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#1 KimT


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Posted 19 July 2010 - 11:02 PM

Dear members on Eurobricks.
Since we've got so many cool entries for the Epic Scenes Contest, we've decided to run a special vote.
It's simple:

Vote for your most favorite entry.
Explain why you think it's the Best of the Best.

The staff will pick between the best argumentations posted here and hand a special prize to one or more of those.

The entry with the most votes will also win a special prize:

One of the San Diego Comic Con Minifig Packs from 2009.

So think, explain and vote.

You've got until the first of August 2100 CET.

Epic Scenes Small Entries
Posted Image Showdown at Maryx Minor by RepublicForces
Posted Image Nabo Duel - Maul Vs Kenobi and Jin by mookage
Posted Image The Great Pit of Carkoon by sok117
Posted Image Attack on the Death Star By Darth Lion
Posted Image Thrawn's Demise by Admiral Ron
Posted Image Order 66: Aayla Secura Falls by I Scream Clone
Posted Image The Cremating of Darth Vader by Pirate Pete
Posted Image I am your father.. by thire5
Posted Image Duel on Chandrila by obxcrew
Posted Image The Executor's Demise by Tereglith
Posted Image "I'll never join you!" by YG-49
Posted Image "Join me, and together..." by anakev
Posted Image The Death of Dooku by brickfoot
Posted Image We're all gonna be a lot thinner by Torham
Posted Image The Crystal Caves of Illum by Fat Tony
Posted Image Deactivate Tractor Beam by ACPin
Posted Image "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope." by ThatGuyWithTheBricks
Posted Image Meeting Yoda by Inconspicuous
Posted Image Max Rebo Band by gambort
Posted Image Snow White and the seven dwarfs on Endor by Ar Sparfel
Posted Image The Chaos at Hoth by Raphy
Posted Image Anakin vs. Obi-Wan by Sir Gecko
Posted Image Order 66 over Cato Neimodia by J4ke
Posted Image The Fate of Bespin by Burman
Posted Image Geonosis Epic Battle by AoNZ
Posted Image The Sarlacc found me somewhat indigestible by L-DI-EGO
Posted Image Havoc on Hoth by Swiss Army Droid
Posted Image Jango's Escape by ADHO15
Posted Image Luke faces Vader by greenskull139
Posted Image NO DISINTEGRATIONS! by Danthebrick
Posted Image Millennium Falcon's Escape From Death Star by pkp
Posted Image Battle Of The Heros by Masked Builder
Posted Image Utapau Assault by Jammiedodger714
Posted Image Order 66 on Kashyyyk by zhg94

Epic Scenes Medium Entries
Posted Image Immolation- the end of Anakin Skywalker by Fat Tony
Posted Image Theed Diversion by ACPin
Posted Image That wasn’t a laser blast. Something hit us. by marshal banana
Posted Image Battle For Kashyyyk by ThatGuyWithTheBricks
Posted Image 'I beleive they think I am some sort of god' - Endor Capture by Legoman
Posted Image Factory raid by 501st Commando
Posted Image Yoda confronts the new Emperor by mookage
Posted Image Battle of Hoth by brickfoot
Posted Image Rhen Var by Rinconstar
Posted Image A Piping Hot Duel by Inconspicuous
Posted Image Yoda - A Tribute! by Oky Wan Kenobi

Epic Scenes Large Entries
Posted Image Battle Of Christophsis by Cloney
Posted Image Outcast Couruscant Chase by The Legonator
Posted Image °-Starkiller's Revenge-° by Darth Lion
Posted Image Theed Ambush Rescue by ACPin
Posted Image E43D by Mos_Eisley
Posted Image Redemption- the return of Anakin Skywalker by Fat Tony
Posted Image Emporer Palpatine's Throne-Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker by ThatGuyWithTheBricks
Posted Image "We Need More Reinforcements!" by Infomaniac
Posted Image The Battle of Fallen's Fist by mookage
Posted Image CW Chapter 11 ~ Muunilist Strike by Jammiedodger714
Posted Image Felucia: Heart of Darkness by legorevolution
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#2 KielDaMan


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 10:26 AM

Well, I guess I'll be the first one to vote. The best entry for me is E43D by Mos_Eisley. Why? The overall build is really very impressive (massive build with lots of details), the concept is very unique, there are multiple scenes depicted, and this is the only entry which I think has the "WOW X-factor" that other entries (also great at their own right) don't have.

