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Why hate the TIE Crawler?

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#1 darkrebellion


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Posted 13 January 2008 - 05:04 AM

I buy this set in a Target a few weeks ago and i really like it. Have a good design, it rolls very well  :-) , the tie cockpit very well improved and the flick missil don't fall off that easy. so my question is where is the wrong with the TIE Crawler

#2 voltio


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Posted 13 January 2008 - 05:17 AM

There are several complaints, valid or not, that people have made against the 7664.  
  • The TIE Crawler is from an Expanded Universe storyline, and first appeared in a Star Wars comic book.  Fans who had only seen the films or disliked EU in general were, therefore, unimpressed.
  • 7664 cost $50 USD, and more internationally, a far higher price point than previous TIE vehicles.
  • Some felt that the number of minifigures (two) was insufficient for a large set.  
  • While it has a good parts/price ratio, the high amount of Technic tread links inflated the parts count somewhat.
  • Like many other sets, the 7664 contained a much-derided  flick-fire missile.
I myself think it's an OK set.  It certainly has a lot of playability, but the lack of minifigures in a $50 set is troubling.  The 7659 Imperial Landing Craft has 5 figures, and the Jedi Starfighter with Hyper Ring includes the rare Kit Fisto figure.  By contrast, the 7664's Shadow Troopers are readily available in this year's battle packs.  
Overall, the 7664 was a middling set in a stellar year for Lego Star Wars.

#3 MAH4546


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Posted 13 January 2008 - 07:31 AM

It's a cool little set. I had fun building it last night. I don't collect SW, but I found two for $12.50 each at Target yesterday in the clearence asile. Couldn't say no to that. A little overprced at $50, though. This seems like a $35 set.

#4 Sinner


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Posted 13 January 2008 - 08:21 AM

I liked the set, but I bought it for the tracks. I plan to convert mine to a TIE fighter and use the tracks elsewhere.  :-P

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#5 maiq the liar

maiq the liar

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Posted 13 January 2008 - 08:41 AM

I like it, mainly due to the fact that i love all things empire. (especially their vehicles and aircraft)
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Posted 13 January 2008 - 03:00 PM

I think it looks like a cool set. I am just surprised at how little publicity it got. It was hot for a week or two, and then just died out.
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