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  3. Ezeran Downs yet another potion. "I really needed this..."
  4. Thank you for your kind words. It was also fun to do. I already have new ideas for Lego World 2017! Hans
  5. It's amazing that the plane is still operational after nearly 2000 years...
  6. Could you screenshot it and put it here. Thanks because I could also not find it.
  7. Nerwen looks at Skrall and Boomingham. If you are ready also, we'll begin
  8. I'm kinda 'meh' on the casting myself, but look at it this way: it will be an opportunity for more ANH-era spacecraft and terrestrial vehicles to be added to (or back into) the canon. Considering how Disney culled the lore up and down, pruning awesome ships left and right, I'll be happy to see what they come up with for a Rebels-era timeframe. Still, it's a long ways off and not really worth thinking too hard about for now.
  9. Lol I like how they glued the ears form the rabbit suit you in the old CMF.
  10. What are you using to do renders Agrof? I know a little off topic
  11. QM Note: Any challenges?
  12. This is just the beach landing so those are not appropriate to the scene. Archers typically are unprotected and have no shields. AC
  13. Thanks and these will be on display this weekend at the BrickFair NJ! AC
  14. The catamaran is incredible! It looks amazing, and it actually floats, AND it is RC! That is just awesome. Totally worth the amount of time spent on it.
  15. Let us assume that this Han Solo anthology film will be set roughly 10 years before the events of A New Hope, making Han and Lando both in their early twenties. In terms of age, the casting works and I have a lot of faith in the acting ability of both actors chosen. The main thing I find people talking about is the chance of seeing how Han meets Chewie or Lando or the Falcon etc., but many people are forgetting a key person in Han's past that was just introduced to us last year: Maz Kanata. There is no way anyone can convince me Maz didn't have a significant role in helping Han become a smuggler. Even pirates need mentors, and the idea of getting to see that relationship in more detail, and maybe finding out why Maz refers to Chewie as her boyfriend, would be really interesting. Another particularly cool thing they could show is how Han became employed by Jabba the Hutt, or at least how they met. Maybe Lando drags Han to Jabba's to deliver some cargo, before Han inevitably wins the Falcon from Lando. Maybe Maz introduces the two of them? Anyway, sorry for the speculation, its fun and I digress. No matter the quality of the film, I'm sure the sets will be able to offer us tons of new amazing sets and figs. We're looking at a Star Wars movie likely completely set outside of the view of the war or politics or anything. It will hopefully be an intimate fun personal adventure with Han, delving into how he became the man who helped save the galaxy. We-re probably gonna get to see lots of cool new ships and aliens and all sorts of random things that will make awesome sets. Lets just hope that new Han hair piece still works, I'd love to see it in a few sets in the coming years.
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  17. PM sent.
  18. The first one looks the best among them.
  19. I build your passenger car tonight, very happy with it. I could not have four sets of wheels on the car though and have it still go around curves on my track, so I only have two pair of wheels. Were you able to get yours to go around curves with all four pairs? Anyway, here's my car. Thanks for the inspiration! Will do the cocoa train next :)
  20. I haven't forgotten about this, just haven't been able to get some time to do it yet. After skimming through it all, I have the full catalogues in English from 1990-1998 (sadly not 1989 when Pirates launched), some with local (horrible) prices, and the smaller catalogues from 1989 with no text, 1990 with English/French/Dutch, 1992, 94 & 95 in English and probably Japanese. I also have various single sheet versions that were inside sets from 1987-1995 with no text. Those were probably just the Europe sheets though.
  21. This is not Lego,but Enlighten will launch next year a space theme:
  22. I will also vouch for a cargo train, such as 60052 or 60098. 60052 has nice trackside structures and comes with two switches. 60098 is looked upon with some disdain by Adult Fans Of Lego, but the variety of train cars may have a lot of play value for a child. I'm also surprised that no one has suggested 10254 Winter Holiday Train (it's even thematically appropriate!). Note: 10254 isn't powered, which will be fine if your son is interested in just pushing the train along. To motorize it you will need a motor, battery box, receiver, and transmitter. Finally: I wouldn't worry too much about the rechargeable battery. If your son likes the set, and you find yourself going through AAA batteries that fast, consider yourself lucky to have such a problem! (Then come here again and we can help you).
  23. That plane is something else. I loooove the shape and the design on the wings, although I do wonder about the Kawashita paint job...
  24. I really need to up my game to compete with your shots. Steve
  25. Thank you judges! I love your the simplicity of your explanation Professor! you're wrong, of course... Honestly, I just saw an opportunity for a story that I could piggyback off of, that went roughly where I was headed anyway Edit: does the first quote I made reference Boxerlego's post for anyone else? Odd, since I was quoting the judges...
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