuroBricks News FLC are a trade secret and if you tell anyone I will stab you. In the eye. With a titanium spork.
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Posted 24 September 2008 - 08:42 PM

Congratulations Cardinal Brick on joing EB News! :thumbup: I hope you enjoy it! :classic:

7 years on Eurobricks.


#3 Adam


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Posted 24 September 2008 - 09:31 PM

Nice, Cardinal Brick! :thumbup:

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