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The fifth Guild- Gadaelon

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#1 Jacob Nion

Jacob Nion

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 01:31 PM

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Historical portrayal of Gadaelon, as pictured in the legend.

The History of Gadaelon

This is the tale of a hidden realm, so different from the lands and peoples of Historica, that even here in our world of gorgeous an magic things it sounds pretty unlikely. It is an ancient realm, by far older than any of the guilds of the new world. The new world you ask? Aye.
An aeon of time ago, the ancient world arose from out the grand ocean, right at the position of our world today, Historica. Not much lore has left from this old continent. And today it is less than a whisper rarely present in the thoughts of the people in the four guilds. But the legend says, that one day, the world changed. The sea was capricious and tired of the old world and took back the ground. And a new continent was banked up. Historica was born. But some of the first world remains. Some races survived the great alteration.
Deep below the ground of Historica you can find the realm under the realms. Miles over miles under the earth. This area goes by the name of Gadaelon. This is the land of darkness and eternal night. Caves, tunnels and bridges over abysmal subterranean canyons and lakes form the habitat of the Gadaelonians.
The giant cavities and tunnels are populated by many different races, which form the people of Gadaelon. The most of them are not to find in historica. But some are related and have common ancestors. Some only survived under the ground. And some evolved to something totally different, adapted to the life without a sky. And there are dwarves, no original race, but captured on the surface a long time ago for their knowledge about mining. They came as slaves, but now they are an equal part of the people of Gadaelon.

The flora and fauna

The flora is composed of numberless sorts of mushrooms. Some are only as large as a finger, some reach for the arches of the great caves, and cities were built around them.
No sunlight lights up the caves of Gadaelon, but there is no total darkness. The stone is rich in Lumina-Crystals, a mineral that once captured the light of the sun and now glows in a steadily half-light.
And there are other, non sentient species. Such as the giant Behemoth-mole, which is used by the Gadealonians for digging new tunnels. And more nightmarish, chimerical creatures people on the surface can’t even imagine. So the direful lindworms, who bore into the stone and ambuscade for the bustling inhabitants.

The relation to Historica

Gadaelon is a nearly complete isolated world. Nearly. There are some hidden ways up. On the surface, this is only a part of the incomplete legend. Below the surface, it is a secret of the leaders of Gadaelon. It is said, that there are hidden gates in each of the four realms of Historica.

But what will happen when they come up?

The standard

The colours of Gadaelon are dark green and black. The twilight and the total darkness.

(Picture will follow)

The capital

The capital of Gadaelon goes by the name of Cysgodol. It is located in the center of the gargantuan cave system. from the highest vault of the cave falls the water of the river Afon Tywyll down to the center of the city and runs to the northern corner of the cavity, in which it trickles into a lake, two hundred meters below Cysgodol.

The guild leader

The guild is lead by the caste of the dark elves. The legend says, that once an old tribe of elves saved the survivors of the great alteration by guide them down to the holes. Under the earth, they evolved, started to hate the sun and became the dark elves.
Today Tenebrice, daughter of Umbarion II is the queen of Gadaelon.

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(Better picture will follow)


This is my entry so far.

Criticism is welcome.

@ the guild leaders: is the location of my guild acceptable?

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#2 Angeli


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Posted 22 August 2012 - 01:48 PM


I love the minifig ;) I did not have time to read the story, but if it anything like the minifig.. bravo ;) My type of character, beautifull and evil (at least, she looks evil:))

#3 Mike S

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 03:34 PM

I had thought of an underworld guild as well but as my idea of an underworld guild is very much like Nocturnus, I abandoned it. Btw, your character is awesome!

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#4 Jacob Nion

Jacob Nion

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 10:51 PM

View PostMikel Kalores, on 22 August 2012 - 03:34 PM, said:

I had thought of an underworld guild as well but as my idea of an underworld guild is very much like Nocturnus, I abandoned it. Btw, your character is awesome!

I hope it doesn't sound too "nocturnusly". But there are many differences. Compared to Heroes Of Might And Magic you could say, Nocturnus is more Necropolis and Inferno, and Gadaelon is some sort of Dungeon (That's actually the meaning of the name).

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Posted 26 August 2012 - 12:42 PM

Nice work! I was thinking of something similar but now I have a different idea.
I really like your micro-scale build that shows the location of Gadaelon  :thumbup:
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Posted 22 September 2012 - 02:44 PM

I like the deep underground concept, and I really like your microscale representation of the guild - the scroll is a nice touch.  Excellent work on the minifig!

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