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6206 Review: TIE Interceptor

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#1 JimBee


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Posted 06 September 2008 - 10:56 PM

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6206: TIE Interceptor
Number of Pieces: 212
Number of Minifigs: 1
Price: 19.99 USD/ 17.99 EUR/
Theme: Star Wars: Episode VI
Year Released: 2006
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Welcome to my ninth review the boards, today's review is the long awaited TIE Interceptor. But does it live up to expectations? Well, let's find out. I believe this is the first and only time TLG made this set. So, let's begin the review.

The box
Posted Image
The box is standard for it's time, with silver font. The background on the front has some planets and the Death Star II, clarifying that this set is from episode VI.

Posted Image
This set comes with the Interceptor model and one fig. The Interceptor has a very sleek, futuristic design, with four wings and a ball-shaped cockpit. The TIE Interceptor is a stealthy, speedy vehicle in the Imperial fleet. It is used for scouting missions, and not meant for attacking due to it's weak structure and low arsenal.

Posted Image
This version of the TIE group is very attractive and cool-looking. It has an aerodynamic shape, giving it looks and speed. While not accurate to the movie's grey and black colored TIEs, the blue in place of the grey is just fine, and does not alter the "coolness" of the design. Thankfully, there are no stickers in this set.

Posted Image
Here you can see the ball-shaped cockpit. Be very, very careful when opening it; it's very flimsy and breaks off almost every time. Fortunately, both the windshield and the dish on top are printed, and not stickers. Please don't mind the dust.

Cockpit Interior
Posted Image
This is the inside of the cockpit. It is very roomy, airtight, and one of the few cockpits in SW sets that are this good. It makes up for lack of detail by giving the pilot plenty of room, so you should have no trouble there. It is also very smooth in the back and where the windshield folds down. This is by far the best SW cockpit I have ever seen done by TLG, good job! The only bad thing is the two tan bricks that clash with the rest of the color.

Wing attachment
Posted Image
This is how the wings are attached to the cockpit on each side. Unfortunately, the design on this part is not so good, and sometimes the wings break off. Plus, this part is very blocky, and there is a big juniorized piece on the base of the wings.

Posted Image
Here is what each wing looks like. There are three parts on each wing: a middle and two fins. The wings are very aerodynamic, with a diamond-like design. Note the Imperial insignias and the blue tiles lining the wings.

Wing attachments cont'd

Posted Image
Here, again, you see how the middle wing part is attached to the base (juniorized piece), and the fins attached to the base by hinges. The hinges allow the fins to fold in and out a bit, but again, this is very fragile, and the fins often break off.

Gun placements
Posted Image
This is an example of four guns on the ship, one on the tip of each fin. The guns consist of a tile with a Tenic tunnel hole on the bottom attached to a Technic pin, which is attached to a black bar. A good design altogether.

Posted Image
Here you see the rear of the cockpit. You can see why the opening mechanism is so flimsy: the whole top and front is connected to the body only by a weak hinge system, as seen in the picture. Also note the small, trans-blue dish and the four trans-red studs.

Posted Image
Finally, here is the single figure that comes in this set, a TIE Pilot. It is an all black figure, with a life support system decal on the front and a helmet with silver Imperial insignias. An overall good minifig, with a different helmet mold than the Stormtrooper or Shadowtrooper.

Well, I suppose that's about all, let's get to the

Build: 6/10, a little difficult due the flimsiness of the ship, but should only take the average builder no more than 30 minutes.
Playability: 7/10, it's fun to fly around ( :blush:), but has no real functions.
Swooshability: 7/10, you can swoosh it around fairly well, just be careful not to accidentally break it.
Minifigs: 8/10, a good fig, although having only one leaves something more to be desired.
Design: 4/10, very, very flimsy with the wings, windshield, and fins, but good for display.
Price: 7/10: I think it was actually 30 USD when I got it, but I'm not sure...

Overall Score: 6.5, an average set. Very delicate, so much that you can hardly pick it up, but good for display.  The minifig is okay, and having no stickers is good. I would recommend this to a hardcore OT fan.

That wraps it all up, please vote your opinion on this set in the poll, and I'll see you next review!

Edited by JimButcher, 15 September 2008 - 03:10 AM.

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#2 JopieK


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Posted 06 September 2008 - 11:19 PM

Nice set, but nicer review! Looks like the set has quite some nice parts.

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#3 Manta


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Posted 06 September 2008 - 11:55 PM

A nice set, my brother used to have this. I wish the pilot's helmet had a little printing on it, looks messed up to me.
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#4 simonjedi


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Posted 07 September 2008 - 12:45 AM

The Interceptor is my favorite TIE ship so i wish i picked it up.

Thanks for the review, i agree about the helmet, needs some silver printing on the mouth piece and the ends

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#5 KimT


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Posted 07 September 2008 - 08:14 PM

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion about this set with us.
I've added it to the index.
This is one of my favourite Ties and I think TLG did a good job at designing it.
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