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REVIEW: 5615 The Knight

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#1 Cardinal Brick

Cardinal Brick

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Posted 27 August 2008 - 07:46 PM

Posted Image
And lo! It came from the east (Denmark) the set which had been foretold the cheap army builder and there was much rejoicing amongst the castle fans. The Cardinal then asked was all the rejoicing justified…..

Set Name: The Knight
Set Number: 5615  
Number of Pieces: 21
Released: 2008
List Price: £2.00

Lets us begin with the box.

Posted Image
The front shows us are knight and his rack of arms.

Posted Image
The back shows us two sets from the Castle range.

Moving inside the box now.

Posted Image
The contents of the box, it doesn’t look like much.

Posted Image
The instructions to help you through the build.

Now the reason you probably bought the set, well at least why I did the Knight. This features the new torso for 2008 and is the height of fashion. This brings the number of printed torsos from the Crown Knights to three, which allows for a greater variety in building your armies.

Posted Image
A new fashion sensation and all the must have accessories for this season.

Posted Image
With a more heavily armoured look he’s ready for anything.

The rest of the set is a weapons rack, I assume that once you’ve got a few of these set you’ll probably like me give up building them and part them out. But anyway here are some pictures of what the rest of the elements are spent on.

Posted Image
A long and complex build begins.

Posted Image
After 360 hour finally it’s finished sadly five minfigs were hurt in the construction of this rack.

Now the money shot, where we can see it all come together.
Posted Image
It looks great even the rack doesn’t look to bad.

Posted Image
Sadly are hero wasn’t ready for other themes just yet.

In total we have a good army builder which castle fans have wanted. However there remains a question in my mind as to if this set is good enough on it’s own. Without any other castle sets I can’t see it being to much fun so it’s not a good present.

The Rating System
Figures: 9/10 (Great new fashion for this season  )
Parts 8/10 (Shield, sword, spear, helmet and armour what more could I want? Well two shields.)
Fun Fun Fun 3/10 (Sadly it’s rather dull on it’s own I can’t think or to much else to do.)
Design 7/10 (Yes it’s the army builder I’ve wanted design, well apart from that Pirate one.)
Price 9/10 (At £2.00 what more can I say.)
Grand Total 36/50 (Let down by being to small to stand alone..)

So let’s answer the question, is it the army all castle fans have wanted? Well yes and no is the answer. While it is a great set and at the now reduced UK price of £2.00 amazing value. I still think it’s inferior compared with the army building capability of Cross Bow attack, I much prefer army building both factions at once.

Posted Image

Posted Image    Posted Image

#2 KimT


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Posted 27 August 2008 - 07:49 PM

Thanks for sharing this review with us.
I'll add it to the index.
One of my favourite impulse sets along with the Troll Warrior (or is that Orc warrior)
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#3 dj2005


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Posted 27 August 2008 - 08:32 PM

Nice review and I especially enjoyed the ending.  :grin:  I personally think it is quite a good set for the price considering it comes with a fully armed minifig along with enough stuff to suit up another. I just wish Amazon carried this set.

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