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REVIEW: 853345 Gold Ornament

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#1 Oky


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 02:29 AM

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It's that time of year again when you have to fight your way through crowds of crazy shoppers in order to spend lots of money on kitschy decorations and expensive presents! This may include ornaments for your Christmas tree, and being the smart company they are, TLG has released three new ornaments for all the holiday celebrating brick-lovers out there!
In this time it is good to know what exactly you want to buy so that you can manage your budget. Therefore I have decided to make this little review so that you know if these Lego ornaments are worth buying. So let's get going and jingle all the way!

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Set Number: 853345
Name: Gold Ornament
Theme: Seasonal
Year of Release: 2011
Pieces: 40
Minifigs: 0
Price: $7.99 USD / £3.99

S@H Brickset Bricklink

I found this ornament hanging from a rack in the Lego Store next to red and green versions of it, but I was only interested in the Gold one due to its rare colors, so this is the only one I bought. There are no box pictures to show since these ornaments are being sold as they are, with only a tag giving you a little bit of information about the product. There is no type of protection for the product, so some of the ornaments might be scratched, and the information on the tag is very limited. On the front, it only shows the recommended age, and on the back, the item number, price, and the barcode. The tag can be folded open, but on the inside you'll only find the usual small print. No product name, no piece count, no nothing. It doesn't even have a nice holiday design, just the generic Lego Accessories yellow baseplate texture. Very lazy and cheap effort. :thumbdown:

Posted Image

Some of you may remember that Lego released very similar holiday ornaments two years ago, the 852744 LEGO Holiday Ornaments. That set required you to buy all three different ornaments together, but at least they came in a nice and handy box.

Posted Image

The printing on the ornament is quite nice. It depicts detailed snowflakes, whereas on the old ornaments they were simple white dots, so that's an improvement.

Posted Image

The only thing keeping the two ball halves from splitting and spilling all its contents is a small, round, transparent sticker at the bottom. It does its job, but probably wouldn't be much of an obstacle to thieves. :sceptic:

Posted Image

After removing the sticker, the two halves of the ornament still hold together pretty well, although I'm not sure if they would still do that after falling from a tall Christmas tree. Let's take a look at what's inside, shall we?

Posted Image

Here are the emptied ball halves. They are the same mold as in the old ornaments set, so they still have the inserts for medium-sized radar dishes. If you have one of those dishes, you can make your own custom ornaments with holiday scenes in them.

Posted Image

Here's the main reason to buy this set: the contents are comprised of 12 trans-yellow 1x2 bricks, 14 dark tan 2x2 bricks, and 14 metallic gold 2x2 bricks! :drool:

Posted Image

And... that's pretty much it. There are no instructions and no hint at what you could do with these bricks, so you are left to your own imagination. It's hard, though, to come up with something one can build solely out of 1x2s and 2x2s. :sceptic:


Design: 4/5
- The ornament looks quite nice overall, especially the detailed printing on top, but it's nothing to get overly excited about. Personally, I would have preferred a golden ribbon instead of a yellow one, seeing as this is supposed to be a Gold Ornament, but I guess the yellow retains the playful spirit of Lego. Either way, it'll look good on any Christmas tree, especially together with the red and green ornaments.
Playability: 0.1/5 - Uhm... It's a ball with bricks in it. Not much you can do with that except make primitive structures with the bricks. But it's meant to be decoration in the first place, so it doesn't really matter how playable it is.
Parts: 4.5/5 - If anything, this ornament is great parts pack. Over a third of the parts in this set are metallic gold! What's not to love about that? Plus it comes with bricks in two other semi-rare colors which compliment the gold quite well. The only thing that could have made this better would have been a wider variety of bricks, but oh well.
Price: 3/5 - At roughly 20 cents per piece, one might think this set is about twice as expensive as it should be, but you have to keep in mind that this is an accessory, not a regular set, and that the printed ball halves and the ribbon have to be included in the price too. Besides, I think it's great that the Gold Ornament has the same price as its red and green counterparts despite all the gold bricks it includes, and the price-to-piece ratio of these new ornaments is much better than in the previous ornaments set which had a ratio of 30 cents per piece!
Overall: 4/5 - Despite its lack of packaging and relatively high price, it's a nice holiday ornament that's filled with many rare bricks, so I can definitely recommend it. If you're really only interested in the gold bricks, though, you might want to just bricklink them.

I can't show a picture of it hanging from a Christmas tree right now since I haven't gotten one yet, but if you want me to, I can take a pic as soon as I have my tree. :classic: I hope you enjoyed this review and that it it was useful to you somehow.

Oh, and don't let a Grinch like Gold Tooth ruin your holidays. :wink:

Posted Image

Happy Holidays, everyone! Posted Image

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#2 prateek


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 02:42 AM

Nice. While not my cup of tea, I see the value in this "set" with all those cool pieces! An extra plus for the fact that you can make your own ornament.

#3 Sid Sidious

Sid Sidious

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Posted 30 November 2011 - 02:59 AM

Nice review of this set.  When I first saw this set in the catalog, it looked nice, but a bit pricy.  I'll probably wait for them to go on sale after Christmas.

