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Lego Star Wars is going down.

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#1 jawa


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:05 AM

Lego Star Wars is soon to go downhill. Lastest release, UCS MF, RC, AT-AT and Hoth Base are all great. The republic gunships and At Te which are coming this August are also fantastic, but........

Behind all this excitement, this line is going downhill, and it will not be a big surprise if the contract with greedy George will not be extended after 2011.

Reason 1: Too many re-make. Eg. the MF has 4 versions available, the X wing also. Maybe new comers will get excited, but for people who started collecting ages ago this is just getting boring. Come to think of it, nearly everything in the movie has been made into lego models. and looks like there will be hardly any new surprises. unless the lego design team actually "invent" something out of the blue.

Reason 2: No movie to back up. Yea, clone war cartoon, but it is no where near a 3 hour long movie. The SWL only picked up in 2005 because EP3 was launching and everyone was like " I want to be a jedi (or sith, or wookie)". But now, it has died down. For children, they are always looking for something up coming eg Transformer. For adults, they are just too busy to remember how good the movie is (or they have grown out of collecting lego all together)

Reason 3: Rising prices. Not one of the main points. But yes, prices has been rising. when the SWL first came out everything was so cheap. remember 3340 and all those? They costed like 5USD. Now? a battle pack is selling for like 11USD. Not to mention sales are cutting down and there are less and less good bargains around.

Still not convinced? Think for it yourself, when was the last time you found a really stunning collection or scene of Lego Star Wars posted on Brickshelf? People are just buying battle packs and lining the figures up, they no longer build anything.

So, summing up all the factual reasons, it is prudent to conclude that these plastic pieces will soon become obsolete. Look on the bright side, by 2011 there might be something better than SWL. Like a PS4 or a Wii2. Who knows?

#2 Hinckley


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:09 AM

Why are you so negative about everything?

#3 Big Pete

Big Pete

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:11 AM

i really wonder why you bother posting here ???

For me, SW lego is just as good as it has always been ... and the Clone Wars sets won't diminish that.  If you don't like what they're doing now, don't buy it.

As for price increases ... it's called inflation ... and everything is going up in price, not just Lego.

You can't compare 3340 with a battle pack ... 3340 had 3 figures, 3 stands and 3 cards.  The Battlepacks have 4 minifigures and a small ship ... you're getting more for the price differential.

As for now move tie-ins ... I reckon SW is just as popular now as it's always been ... yes, there isn't mass hype which only the films can bring, but SW merchandise is hardly struggling.


#4 Sinner


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:15 AM

View PostHinckley, on Mar 27 2008, 10:09 AM, said:

Why are you so negative about everything?
Hey! You beat me to it! I'm still waiting on my Green Grocer and I had a major hard drive crash last night and I may have lost a year of Final Fantasy downloads but I think I'm in a better mood than you!

But on topic, I don't think the PS4 will replace Lego. I have a PS3 (which I love) and I'm considering buying a 360, but I still buy Lego.

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#5 Athos


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:23 AM

View Postjawa, on Mar 27 2008, 01:05 AM, said:

For adults, they are just too busy to remember how good the movie is

Or isn't, if you consider Epi. 1 & 2...  and to a lesser extent 3. :-|

Though I do think you raise some valid points. I think it will go on, but I imagine they would slow down on releases.

Personally, and I've made no secret of this, I'm pretty much over Star Wars Lego.


#6 Hinckley


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:28 AM

Well, for several reasons jawa won't be participating in this discussion any longer, so continue it if you want, but there's no reason to reply to him anymore, just the topic he raised. :-|

#7 Palin Jax

Palin Jax

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:41 AM

While the moderators have given us ample freedom to express our view and opinions, do you realize you have just pissed off every serious fan of Star Wars Lego on these boards.  Get over yourself.  If we break down ever one of the reason you just gave, that still wouldn't be enough to cover half the years Lego as been bring smiles to all our faces.  I don't care if you don't find all the "really stunning collection or scene of Lego Star Wars posted on Brickshelf?"  Maybe people have lives, kids to raise, work to do.  Maybe they just need some stunning new pieces to spark their interests.  What ever the reason, Star Wars will not end in 2011.  I WILL guarantee that!(Jango Fett voice in :'-) )  For one thing, you also have the live action coming out.  I bet Lucas will "Get His Groove Back" and make more movies.  

As for your "remake" rant, well, there are a limited number of vehicle, yes.  I also dislike the trend of some of us complaining when Lego doesn't go canon.  So what, who cares.  If it's parts or pretty, it all good.  I love just getting one of each, putting it on the shelf, and moving on.  Hell, half the fun of the EU is find and fitting it all together.  If you want to expand your horizons, do like I am and "adapt" a niche.  

Concerning reason 2.  You answered it in your rant.  Clone Wars is Canon...  Clone Wars is Cool!!!

Concerning reason 3:  Rising prices.  Do you have any samples of the first release stuff.  Let me give you my opinion on it.  It was Simple.  The stuff we are getting today blows my mind.  I literally dream of the new RSG and AT-TE...  I have 3 of the first and 4 of the later, so I have very good reference for that statement.  If you can't afford them, then save your money.  I save $30 dollars a paycheck.  It takes time, but when you buy it, it means more.

Don't you ever dare say anything like "think for yourself".  I do not like someone implying that any of us in here are simpletons.  I have allot of respect for each of these men, and women too!  For years I searched for a outlet with like minded souls who loved Lego.  It's hard to be my age and like Lego's so much.  Frankly, I don't care about what you think is the end of Star Wars Lego.  If the moderators feel I have overstepped my line, I apologize to them, and will suffer banishment.  If I have offended anyone else other than Jawa here, you also have my deepest heartfelt and sincere apology as well.  But you, Jawa, need to think twice before make another post or thread like this.  Next to God, My Girls, and my Wife, Lego is my "thang".  Again, your are entitled to your opinion, but think before you give it.

edit: Sorry all, posted after Hinkley's post.  Thank you, Hinkley

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#8 darkrebellion


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:42 AM

Are you joking. Lego star wars is a theme that in my opinion is grear, yeah they re-release many set but is because they have a reason they updated them with new building techniques and new pieces with new colors and the most important with a better cool looking shape. I think many companies like the TLC or hasbro re-release many thing and the people continue buying them because all of the re-releases have something new not are the same thing. I know there isnīt a new star wars movie in the future apart of the clone wars but  the TLC have many stuff to do from the show and the next live action series and with the movies they have a lot of new things to do so I didnīt think the TLC is lack of ideas in the line. The prices increase but what didnīt increase the price now. The prices increase is becuase of the market in general so isnīt something strange the TLC increase their prices, well some sets are overpriced but didnīt of them are. I personally have the wii but it is a videogame console not a building toy so I think are different things and any of them could replace each other ;-) .

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#9 Hinckley


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:46 AM

Um...On second thought I'll close this. If someone wants to start a "Why LEGO star wars is okay by me right now" topic, feel free. But let's be done with negative energy... ;-)

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