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6455 Space Simulation Station Pictorial Review

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#1 metalandi


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Posted 15 July 2008 - 09:45 AM

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I recently got a few still sealed and new sets from the 90' on ebay, and after the Rock Raider's Hover Scout this isthe second one i'll review. I really like the space port theme, even if the sets may be more simple than earlier space city sets, i like the overall look and the color scheme. But enough of that, let's go on with the pictures!

Set Nr.: 6455
Name: Space Simulation Station
Number of minifigs: 3
Number of pieces: 240
Release Year: 1999

First again a few pics of the boxes and the instructions:

The main box:

Posted Image
Posted Image

This theme had a kinda strange seperation of the pieces, the parts for the control center and the shuttle are in seperate little boxes, and the others are in polybags with the models printed on them.

Posted Image

Also seperate instructions for each step:

Posted Image

A general overview:

Posted Image

We got 3 lovely minifigs here, from left to right the control engineer, the mechanic and the astronaut:

Posted Image

The -i dont know the english word for it- testing-thing, the astronaut is being tested to hard nerves there :tongue:

Posted Image

The mechanics little car, on the back an extinguisher and a radio device is attached:

Posted Image

the take-off station for the little shuttle with the shuttle itself on it:

Posted Image

And without it:

Posted Image

Tools, tools, tools!

Posted Image

The shuttle as stand-alone:

Posted Image

i think that would be fuel tanks, i like this little detail:

Posted Image

And finally we have the controll room, would have been better with seats, but it's alright:

Posted Image

A really sweet mid-sized set if you ask me, a few juniorized parts, but it fits perfectly with the set. The theme itself is also great, and i wish that TLG brings it back, i could see stunning sets with the quality city sets have right now! :thumbup:

#2 SkyOtic


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Posted 15 July 2008 - 09:51 AM

you just bring memory's back :grin:  i never had one of the space port sets, but i know that as a little boy i visited my toy store and kept on looking to the boxes.  on BL those sets cost too much for what ist worth today. really, TLC should bring this theme back!

Space port ON!
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#3 Lord Santos

Lord Santos

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 10:58 AM

In the catalog images I thougt that the base was on a 16'16 baseplate...
I have some sets of space-port and like them, but I would want real town sets in 1999... :hmpf_bad:

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#4 Matn


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Posted 15 July 2008 - 12:09 PM

I got this set for christmas, and you gave me the feeling for wanting to build it again. Thanks for the review!  :classic:

#5 Axle


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Posted 15 July 2008 - 12:52 PM

The spinning machine is a centerfuge. (Not sure of the spelling :look: )

I remember wanting this set because my friend had the larger station with full rocket. Seeing this makes me want it again..... :cry_sad:

#6 filefolders


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Posted 15 July 2008 - 03:54 PM

My sister got this from our grandparents once when she was interested with space but it fell into my hands later.  I had a lot of fun with that.  By the way, the name for the test thing is called a centrifuge.  It tests a person's ability to withstand high g-forces.

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#7 Corvus


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Posted 18 July 2008 - 03:49 AM


Wow, I'd completely forgotten about this theme, which is suprising since I absolutely loved this theme as a kid (minus the sound n' light brick, which I thought was pretty big and ugly). Sure brings back memories of looking at those little catalogue booklets that came with the sets. :cry_happy:
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#8 WhiteFang


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Posted 18 July 2008 - 08:33 PM

I had never seen this set or this theme before. It was released during my dark age, and I had missed it. It's nice to see such sets, surface once again, to educate members like me that there are some good sets we had missed during the dark age. And, I must admit that this is a very good set.  :thumbup:

It's comes with 3 mini-figs and Staudie with it. Geez, I never thought he was an astronaunt back then.  :laugh:

The testing facility is great, and I love to see it spin, by putting Staudie in it for a "test-run".  :devil:

The buggy is cute as well, but somehow, I don't really like the white frame at the back. It looked a little odd to me. The tools, are simply wonderful to have. Furthermore, these are grey tools. The last time, we had so many tools are the aeroplane mechanic.  :sweet:

The shuttle is nice, but does the shuttle supposed to come with a cover as  well? I guess, since this is a simulator, they must have cut down the budget for it. The control room is good, and it will be even better with chairs included.  :wink:

metalandi, thanks for the wonderful review!

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#9 Dovchenko


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Posted 19 July 2008 - 03:49 AM

Thank you very much for the review. NOW I remember! I got Mission Control when I was only 5 and built it with the help of my older sister. I loved it so much, I never rebuilt it but now... I just have to! Space Simulation was one I never got but looks to be a great set.
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#10 Zarkan


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Posted 19 July 2008 - 05:14 PM

Great review.  :thumbup:

I like this set, even though it is a little simple. Despite the flames, I think that the shuttle actually is a training sim, as others pointed out. Overall, it's pretty nice, and I'd love to see a modern version of this in the city line - along with other realistic space sets.  :wink:

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