#4 Rocketbilly


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 03:13 AM

Thanks for the nice review of a handy looking little parts pack!
I've considered buying this, but really I can't see myself using a lot of the parts, save for the trans-yellow 1X1s so I don't think it would be an economical purchase for me considering that. The gold pieces do look tempting though....and I have been wanting to try out some dark tan in mocs...I just can't see myself making much use of 2X2 bricks. Perhaps if the dark tan were 1X1....oh well, thanks for helping me make my mind up.

Also REALLY nice to see some Agents characters getting involved...I miss that theme  :cry_happy:

#5 dr_spock


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 04:58 AM

Thanks for the review.  I would buy this to hang on my Christmas tree as an ornament.  After Xmas store it away with all our other tree ornaments for another year.

#6 Ricecracker


  • Stormed Out

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Posted 30 November 2011 - 05:14 AM

Is it not sold out outside of Canada, too? I really wanted to get one, but they're gone here.

#7 pp7


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 05:57 AM

Those sold out within two weeks at my local Lego store - I managed to get one of each colour before the madness ensued! Whew!

#8 SilentMode


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 12:33 PM

I managed to get two of these, mostly for the Metallic Gold bricks, and they were GBP 3.99 a the time as well. These were definitely the first to disappear!

Anyhow, great review.

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#9 Oky


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Posted 01 December 2011 - 10:40 AM

Yeah, these do seem kinda hard to find. I got mine just a few days after they were released, and at that time they only had about three of each color on the rack. :sceptic:

#10 nicoga3000


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Posted 01 December 2011 - 04:57 PM

I want to go grab this for those gold pieces!  Gotta head up to the LEGO store.  Thanks!

#11 Big Cam

Big Cam

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 05:00 PM

Seems like a really easy way to get some sweet gold bricks.

#12 InsaneJames


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Posted 01 December 2011 - 05:05 PM

Great review...i will buy it only to get the brick inside

#13 Miss Kyle

Miss Kyle

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 05:46 PM

Seems like I am really unlucky about Christmas Lego this year. I only managed to get the green and red ornament. I'll check S@H, I think...
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#14 Huntleyfx


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Posted 04 December 2011 - 05:18 AM

:blush: I really like that dark tan, now to just find out a use for it...
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#15 Arigomi


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Posted 04 December 2011 - 08:13 AM

I wonder why they didn't make any with metallic silver. I'm more interested in that color than metallic gold.

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#16 Brickmamba


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Posted 04 December 2011 - 02:30 PM

ye metallic silver + metallic gold makes more sense, thx for the review, some good parts there at a decent price
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#17 asielen


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Posted 09 December 2011 - 06:47 AM

Nice review. I picked one of these up at my local store a while back. I did notice that some of the corners on the bricks were a bit worn down though, possibly from being shipped. Did you notice this in yours?

#18 WhiteFang


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Posted 09 December 2011 - 08:03 AM

Thanks Oky for this review! I wanted to read your opinions but still, I haven't decide to get mine since it is a little costly to get a few "gold" bricks. I will still think about it though.

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#19 clcwong


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Posted 09 December 2011 - 09:47 AM

View PostWhiteFang, on 09 December 2011 - 08:03 AM, said:

Thanks Oky for this review! I wanted to read your opinions but still, I haven't decide to get mine since it is a little costly to get a few "gold" bricks. I will still think about it though.
I guess you don't need to think now...they are all gone  :cry_sad:
else you could get it from eBay or other places..

#20 clcwong


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Posted 10 December 2011 - 11:15 PM

Just compared them...the red one on tree is quite great ones =]
Which ones you guys find the best on your tree? :tongue:

haha...just stocked up some
finding a way to sell them xp

#21 Henchmen4Hire


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Posted 20 December 2011 - 08:21 PM

So have any of you built an ornament with those bricks? Seems like that's what they're for, not just a parts pack lol...
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#22 Blondie-Wan


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Posted 20 December 2011 - 09:51 PM

Nice review, Oky, and special thanks in particular for the explanatory material about the reuse of the ornament shell from a couple years ago, and how the structure in the bottom was used then for holding dishes in place. It may seem like a small thing, but that's the kind of info I appreciate.

I picked one of these up two days ago at LEGOLAND Florida, where they appeared to still have a lot of each of the three ornament colors (mine was this gold one, naturally, though I very nearly picked up a green one just because it's my favorite color). The stores in the LEGOLAND theme parks sell a lot of the smaller promo sets like polybags and so on for a couple dollars more than regular LEGO Stores, and this was no exception; LLFL has the ornaments for $9.99 rather than $7.99, though if one has a Plus Pass (as I do) it knocks 10% off. If anyone is looking for one of these and doesn't want to shell out more than that on ebay, I suggest calling a LEGOLAND and seeing if they'll ship (or better yet, just go visit the park - it's fun!).
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#23 clcwong


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 12:00 PM

Think this is the most best thing I got in Christmas this year =]

#24 ShadowWolfHount


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Posted 22 January 2014 - 05:04 AM

The gold and Trans-yellow in it are amazing but how are they going to be use for MOCs, maybe with the gold it just going to be in a Lego City Bank.

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#25 kinggregus


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Posted 22 January 2014 - 09:38 PM

I could see this color being used for some amazing historic buildings. Is this ornament still available anywhere?
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