#3 Balrog


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 10:50 AM

My vote goes to: I am your father.. by thire5

The reason for this is pretty simple. This is in my opinion the most epic scene in all Star Wars movies. This changes the way you look at Vader, asking how this could even be possible. Up to this point there is noone who ever thought that this could even be possible (if you disregard having watched Ep3). This gives the story a new twist which leads us to the point that the destiny of the universe takes a different way, leaving the emperor with a "I haven't forseen this".

Though this scene has been made by several others, this one gives me the special something when I look at it. It is very well made and I like the way the scene is made more than the others. Further this MoC carries the emotion of the moment with look screaming in fear and anger (which obviously should lead him to the dark side, but it doesn't).

In the end this shattering moment unites father and son, defeating the emperor, saving the universe and Luke having a strong will to stay on the light side, even dragging his father who had been a Sith for so long back there.

#4 Belchher


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 11:58 AM

In 1977 I was 8 years old and my folks where kind enough to take me to see a movie called Star Wars. Then they where harassed into taking me around 8-9 more times that same year! The movie blew my young mind and started me on a life of reading and watching SF and fantasy. E43D by Mos_Eisley is such a different approach, and so amazingly encapsulates the movie that is a huge, big grinned chunk of my child hood, I have to pick that as my stand out.

Absolutely no hard feelings should be felt my the other entrants regardless of who wins any of the voting categories, the entries in this competition where great all around and far better than anything I could come up with. Congratulations to all on brilliant efforts!

#5 Cthulhu


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 01:42 PM

I Vote for:   Redemption- the return of Anakin Skywalker by Fat Tony

I think it was the most Epic Scene when Darth Vader once again becomes Anakin Skywalker and returnd to the Light Side of the Force, because this is the conclusion of all Movies.

#6 Fires-storm


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 01:46 PM

My vote is for: Nabo Duel - Maul Vs Kenobi and Jin by mookage

And my reasoning is thus: I had been a die hard Star Wars fan since the first days I clapped eyes on a lightsaber and heard the epic words of "Luke, I am your father". And then when episode I rolled in everyone was braced for a huge disappointment and ready to leave the theater as soon as it started, however they actually found out it was a pretty good come back, with a great story.

The only really annoying thing about that movie I found was Jar-Jar, and then I saw a character named Darth Maul. His acrobatics and lightsaber fighting automatically made him one of my favorite sith lords, if not movie characters, of all time, and rocketed me from passing interest into sheer fandom. This scene brings back so many amazing memories for me I just had to vote for it :sweet:
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#7 Dhivael


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 02:03 PM

I think that there were many new and interesting approaches to this contest. I loved how some (namely "That wasn't a laser blast...") used 3d space effectively (which I thought was particularly innovative), and some were just plain cool.

But the stand out for me was E43D by Mos_Eisley Which was both unusual in his take of the question and in it's construction, but effectively captured the feeling of the first viewing. While I was too young in 1977 to see this one on the main screen, I found out what I had missed in the 1997 re-released special edition. The images of the Star Destroyer capturing the screen was, for the want of a better word, impressive.  I congratulate all of the builders for their entries, but specifically call out to Mos_Eisley. I hope that you all are able to recognize your hard work and display these pieces of artwork.

#8 prateek


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 04:03 PM

One of my favourites was Order 66 over Cato Neimodia by J4ke. I liked this one because it has many different scales all put into one MOC, and it works well. Plus, this was a really sad part of the SW saga, which shows that there are many different sides to the SW universe.

#9 Clone OPatra

Clone OPatra

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Posted 20 July 2010 - 04:29 PM

My vote goes to That wasn't a laser blast, something hit us by marshal banana

This scene is one of the first space chases in the Star Wars saga.  Sure, there was the trench scene in EpIV, but that just took place in a trench.  This scene involved dodging asteroids and outrunning TIE fighters at the same time!  So, the scene itself is totally epic.

It's really the epic rendering of this scene by marshal banana that draws me to this MOC.  The minis themselves are expertly crafted, as are the asteroids.  But it's the addition of the black slab base, and the overall composure of the scene on that base, that turn this MOC into a work of art.  Everything is positioned just right; it truly captures the action and freezes it in time.  That's what makes this MOC transcend being just a MOC to be a sculpture.  I would be truly proud to have this work of art on my shelf.
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#10 CallMePie


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 04:31 PM

E43D by Mos_Eisley. It's no contest for me.  :classic:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
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#11 MightySlickPancake


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 05:13 PM

My special vote goes to legorevolution - Felucia: Heart of Darkness. The model is just epic in design and thought, I looked at every picture with awe and admiration.  The scene is one that makes you think "damn I want one of those" and it has inspired me to start making a felucian scene. This is my favourite bit out of all the new ones and has just been made brilliantly.
Best of luck.

