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[MOC] Forward position...

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#1 Davor


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 12:11 PM

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my new creation....

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more photos here:


sorry for not-so-good photos....

#2 Jammiedodger


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 12:13 PM


That is superb! The architecture is fantastic, and the builing looks very very good! A lot of detail in there! :sweet:
I wish I could make that. :wub:

#3 Tanotrooper


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 12:30 PM

Very nice, it's the kind of generic star wars building that is pretty hard to get right. The black antennas and the reddish brown underground remind me of the clone wars style. Nice work.

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#4 YG-49


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 12:43 PM

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I felt my old sig was too big, so it's gone.

I'll miss it.

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#5 def


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 03:05 PM

Great job.  It really reminds me of something from the Clone Wars cartoon.  That reminds me, I should watch it again  :wink:

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#6 Mraz Skintas

Mraz Skintas

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Posted 20 July 2009 - 04:25 PM

Def, are you referring to the Muunillist Gun Tower thing, because that is the same thing I thought. You really should think of adding a full Clone Base to this creation. Another excellent MOC.

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#7 Tyleraf


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 04:27 PM

This absolutely amazing.  I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

#8 prateek


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 04:28 PM

I have no idea what that is, but I love it nonetheless :thumbup:

#9 Darth Legolas

Darth Legolas

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Posted 20 July 2009 - 06:52 PM

View Postprateek, on Jul 20 2009, 11:28 AM, said:

I have no idea what that is, but I love it nonetheless :thumbup:

You know, I was going to say exactly that! The size and detail is awesome...but what the heck is it?  :tongue:
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#10 Kaitan


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Posted 20 July 2009 - 08:02 PM

Yep, loving this  :classic:  It does the job perfectly, looking "built for purpose" without actually giving that purpose away!  :laugh:

Well done :thumbup:


#11 CommanderFox


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Posted 21 July 2009 - 02:23 AM

PURE AWESOMENESSS!!!!!! :oh: *huh*  *huh*  *huh*
this is one amazing Diorama  :wub:  it looks like a very cool scene as well :thumbup:
what is it though :tongue:
Thanks for showing this :thumbup:

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#12 Corvus


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Posted 21 July 2009 - 02:31 AM

Very cool. :thumbup: It does look a little bit like the gun tower, although Mace Windu or or Ahsoka were never there. :tongue:

As a little nitpick though, I don't think there's a lot of need for the blaring "CLone Wars" logo off to the side- I found it a little distracting.  :classic:
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#13 fenris


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Posted 21 July 2009 - 09:57 AM

great work. even though i don't know what it is i know what it is: ver well designed. i don't know if you did it on purpose, but even the little differences in the grey make it look even more realistic.

#14 Davor


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Posted 21 July 2009 - 11:45 AM

View Postfenris, on Jul 21 2009, 09:57 AM, said:

great work. even though i don't know what it is i know what it is: ver well designed. i don't know if you did it on purpose, but even the little differences in the grey make it look even more realistic.

yes it was on purpose!
combination of 15-20-30 years old bricks + new ones gives this more dirty, rusty, realistic look - and we all know how dirty SW universe looks in movies and cartoons.

since couple of you guys asked what is it...well its not Muunillist Gun Tower. Structure is not something you could see in movies or cartoons...i like to create new stuff rather than copy stuff from movies and cartoons.

And now what is it....well it everything and nothing really - its just part of vertical support structure with lot of comm antenas and 2 small AA blaster cannons turrets...

...and not to forget...tnx guys for comments! glad you like my work!

have a nice day

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#15 trooper 278

trooper 278

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 11:38 AM

Really great work !!

#16 382nd Legionnaire

382nd Legionnaire

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 04:44 PM

it this based off something? maybe in the clone wars?

#17 menq


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Posted 28 August 2009 - 08:58 PM

Hey Davor,

This is realy a very nice diorama! I like the slight color differences in the gray.  :thumbdown:

I don't realy understand the ARC troopers on top of your structure. They seem kind of lost up there... How do the get up there anyway...  :wink:

Hope to see an addition soon!
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#18 CloneCommanderDelta7


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Posted 30 August 2009 - 09:14 AM

"Wow, sir, look at the view, I can just make out that droid sniper..."  A clone spotter's final sentence.

Good MOC, it has a better view then the crows nest on a Clone Turbo Tank.  
menq, the clone troopers up top are too busy spotting droids to look for a way down.  Anyway, a ladder would compromise the 'awsomeness' of this MOC.
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