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My research boat

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#1 Sorian


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Posted 05 February 2008 - 07:16 PM

Posted Image V-W-1C

Here i post the pictures of my personal research boat, builted in this summer, and reconvertend on the base boat of the old fireman boat.

This boat has three levels, if we consider the motor level too.

From top to bottom we have the research laboratory whit a scanner and some computers, the control room with the captain and his assitant, and last but non least, the motor room, which is the storage room for the diving equipment too.

All the levels can be raised whit a system of levels and the first part of the bridge can be raised separetly.

Posted Image
Overall view of the boat. You can see all the crew, the hooking structure for the jet sky and the front light, not so cool i know  8-|
Posted Image
The little jet sky which is good for diving too.
Posted Image
The two raft.
Posted Image
A particular view to the structure which held the jet sky and has mechanical arm to recover sample to analyze
Posted Image
The fore of the boat whit the main bridge raised, revealing the storage room.
Posted Image
Central and main body of the boat whit the laboratory raised, you can see inside the control room.
Posted Image
Central body completly raised which reveal the motor and the shafts that hold all the main structure.
Posted Image
Another overall view where you can see the two raft placed under the side bridge.
Posted Image
Again the fore of the boat, the front light is in close up, but in the background you can see the main structure and the radar and antenna system.

I hope you like it, is one of my favourite structure ever. X-D

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#2 Asuka


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Posted 05 February 2008 - 07:30 PM

A very charming and lovely work with really neat details and a fine interior.  *y*
Only the engine looks, ahem, maybe a little too modern....  X-D

I always wanted to do something similar with the new fireman ship hull, and your
MOCīs indeed a very good inspiration. Well done!   :'-)

#3 General Zen

General Zen

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Posted 05 February 2008 - 11:15 PM

Nice boat! It is very well constructed and i like the color scheme! ;-)
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