Thanks, CB
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#12 funkybrick


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 06:50 PM

My personal favourite is Duel on Chandrila by obxcrew.

You probably want to know why. In my opinion, a MOC (or anything) doesn't have to be big to look good. It can be big, but big is not naturally better than small. "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) - this is a very wise statement and I am completely positive about it. Look at those statues! They are perfect, because they are capturing the shape of the being they depict perfectly while being constructed in an incredibly simple way. The arms are just slope bricks. Yeah, just slope bricks, but everyone immediately recognizes them as arms! Of course one could add a thousand things to the statues, but, as Antoine de Saint-Exupery says, there's nothing left to take away. Perfection is achieved.

Secondly, everything is "so smooth and tiled" (quote by KimT). Of course, smooth and tiled is pleasing to the eye. But obxcrew was clever enough (or forced to by the natural properties of LEGO bricks) to show some studs, which makes the overall creation pleasung and interesting to the eye. It adds some contrast. Speaking of contrast, the two figures, the duelists, come into play. They add an even more interesting contrast and create motion in the scene owing to the fact that the minifigs' poses are also, yes, perfect. Not to mention that I like the minifigs themselves very much...

This is why I find Duel on Chandrila by obxcrew to be great.

#13 Hound Knight

Hound Knight

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Posted 20 July 2010 - 08:08 PM

Anakin vs. Obi-Wan by Sir Gecko. Ever since it's originally posting, I have admired the stunning construction of the "columns" and the great lava effects, as well as the minifig posing.  :thumbup:
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#14 Defferwa


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 08:20 PM

It was a very hard choice, but my favourite would have to be "We Need More Reinforcements!" by Infomaniac.
  The Tall platforms are well built, and I don't see a stud in sight. The effect he used to make Boba Fett look like he was flying was brilliant! The in-air missle really looks great. The way he put a gear on the back of it really looks like a propeller to add to the realism. I love the trans-blue he used to make the platform bridges, and all the colors seem to match. The crates, boxes, and machinary really make it feel like sci-fi and star wars.

I really hope this scene wins!

#15 Solitary Dark

Solitary Dark

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Posted 20 July 2010 - 08:28 PM

I thought there were some fantastic entries but there was one for me that when I first saw it just floored me.

That wasn’t a laser blast. Something hit us. by marshal banana

Fantastic colour scheme.
The Mini Falcon inspired me to build my own.
The Tie's have great movement.
The shape of the base conforms to the copetition but breaks from the norm.
The green laser blasts.
The sense of movement in the photography.

But most of all because once i'd seen that entry I had to stop what I was building because I knew I couldnt compete with it.

(So I tried something else, but never managed to complete it)

Well done to Marshall Banana - please keep making these dioramas - they are fantastic...

#16 JimBee


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 08:59 PM

My favorite entry would have to be "I am your Father" by thire5. First of all, in my opinion, you can't get much more epic than that classic scene in Star Wars, where it is finally revealed to Luke that Darth Vader is actually his father, Anakin. He screams in agony as he holds on with his remaining hand for dear life to the balcony outcropping, the huge abyss of Cloud City's lower layers below.

Even though were a few other entries of this scene in this contest, I think this is the best. The Vader minifig is posed just right, with his arm outstretched. You can almost hear the famous quote coming out of the picture, "Luke... I am your Father". The improvised Luke figure is also well done. Thire5 decided to not use the official figure and go for scene accuracy instead. If you watch the scene, you see that Luke is in fact wearing dark gray clothing, and his hair looks darker from sweat.

The outcropping part is also nicely built. There are interesting piece usages for parts like the railing, flex tubing parts, and even some sideways building techniques.

Although all of these points contribute to the greatness of this vignette, my absolute favorite part is how Thire5 used a forced-perspective technique, using 1x2 plates in the background wall to acts as the lights that you see in the scene, a detail that really reminded me of that epic moment.

So that is why I believe this entry is truly the best that fits the intentions of the contest - because it's epic.

