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REVIEW: 6569 Polar Explorer Bonus Pack

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#1 TheBrickster


  • Loved Ghost Ranger

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 04:28 PM

This is Polar-1, OVER...  It's day 5 at Arctic Research Base 76.  We are experiencing radio difficulties since discovering a number of strange radioactive arctic life forms which seem to be effecting our signal, OVER.  We have encountered a large polar bear which by all account appears to be friendly and playful.  Our food supply; however, has diminished quickly, and we have to venture North from the base to a frozen lake in search of fish.  Our cordinates are currently 46°45′4″N, 741°21′7″W.  We do plan to take the snowmobile to the lake after we get our provisions in order.  This is Polar-1, OUT.

Polar Explorer Bonus Pack

Set #: 6569
Theme: Arctic
Year Released: 2000
Piece Count: 76
Minifigs: 2
List Price: $10 (USD)

In 2000, Lego introduced a new theme called Arctic.  It was something completely new and different for Lego as no mini-fig scale sets and/or adventurers had ever ventured to the Arctic.  The set offered new orange pieces and combined elements of blue and white pieces to provide a number of sleds, vehicles, a mobile outpost (6520), and even a large polar base (6575). The theme was unfortunately short lived and did not see 2001.  

This particular set is a "value pack" that combines sets 6578 (Polar Explorer) and 6586 (Polar Scout) at a reasonable price of $10 (USD).  I may have even paid a few dollars less at a discount toy store back in the early 2000s.

A picture of the "Bonus Pack" with the two sets combined within the box:

Posted Image

The backside features an advertisement for the Lego Club and pictures of other Arctic sets:

Posted Image

Starting with the smaller set, The Polar Explorer (just a tip of the iceberg :wink: ):

Posted ImageInstructions

Posted ImageFront of Box

Posted ImageBack of Box

Both sets include the same minifig, an Arctic fig with glasses and a thick arctic coat:

Posted Image

Here's a shot of the fig with his hood on.  I always thought the hood is a nice piece that would work well for Hoth Rebel snow scenes.

Posted Image

The set includes a few nice accessories:

Posted Image

The set actually creates a small ice/snow formation that can even be placed on water to represent an iceberg:

Posted Image

Here's a close-up with the blue ice spider:

Posted Image

The complete set:

Posted Image

Next, the Polar Scout:

Posted ImageFront of Box

Posted ImageBack of Box

The Polar Scout instructions picture the same image as the box:

Posted Image

But I really like the real arctic imagery on the backside:

Posted Image

The set includes a small sheet of decals:

Posted Image

Included are some great arctic accessories:

Posted Image

And some interesting arctic creatures, like this neon orange scorpion in a ball of ice:

Posted Image

I love the polar bear, a great addition to snow scenes:

Posted Image

But the best part of this set is the orange and black sled:

Posted Image

The back sled attachment (U-Haul) has some tools and a removable storage cover:

Posted Image

The top comes off easy to store tools and equipment:

Posted Image

Here's the arctic fig with a great metal detector (or other snow research device):

Posted Image

And the sled itself:

Posted Image

Lastly, a picture of the complete Polar Scout:

Posted Image

Final Thoughts:

I'm a little disappointed that Arctic was a short-lived theme.  At the time, I wasn't too interested in the Arctic, but I still regret not buying the large Polar Research Base after seeing it at a discounted price.  I was able to pick up this set and the Mobile Outpost that I never opened.

I'd be interesting in reading your thoughts in regard to this set and the Arctic Theme.

