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Tamamono's Photo

Tamamono → Ceroknight

Just read through the "What's In A Name" topic; I figured your name was derived from Bleach!
Jun 21 2011 02:59 AM
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Rufus → CopMike

Jun 21 2011 01:14 AM
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Tazmaniac → Admiral Croissant

Profile now tells all. Cheers
Jun 20 2011 11:37 PM
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just got back from the beach
Jun 20 2011 07:10 PM
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Pvt. Ryan → R66Y

Where did you get the Iron Mask for your Mini in the Brick Defenders MOC
Jun 20 2011 05:38 PM
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badboytje88 → Sandy

Sandy congrats with your birthday! What are you planning for the Game Forum? Another one of your brilliant Mafia Games?
Jun 20 2011 11:39 AM
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Tazmaniac → I Scream Clone

Ah you got me, I stole the cookie from the cookie jar.
Jun 20 2011 07:17 AM
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I Scream Clone → Tazmaniac

If you did something wrong, now is the time to confess! :P
My plans are up in the air as I may be changing jobs July. I am still building for Brick Expo though.
Jun 20 2011 06:55 AM
Pvt. Ryan's Photo

Pvt. Ryan

Jun 20 2011 06:49 AM
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What's with all the visitors?
Did I do something silly or awesome?
Jun 20 2011 06:46 AM
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Tazmaniac → I Scream Clone

BrickExpo is looking "quite likely".
Just need to find a bed now.
Jun 20 2011 12:14 AM
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Reached 10 posts at last! EB has opened up :)))
Jun 19 2011 09:32 PM
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prvi svog imena → Angeli

Ju, sunce ti, jedva sakupih ovih deset postova :)
proslavicemo i registrovanje ne ovaj forum i jacanje dinara i sve slicne izgovore da pijemo :)
Jun 19 2011 07:21 PM
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Tazmaniac → bricked one

Hello you!
Jun 19 2011 02:52 PM
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Flare → Brick Britt

I'm doing good, thanks :) I'm trying to get a new LUG set up here in Israel, its exciting!
Jun 19 2011 12:47 PM