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"A Pirate's Life!" Contest - Entry Thread

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64 replies to this topic  – Started by Shadows , Mar 31 2008 04:25 PM

#51 BlueDog


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Posted 11 May 2008 - 06:41 PM

Entry name: Treasure Suprise
Entry class: Impulse
Pieces: 18

The pirate has found a chest full of teasure! Or so he thinks. As he opens the chest,a skeleton jumps out of it ready to attack him!
Will the pirate fight the skeleton and sucseed or not? Or will he run away? You decide!
1 Pirate fig
1 Skellie fig(It counts as 5 pieces!)
1 Musket
1 Cutlass
and other piratey things.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Alternate model.

Posted Image
Bits and pieces.

Good luck to all of you!

#52 jaudeau


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Posted 11 May 2008 - 07:28 PM

Entry Class: Large
Name:Pirate’s Bar

Posted Image
That is the bar crowded with many drunken pirates.

Posted Image
“It is toast in our victories, so we’ll drink all night long.”

Posted Image

:jollyroger: I expect continuation of the early pirate series.

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#53 oo7

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Posted 12 May 2008 - 01:40 AM

Claim the mainland in the name of the royal crown, uncover new species of colorful bird and fruit, pioneer the Columbian Exchange, and live the Age of Exploration with the LEGO® Impulse Imperial Armada Captain, the mightiest conquistador of the Spanish Main!

Posted Image

Posted Image

The brick-built breeches design, courtesy of Michael Jasper, sort of "represents a new mold" akin to the then new pegleg that was released with the original pirates product line and therefore only counts as one single extra piece.

Posted Image

#54 Dufresne


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Posted 12 May 2008 - 03:53 AM

I'm putting in a last-minute entry for the "small" category.

Title: Beachside Barbeque
96 Pieces - 3 Minifigs, 1 shark

Captured by the dangerous cannibal Queen Kahlua, a colonial soldier finds himself to be the tribe's next meal!

Posted Image

Queen Kahlua travels to her island cookout in her personal royal canoe.

Posted Image

For a more G-rated play experience, use the included "hunk of meat" on the spit!

Posted Image

#55 Fat Tony

Fat Tony
  • By the power of Bleyskull!

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Posted 12 May 2008 - 04:13 AM

New for 2009...


Inspired by recent movies and pop culture
LEGO Pirate VS Ninja offers a wide array
of characters and settings- pirates, ninja,
weapons, ships, and firing cannons!

Classic LEGO construction theme re-envisioned
for the 20th anniversary of the original Pirates

Vague storyline allows you to decide
who is good and who is evil and who will
win the ultimate battle!

Large  entry:

Posted Image

Pirate Battle Sloop gives the pirates sea superiority!
Features cargo hold, two sails and movable rudder. Rock
island cave has shackles for restraining a prisoner and
room to store treasure! Includes five mini-figures, five
swords, two pistols, a boarding axe, treasure chest and
treasure, palm tree and firing cannon. 199 pieces (plus
five mini-figures) MSRP $24.99 USD

Posted Image

Posted Image

#56 Dufresne


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Posted 12 May 2008 - 04:28 AM

Large category entry:

Title: Fog Rock Raiders
191 Pieces + 3 minifigs
Includes 2 parrots and 1 rat

It's common knowledge among the townspeople that the old Fog Rock lighthouse attendant has a certain predilection towards rum, and stockpiles kegs of the drink in the lighthouse for those long nights on watch.

Posted Image

For two scheming cutthroats, this presents an opportunity for free drinks! As the attendant makes his way to the island with a fresh boatload of rum, the pirates move in, to make off with the barrels themselves!

Posted Image

With the attendant already feeling the effects of the drink, there's a good chance he won't even notice....

Posted Image

#57 FelixTheCat


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Posted 12 May 2008 - 11:25 AM

Category-  Large
Pieces  - 124

Title-  Island Sacrifice.

The Spanish Conquistadors soon learn that it's not wise to steal gold from Islanders that have gods to appease.   Here the Island Tribe makes an offering to the god Crocohuha.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Edited by FelixTheCat, 15 May 2008 - 10:00 AM.

#58 Vincent Cheung

Vincent Cheung

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Posted 12 May 2008 - 04:44 PM

This is my submission!

Set Type: Impulse
Set Name: Bed-boat Captain
Piece Count: 25 pieces, with 1 captain pirate, 1 shark and 1 parrot

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Thank you! I hope I am not too late!  :pir-cry_happy:

#59 Faramir


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Posted 12 May 2008 - 09:43 PM

Class: Impulse


Stranded on an island with only your own thoughts as company-- What could you become?

Posted Image
Posted Image

21 pieces + minifig

Posted Image

Wish me luck!

Posted Image
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#60 Skullossus


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Posted 13 May 2008 - 06:07 PM

Oops, forgot to split mine into separate posts too.

Small: Mermaid Encounter
95 pieces + 3 minifigs + animal

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
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#61 FelixTheCat


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Posted 15 May 2008 - 09:59 AM

Category- Impulse

Pieces-  20

Title-  Justice

Even in the Carribean,  crime doesn't pay.

Posted Image

#62 Vadim


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Posted 16 May 2008 - 04:46 PM

Here's my competitive model!
Entry type: Large
177 pieces, 1 minifig, 2 animals and 1 parrot.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

#63 TinyPiesRUs

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Posted 17 May 2008 - 06:45 AM

Category: Large
Set Name: Aztec Temple Attack
Piece Count: 200!
Descrption: The Armada soldiers are attacking the mighty Aztec temple! Can the Aztecs defeat the invading Spanish and put them in their prison (and sacrifice them on the altar at the temple top  :pir-sick: ) and defend their gold? Or will the Spanish defeat the Aztecs, free their captured comrade and take the gold? Which side will you choose? Includes prison, breakable wall, sacrificial altar, golden statue and cannon. Contains Aztec high priest, Aztec warrior, 3 Spanish soldiers and 3 horses.

Overall view:
Posted Image

To the left is a prison (what LEGO set is complete without one? ), containing a Spanish prisoner:
Posted Image

On the right of the Temple is a wall which can be broken down by cannon fire. Once broken down, a stash of gold is revealed. But be careful of the spiders!:
Posted Image

It's a shame I can only show 3 pics, but I'll be sure to show more once the contest is over  :pir-blush:

Feedback much appreciated in the discussion thread  :pir-blush:

#64 Dukesc

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Posted 17 May 2008 - 07:38 AM

The Imperial Raft
This is a raft that was inspired by the movie Master and Commander. It is from the scene when they build a raft to trick the phantom ship into chasing the raft rather than their own ship. In the move there was only one person on the raft, but I put three on mine and a shark to increase playability.
Small set entry
Pieces: 97

Posted Image
Posted Image

Edited by dukeschunke, 17 May 2008 - 07:51 AM.

Posted Image

#65 Shadows

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Posted 21 May 2008 - 01:28 AM

As the sun sets on another day, we see our intrepid heroes sailing off to their destiny ...

Thank you all for your fine entries!


This entry thread is now officially locked.

Voting will begin in a couple of days, once I sort through the entries and take care of the technical side of things.

I will update you again in the discussion thread.

Shadows is looking for stalkers. Yep, you heard me right. CLICKY!

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