Posted Image

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#17 gratefulnat


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:18 PM

Marshall banana's: 'That wasn't a laser blast, something hit us'

View PostClone O, on 20 July 2010 - 04:29 PM, said:

The minis themselves are expertly crafted, as are the asteroids.  But it's the addition of the black slab base, and the overall composure of the scene on that base, that turn this MOC into a work of art.  Everything is positioned just right; it truly captures the action and freezes it in time.  That's what makes this MOC transcend being just a MOC to be a sculpture.  I would be truly proud to have this work of art on my shelf.
For me, you just hit the nail on the head Clone O'Patra, this reflects my feelings and thoughts 100%. This MOC is more than just LEGO, it is an exquisite work of art.
This is one of the scenes I remember as a seven year old, and believe me, at that time my family didn't have a TV (which even for 1977 was pretty strange), so seeing the movie at the cinema just blew me away, literally right out of my seat - my parents like to tell me I didn't sleep for a week after that :laugh: .

There are many great creations in this contest, but finally, my descision is very subjective to the relationship I have with star wars, and marshall banana's scene, on top of being beautifully rendered, just 'get's me all shook up.'

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#18 Danthebrick


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:23 PM

The vote for Crowd Favorite from the good people of Wigan, United Kingdom goes to....... [drum roll]

E43D by Mos_Eisley [loud applause]

The reason I have chosen this design is that it combines the technical skill of a master builder with the flair and creativity of an entertainer.
On the face of the design is fairly simple - its a 2 sided box - but the level of detail and complexity within this is jawdropping! The competition asked for epic and this build delivered and crammed it all in by the bucketfull! Virtually all the favorite scenes are represented and the impact of each scene almost recreates the accompanying soundtrack to go with it!
The main reason he gets my vote though is the originality. There were arguably more accurate or detailed entries of great scenes by new and established MOCers but none came close to creating a design which was such a new or innovative concept. This was a design that came from the depths of someones mind and I would love to know how he came up with the idea!

Anyway, well done Mr Eisley and well done everyone who entered. It was obvious from the beginning that a handful of entries were in a different league to the others so a pat on the back for all those who took part in the challenge and enjoyed taking part and a big boooooo to a tiny minority who briefly threatened to ruin the spirit of the contest by cheating the voting.

#19 ThatGuyWithTheBricks


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:25 PM

Is there a length limit to our descriptions?

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
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#20 Xiran


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:37 PM

My vote goes to Felucia: Heart of Darkness by legorevolution.

The reasons for this are simple:

-It's an epic scenes contest. The scene of clonetroopers, that where very good friends with their previous Jedi generals, assasinating them after Order 66 is one of the most sad and simultaneous epic scenes, since it is the personification of one of the cruelest massacres in the whole saga.
-The moment of the scene is chosen very well, you can still see in the face of Aayla how she can't believe what is happening.
-The flora is very colourfull and has a hudge variety, like it should be on Felucia.
-It almost made me cry since I was remembering the scene and I can't really describe the feelings I have when I watch Order 66 scenes. But to make clear what I mean it really makes me feel into it and I hate what is happening, my stomach is cringing and I wish it would have never happened.

It really makes me happy someone chose this scene and worked on it so well. :)

#21 KimT


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:42 PM

View PostThatGuyWithTheBricks, on 20 July 2010 - 09:25 PM, said:

Is there a length limit to our descriptions?
None whatsoever - the more elaborate you are the closer you get at winning. :classic:
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#22 The Legonater

The Legonater

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Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:42 PM

This is so hard. There are way too many good entries, and too many good MOCers

After a while, it really fell to E43D, by Mos Eisly

It's simply idea- wrap up a few of the main sceanes of Ep.4, and throw them on a baseplate. But it's never been done before. These contests really strech the limit of the mind's eye, and this entry really did that. Somehow, 1 man has mixed several incredible sceanes into one incredible minimovie, complete with the openening crawl. I mean- who's ever done the openening crawl in a MOC before? The whole thing just takes me back to when I first saw it, all the exitment and adventure that went with it. It take an idea and blows it to 'epic' proportions. And in that epic cube, are epic mini sceanes, which make up one of the most famours movies ever, the reason we have SW, and the reason this froum, and so many others, is here. That in it's self is epic. E43D really sells it for me, and it gets my vote.

Edited by The Legonater, 20 July 2010 - 09:51 PM.

