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  2. So after seeing HD pics I'm still thinking Tie Silencer is the best set of this wave, and that Hux set is the worst! I also find it weird that lego didn't include Pretorian guards in Star destroyer set. Oh well at least that SD can fit a lot of Officers and crew members I had lying around since TFA 1st wave, since no FO vehicle could fit them!
  3. It says SOG (for Son's Of Garmadon) Yes, Ninjagese will be used in the show now that there's a system for it.
  4. IMO, they can so similar to Groot/Stepenwolf kind of build. Seeing how they manage to give a new mold for Stepenwolf for head. (Also it can be used for Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok) that's just me.
  5. like june time?? what about march time?
  6. Cool model Martini, I've been thinking about trying this one as a Microfighter myself. I'm sure it can be done smaller and with fewer parts, maybe look at the TIE interceptor and TIE Striker micros for ideas?
  7. Thanks STHLM !
  8. Probably Early Summer, expect to season Ninjago Movie sets at the beginning of 2018.
  9. They look all very well. My favourites are the food truck and the small barista on wheels since I see these two vehicels regularly where I study (of course in a different paint scheme).
  10. In the words of Goldmember from Austin Powers, "there is just no pleasing you" I like the Snoke figure, it captures the character well, he clearly has a good taste in clothes.
  11. Yeah cm4sci pointed that out. Assuming we get 4 proper system sets for TLJ, I'm sure we can easily expect ach-to, the A wing and two of anything else, a bomber maybe!
  12. I've made some different vehicles this summer. Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette: Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr Citroën HY van: [MOC] Citroën HY by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr Citroën HY police bus: Citroën HY (police van) by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr Piaggio Ape, barista edition: Barista on wheels by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr Ford Econoline Camper: [MOD] Ford Econoline Camper (original by Tom) by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr Old bus, now used by a touring band: [MOC] NYC Fire Escape by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr An old gas tanker: [MOC] Gas station by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr
  13. Snoke looks pretty disgusting. Looks like Lego did a good job!
  14. I'd say he looks better than what a regular Ares minifig would have looked like. Personally I like it very much even though I haven't been able to pick the set up yet.
  15. Question, How did you do those? I'd love to make some bricks with Classic Space logo, and a 1x1 brick with gauge print...
  16. I'm trying to make a purist "Tinkerer" in Spiderman homecoming. Any suggestions for torso and legs? i need some mechanic looking.
  17. Luckily for Marvel thay had the chance to update it. I doubt for Ares. But it is what it is.
  18. This game is hilarious! 80 votes. Surely that has broken a record. Oh well. We'll see what happens. I wouldn't be surprised if we're stuck here for a week.
  19. I start with an idea I might get from a real building or something from a movie. Sometimes I just start with some interesting pieces I find in my collection. Here, in my latest MOC, I wanted to achieve a run down look. I saw a building in The Wire that I really liked: [MOC] Worn down building by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr This hotel started with an idea of making fire escape stairs: [MOC] NYC Fire Escape by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr In this case, it was the 1 x 4 brick with groove that made me think of a ware house of sorts: Tailor at the Warehouse by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr This gas station was an attempt to build something with round shapes, art deco-style: [MOC] Gas station by Nybohov Creation Ltd., on Flickr I never build in LDD, trial and error with bricks is my way of doing it.
  20. over on that one site, there is a close up of the box art for the scout walker, it was pointed out that there are TIE bombers in the background flying over the gorilla walkers and with normal TIEs ... it could be a stretch, but man a FO TIE bomber for december/january wave would really tickle me.
  21. some people will NEVER be happy. others will ALWAYS be happy. humans.
  22. Not at all, besides the clothes, they have not managed to make his whole in his skin look like anything else than hair, he lacks pupils and still and the abnormality of his skull would have qualified for a mold or at least making a top like for Alfred in batman the movie... It's still the worst depicted mini figure of the year...
  23. just wondering when we will get some session 8 sets in 2018?
  24. Thank you!
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