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REVIEW: 6854 Alien Fossilizer

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#1 Yoshi648


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Posted 31 May 2010 - 05:03 PM

6854 – Alien Fossilizer
Theme: System/Space/Exploriens
Year Released: 1996
Piece Count: 50
Minifigs: 1
Links: Brickset, Lugnet, Peeron, BrickLink

On a distant planet, the Exploriens search for alien fossils to aid in their research.

Posted Image
Box image courtesy of Peeron

Box Contents
The instructions are printed on a double-sided instruction sheet. The steps show the model being built in 13 steps.
Posted Image
Posted Image

This set consists of 50 parts (not including extras).
*Note: The 2X2 black tile should have an alien sticker on it*
Posted Image

Interesting parts of note are the 2X2 slope with space display pattern, the 3X2 slope with Explorien logo, the Explorien torso, the magnet holder 2X3, the flexible house 8.5L (one of the first sets to use this part and would be the only white one available for 10 years), and the white space scanner tool.
Posted Image

First up is the mini-fig. It is your basic Explorien mini-fig with helmet with green visor.
Posted Image

Now we move on to building the fossilizer vehicle. First the base is built up.
Posted Image
Then the giant radar dishes are added.
Posted Image
Then the wheels and space thruster are added.
Posted Image
And finally the crane.
Posted Image

Completed Set
Time to search for alien remains!
Posted Image

Playability: 7/10 The crane is a nice addition, although a claw on the end would have been nicer then a magnet. The wheels don’t really roll well on hard surfaces, and the fact they are in all the back, it makes the front drag.
Design: 7/10 Other then the wheel flaw, other then that it is fairly simple and blends in nice with the other Explorien sets.
Mini-fig: 10/10 Nice Explorien mini-fig with helmet.
Parts: 8/10 You get large plastic wheels, a magnet, six hinge pieces, a white hose, two large transparent dishes, and some nice printed parts.
Price: 8/10 If this set can be found for $8 or less, this would make a nice addition to your space collection.
Overall: 8/10 With a crane, an Explorien figure, and some interesting space parts, this makes for a nice small space set. While the wheels could have been re-worked, the crane with magnet was a nice touch.

So what are your thoughts?

#2 FinalFeature


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Posted 31 May 2010 - 05:12 PM

This looks like a great parts pack. The printed panels look  :wub:
Thanks for the great review Yoshi648.


#3 CP5670


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Posted 31 May 2010 - 05:24 PM

This is a nice little set with some good parts. I always found it weird how the guy seems to be breathing out of the decoder though. :wacko:

#4 Artanis I

Artanis I

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Posted 01 June 2010 - 02:04 AM

View PostCP5670, on Jun 1 2010, 03:24 AM, said:

This is a nice little set with some good parts. I always found it weird how the guy seems to be breathing out of the decoder though. :wacko:
I'll agree with both of those statements. I have 2 of these. The Explorien ships/vehicles were all rather unusual in appearance and used a lot of new pieces not available in previous subthemes. The colour scheme is very reminiscent of Futuron & the 1987 Classic sets (new SP3 brings it back yet again) but the greys on the minifigs were something new. The helmets with hoses were new too.

The bottom plate catches if you try to drive it on thick or soft carpet. The wheels don't turn on hard surfaces too well, so it really only goes on hard carpet or synthetic turf. Like a mini-golf green. Just take your Lego down to the local 18 hole 2-par putt-putt centre!

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