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#23 legitimatealex


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 09:52 PM

My favorite is ‘Redemption: The Return of Anakin Skywalker’ by Fat Tony

While I am not usually a fan of the larger MOC’s in this contest because I feel that they attempt to do too much and ‘wow’ the audience with just sheer size rather than building technique or set up, Fat Tony’s entry is clearly a cut above the rest. After viewing the first picture I knew I had a favorite, and then I saw another picture, and another picture and another picture, all from the same creation. This is draw dropping. The first scene depicted is accurate loyal to the movie 100%. The pit that the Emperor is being thrown down is amazingly detailed and the lighting effects that are employed are just the icing on the top. Palpatine’s body being suspended in the air with the Force Lightning still billowing from his fingertips is an amazing feat.

But Fat Tony didn’t stop just there. Using the sheer size of his creation he knew that he could do more. He also added a few humorous scenes to offset the seriousness at the top of his creation. The holographic projection with the spurting fire is a nice touch, as is the scene from ‘A New Hope’ depicting the Stormtroopers attempting to open the blast doors.

All in all this creation captures the scene of Anakin’s redemption, the death of the emperor and goes above and beyond that to include other scenes that are nice touches to the entire build. I hope this wins crowd favorite because it certainly is mine.
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#24 Shiningblade


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 10:10 PM

My vote is "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope." by ThatGuyWithTheBricks.

It evokes memories of the seminal movie that influenced my sci-fi fandom. I feel like I am a kid again.  :classic:


#25 ThatGuyWithTheBricks


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Posted 20 July 2010 - 10:32 PM

View PostShiningblade, on 20 July 2010 - 10:10 PM, said:

My vote is "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope." by ThatGuyWithTheBricks.

It evokes memories of the seminal movie that influenced my sci-fi fandom. I feel like I am a kid again.  :classic:


Thanks, that means a lot to me!  :blush:

View PostKimT, on 20 July 2010 - 09:42 PM, said:

None whatsoever - the more elaborate you are the closer you get at winning. :classic:

Then why not do a full-scale thesis essay :devil:?

What makes a MOC good? How do we define its greatness? One may think that structure and execution are the most important while others may hold photography as a critical element. Well, the excellent creation known as E43D, short for Episode 4 in 3D, by Mos Eisley, contains all of the needed components to stand out from every single other entry in this competition. Some of these things that are present in Jason’s creation are the flat out epicness, the excellent photography, and the care and expertise put into it.

When KimT gave us the task of making the most epic scene possible, most of us went for one or maybe two scenes. Jason went beyond belief by taking EVERY epic scene from one of the Star Wars films. While some may put in many scenes into their entry, it doesn’t always have to be good. But Jason took each of them with equal respect for the original scene. He took an idea that most of us would fear of and bravely took it by the reins and mastered it. If we were able to see this in the flesh and were able to view it all 360 degrees, I’m sure we would be blown away with nostalgia. Jason went above and beyond expectations by putting 6 scenes into one—and all so beautiful.

Photography is a critical factor to good MOCs that is often looked over.  It may look good, but if you can’t take a good picture of it, you’re just not giving it what it deserves. I’m sorry to say that greenskull probably lost votes because he couldn’t take a good enough picture in time. Jason, on the other hand, took pictures that only expert photographers can take. The crispness and cleanliness of the pictures only exemplify the beauty of his MOC. It literally almost brings me to tears. Jason certainly has one of the best pictures in the contest, and that’s part of why his is the best.

You may put tons of scenes into your entry and be a fantastic photographer, but it takes skill to make it expert-quality. That’s really the standing point of E43D. There are so many little details that he could have left out but didn’t. Like the junk beside Luke’s home or the little black boxes in the theater. He used techniques of force perspective for the two suns on Tatooine and the medal ceremony literally jumps out of the screen (if you look at it, it overshadows the first few rows!) He displays his massive and wonderful collection of Star Wars minifigs that would make any nerd squeal. Almost everything is tiled, which makes it look so smoothly angelic. The way he used curved slopes for the bottom scenes is unique and amazing.  And don’t get me started on the tiling of the opening text scroll on the back—it just proves how much he cared about this. It really takes the skill and effort that Jason has to make his the best.

Jason, also known as Mos Eisley, was able to make his entry a winner because he took the time and effort to make a truly epic MOC and used his knowledge of photography to bring out the beauty in it. I really think that his piece is a masterpiece. He shows that world that Lego is also an art form, not just a toy. He truly is, a genius.

Edited by ThatGuyWithTheBricks, 20 July 2010 - 10:37 PM.

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