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  2. If Nexo Knights sells well enough to warrant a fourth year of sets, I think it's entirely possible that they are released in physical form. Fan demand for them in huge from what I can tell across several sites. Next year's monsters are almost certainly going to be the "Final Boss" villains, and since Monstrox is a necromancer I would guess that they will be some variant of undead monsters/ phantoms.
  3. Oh wow! They look awesome thanks for sharing!!
  4. Considering this is somewhat relevant, here are the Brickheadz: LEGO Brickheadz DC
  5. Here are the Brickheadz: (They are at the bottom) LEGO Brickheadz Marvel
  6. Nice, however there aren't official LEGO stores here and I never buy from S@H. Thanks LEGO
  7. Yes, there will be 1, according to the hints
  8. With the US release date in March for Marvel and Star Wars I keep telling myself it is a good thing on my wallet. Enough time to save up for what I want. In particular with the Marvel stuff I am stoked for all of the sets except for the Hulk one. The Guardians stuff and Detroit Steel in particular grab my attention. The Captain America jet is a little silly, but I think the figures will make it worth it.
  9. Are there going to be any Sci-Fi themed characters in this series? Those are the figures I look forward to the most.
  10. Well... they are trying something new here Love the crashed plane The man-eating plant looks sick! But I don't get the idea behind the set. Are they rescuers? Or those are they people who survived the crash? Because they is a guy there in a kayaker there (with new paddle pieces I think) and the girl is taking a pic of the man-eating plant? Those 2 don't look like rescuers to me EDIT. I DIDN'T NOTICE THE BLACK PANTHER AT FIRST. IT'S HUGE! That poor guy is soooo doomed EDIT #2. Is that guy supposed to be like Tarzan or something? Because he looks like he is swinging on a vine
  11. Hahahaha! Thanks for the review @WhiteFang. Just re-read it, love your detailed reviews. I used to be from Singapore too
  12. J2G said on the brickfeed podcast that there will be 2 brickheadz based on the Beauty and the Beast and will be LEGO Store exclusives.
  13. J2G said on the brickfeed podcast that there will be 4 Marvel based brickheadz and will be LEGO Store exclusives.
  14. J2G said on the brickfeed podcast that there will be 4 brickheadz based on TLBM and will be LEGO Store exclusives.
  15. Looks good! I adore those roof pieces!
  16. It's absolutely excellent. Now that I know the workaround to the issue I find it's completely functional! The only issue I'm seeing now is the odd quantities it can come up with on submodel callouts. Seems it gets the (x#) correct if there are ONLY parts to the submodels included in that step... add any extra parts to that step and the numbers have potential to go out of wack. Sometimes way out of wack! I'm not intending to use these instructions for anyone but myself though, and since I designed the models, it's not an issue either since I know what's up. Once that bug is fixed though, I suspect this is ready for Release Candidate 1! Love it. Any insight on how this is actually done? Your screen caps didn't show any arrows. Easy enough to add them in post production of course, but if it was a built in feature....
  17. I like your big square and MODs of most of the modulars. Well done!
  18. Indeed, it is almost as if there are those who place Trials in our paths for their own amusements. WE are ready to follow you to the young one. OOC: sorry for my recent silence, been a very busy week. Also, Vindsval earns triple experience from the Medal of glory.
  19. @McWaffel, @Q3671 We're preparing a shipment with monorail track that we'll send to our European distributor this week. If you're still interested in the track switch motors and/or controller, we can add them to that shipment so you can get them from the European 4DBrix store. In Euro, the motors are €43.95 and motors €16.45.
  20. Send All credits to Bob.
  21. Near Breshaun there is a small cave halfway up a small cliff. It works well for Time to work hard making the finest aged wine of Breshaun.
  22. Totally agree. Real shame for us Aussies and New Zealanders - I can believe they delayed the release date. Utter disgrace :(
  23. Class class class over there on site in discussion. Posters openly talking about returning Lego sets after taking the minifigures out and stealing loose pieces from "already opened" CMF bags. Eurobricks members getting screwed over by these very actions:
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  25. It felt strange to 'just now' learn Sabine's history halfway through the 3rd series. We've been flying around in a little spaceship for 2.5 years not knowing her much, with everyone else's back story already explained. Was curious briefly seeing the Bendu, I thought it was going to do something later in the episode. Will be interesting to see how she goes when she returns from exile to wield the sword and unite the free people of Middle Earth Mandalorian clans.
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  27. Thank you @Jim, and others! I am looking into adobe light room, and have my 50 mm arriving tomorrow. Thanks again for the great advice. -Myers
  28. Look in the Valentine's Day section. That is where they are in my local targets
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