#2 Matn


  • supermegaawesome

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    Country: Belgium

Posted 31 August 2008 - 04:43 PM

I like the theme very much, but sadly, I don't own any sets of it. It brings such a great feeling, it's fresh and has great parts and sets. And it brought the polar bear! Your review is very good and informative, thanks! (I voted wrong, I meant above average, but I clicked below average  :hmpf_bad: )

#3 Asuka


  • Pictural Poet

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 06:03 PM

Thank you for that fine review, TheBrickster!  :classic:
I really like how this two small sets create an intense and adventurous atmosphere
against the backdrop of a pretty exotic region.
The sets´re well designed and very nice with a fine amount of rather unique and
well fitting gear. The whole theme offers a lot of playability in a set-up that´s a
little different to TLC´s standard sceneries for sure.
And... it always reminded me of 'Who Goes There?', too...  :tongue:
Posted Image

#4 Brick n Brick

Brick n Brick

    Posts: 64
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    Country: Canada

Posted 31 August 2008 - 06:27 PM

Hi! Great review on one of my favourite themes! I never realized how cool it was until just now, when you did your review. Anyways, I remember my one set of the arctict expedition, The Arctic Expedition pack  :tongue:

Posted Image

#5 Cardinal Brick

Cardinal Brick

  • Academy Teacher

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 06:36 PM

A nice set review. As for the theme itself, I though it was a very interesting theme. Sadly I don’t think Lego put enough effort into it, I was personally upset not to se a second year even if I didn’t buy any of the sets. It reminds me of the artic theme Playmobil did at one point in the distant past to be honest. I think a number of good artic scenes were missed, when it came out a really wanted to get a ski plane but it never came, I built it myself in the end but I don’t know how Lego missed that one.

On a slightly random note I do know that at least one Lego minifig did make it all the way to the real artic with a research team, sadly I don’t have any pictures to offer you.
Posted Image    Posted Image



  • Teaching is made up of patience

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Posted 01 September 2008 - 01:44 PM

A very nice review! :thumbup:

I really miss the Arctic theme. I didn't own any of the sets, but after looking at the pictures in this review and reading the instructions on Brickleys words and Brickfactory, I want them. :classic:

Posted Image

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#7 Tenorikuma


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Posted 01 September 2008 - 03:59 PM

I find it amusing that the numbers on the decal (for the flag) were chosen so that it wouldn't look stupid if you put it on upside-down by accident.

#8 maiq the liar

maiq the liar

  • Youtube poopie!

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Posted 01 September 2008 - 04:39 PM

46°45′4″N, 741°21′7″W???
Those are some wierd coordinates.
Are my dark ages over yet?
God, finally.

#9 Erdbeereis


  • Not short in real life

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Posted 01 September 2008 - 06:28 PM

Nice review Brickster! :classic:

The Arctic theme is very nice. The minifigs have a great look to them especially with the hoods. The colors for the Arctic sets I have always liked, and somehow the idea of minifigs exploring the arctic is fun to me.

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#10 Klaus-Dieter


  • 4-Wide Kerfuffler

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Posted 01 September 2008 - 07:03 PM

Thank you very much for this review, TheBrickster! :thumbup:

I voted both times for Outstanding because:
I really  :wub:  the Arctic theme. I only bought the ice sailor but otherwise no sets because of money and place reasons and because I already collect four themes (City, older Castle, Western and Star Wars Old Triology). But a comeback of the Arctic theme - perhaps as addition to a winter sports and winter rescue theme would be very welcome! :wink:
I really  :wub:  all sets - the little and the big ones. In my opinion they all were very well designed (not too big vehicles, not too little and not minimalitic, great minifigs and very nice and lovely details and accessory). :thumbup:


#11 metalandi


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Posted 04 September 2008 - 10:42 PM

Thanks very much for this great review TheBrickster! I love the Arctic sub-theme, but unfortunately i never got my hands on any of the sets, since this theme had its time during my dark ages. This one is a really neat little set with a great amount of accesoires, especially these snow shoes and the backpack which i love :thumbup:

#12 Pencoin


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Posted 04 September 2008 - 10:56 PM

Great review, I hope TLC does another.

I rember reading a book once based on the theme which stated the scorpions and thespiders and such were aliens  :oh3:.
Posted Image
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#13 metalandi


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Posted 04 September 2008 - 11:07 PM

Wasn't there some years back a film based on aliens in the arctic? Can't remember the name and i think it was really old, but there certainly was going on something with strange creatures and a polar base :tongue:

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