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  2. I think that is a little to rich for my blood. I think I am going to pass and get out of your "hair". Germ leaves and heads back to the airship.
  3. How are the next rounds going to be? Is it still going to be 6 figs battling or 4 or 2 or....? @Itaria No Shintaku
  4. The shark headpiece is nice on it's own and it can be applied to a lot of things. But if it's molded with an armor piece it kind of lessens the customization had they not been molded.
  5. Less customisation because you can't separate it. For example, a shark head only could be useful for Killer Shark from DC.
  6. Brilliant. A really great interpretation.
  7. I'll be going for the first time this year. Panic mode came when my daughter asked 'can you build the princess world you made last year' -a few weeks ago. Just got the final brickink order in so should be good
  8. Unless you have a solid reason why TLG would be doing any new Doctor Who stuff, this is purely a wishlist and nothing more. Even the Ninjago stuff seems highly unlikely as it's all been licensed themes so far.
  9. Fantastic use of Greebles! There is so much to like on this bike!
  10. One for each steering axle = 2 One for each outrigger = 4 One for the final crane section = 1 Total 7
  11. I would have voted for Galaxy Patrol, but I like tennis ace just a little bit more. Why does nobody else like tennis ace? I think he is an awesome figure!
  12. I watched it on Wednesday. What I like the most is how well Javier Bardem does Capitán Salazar. My town has two more runs of the movie next week and I think I'll go see it again.
  13. Simple bricklink search under technic gear, the type in worm, and VIOLA!!
  14. Thanks for posting. I really like it! I'll definitely try building it when I get a chance.
  15. Hello, Today I made a scene that I believe will happen in Avengers Infinity War. The scene that I think will most likely happen is Corvus Glaive, one of the members of The Black Order attacks Vision and possibly takes the Mind Stone from his head. Scarlet Witch might make it in time to save him though. Basically this MOC is based on the Infinity War movie set photos. Thanks for looking at my MOC and let me know what you think! ~Davids19
  16. Thank you! :D
  17. Today
  18. I second getting inspiration from sets. They are a very good way to see some really inventive techniques applied literally in the field, well designed (they have to be sturdy after all, efficient and excellently documented. I was putting Yoda's starfighter together a couple weeks ago and that little thing is really an example for a clever, lightweight and sturdy build, that looks good at the same time.
  19. My top three guesses: 1. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Bill Nardole 2. Marvel Thor 3. The LEGO Ninjago Movie Any of the Ninjagos
  20. What's wrong with molded armor and headgear?
  21. I've seen some suggestions that it was delayed out of respect for the Manchester attack.
  22. Awesome! Do you know the part # for fhat 1M with friction?!
  23. Yes you are right, but engines started to not work good imadiately, rc unit servo started doing it about week ago, ill try clearing it. but it wasnt in sand, it was near playground, and there was a bit sand on path
  24. I usually start with the chassis, and then try to design a bodywork around that. I start with the back, give up, start the front, give up, do the sides, try the back again, build the front, the hood, the roof, the A-pillars, and then interior. That is how it goes every time.
  25. If you actually want to push things then wouldn't it be better to use linear actuators?
  26. Just watched the film, I think there's alot of items/components that is important that they should've included. I love the "book/journal" of Carina.
  27. I really hope he doesn't, he's one of my top 10 minifigures...
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