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REVIEW: A-Wing fighter, 6207

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#1 Speedy


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 11:18 AM

Posted Image
Set#: 6207
Name: A-Wing fighter
Theme: Star Wars
Year: 2006
Pieces: 194
Minifigs: 1 pilot, 1 mechanic
Price: I paid 5,000 yen, which was a little steep.
MSRP: £9.99, $16 U.S.


Posted Image

From Amazon
The Alliance A-wing starfighters were the fastest starfighters in the galaxy at the time of the Battle of Endor. This model of the A-wing includes a pilot and a Rebel technician with military cargo speeder. The cockpit canopy can open, guns can rotate, and a small cargo room with a container can open.

The Parts
There is a healthy selection of beautiful burgundy pieces, but not a whole lot that is unique.  There are four stickers too.
Posted Image

This is a special piece though, the video screen with an Imperial Destroyer on it.  The best scene in Return of the Jedi comes to life.
Posted Image

The pilot is a beautiful color.  The maintenance man is nothing special, but good if you want to build Echo Base.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The Instructions/ The Build
Posted Image
This is a short set, along the lines of the jedi starfighters, that can be done in half an hour with concentration.  The manual is 32 pages, plus a parts list and ads.  Nothing stands out about that part of it.

Action features are shown.
Posted Image

There are two alternate sets.  I suppose this was pretty rare by 2006 in a Star Wars set.  The A-Wing podracer is quite a fun idea!
Posted Image

The build is quite rapid, with a lot of pieces being put down at a time.  Here the base is laid out.
Posted Image

And a second layer is added.
Posted Image

A few slopes are placed to sleekify it.
Posted Image

And voila!
The Finished Product
This maintenance guy isn't all that special, thought the yellow is a matching color to that of the b-wing and Hoth rebel gear, so all that stuff looks united on display, in a slightly less overbearing way that the current republic white/burgandy can be.  It's so so.
Posted Image

The shape is just about perfect.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here we can see the cockpit opens from the front and the back.
Posted Image

The little functionality it has is that little box that comes out, but nothing to go in it  :pir-hmpf:
Posted Image

The turrets move though, which is something.
Posted Image

And the little guy fits inside comfortably.
Posted Image

Design: 9/10 This is a simple ship, but simple can be good.  The design is sleek, the cockpit is sturdy and doesn't come off when opening.  The colors are beautiful, my favorite of the five alliance ships (#2 snowspeeder, #3 X-Wing, #4 Y-Wing, #5 B-Wing).  Sticker haters can take another point off, there are four.

Build: 7/10 Nothing special, clear and direct.  But no shocking details.  I'm realistic about how these 200 piece sets go, and never am surprised or blown away.

Playability: 8/10 It doesn't do much, but if I were to have a galactic dog fight, I wouldn't worry about losing pieces.  

Minifigures: 6/10 I love the pilot in green, but the maintenance man doesn't mean much to me.  If I were making a massive diorama, it certainly would come in handy, but I don't have the cash for that.

Price: 9/10 I bought it late (2 months ago) for too much money, but it would've been more reasonable when it came out.  I would've preferred to see a cheaper set with no yellow transport thingee.

Average Score:  9/10  
I love this ship.  It's amazing looking.  So personally, I give it 9/10, but 8/10 is its impartial score.  I had the original too, and this makes that one look childish.  A cool machine.

Green leader, getting ready for takeoff!
Posted Image

Cheers all!

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#2 KimT


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 12:51 PM

Indexed and poll added.
Thanks for reviewing this.
Great set with an awesome minifig.
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#3 legopiotre


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 05:02 PM

I am so sad because I missed it and it is far too expensive now.

I really hope we will get a good one with the Mon Calamri cruiser as it was said

#4 Zzz


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 06:14 PM

Rated "O" for Outstanding. Very sleek, sweet and has a good military look. Good ol' times when a small fighter still costed 15€ (Anakins Fighter now... cough cough..). We will see if we get a new one this year, even if it is strange to get this and not the more remarkable Landspeeder or so..
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#5 Speedy


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 06:27 PM

View Postlegopiotre, on Jan 5 2009, 01:02 AM, said:

I am so sad because I missed it and it is far too expensive now.

I paid a bit more than 5000 yen.  Is that far too expensive?  

I think where you live makes a difference.  Americans are used to 10 cents a piece prices, but I've gotten used to 20-25 cents a piece prices here.  I'm in my 30's, so the economics are a bit different for me, but I've adjusted.

This is a really nice ship (as I said in the review) and my favorite of the 5 Rebel ships of the last 2 years.  You could get a nicer price if you looked for a used/boxless one.  Go for it!

I haven't regretted any of my purchases here, though I felt a little ripped off by the Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid, which cost $41 American at Toys R Us.  The A-Wing has less pieces, cost more, and I don't feel ripped off at all.  Go for it!

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