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  2. "Fleet ahoy" Suddenly, pirate captain Baboo stormed out of his cabin. Would it be the Eslandolan Treasure Fleet??? Would he become the richest pirate of them all?? Such an excitement.... "How many ships?!" "6... But..." "What?" "They seem to be blue..." "Megablocks, an Oleon fleet... Change our course!!!!" Well, that was disappointing for captain Naboo Baboo... This is one of the ships he saw, the blueish ship "La Mystique" One of my favourite parts below: Captain Giancarlo Fishandsth ^ Wait a minute, is that green and white??? Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Lord Maximilian Damaximus bought some old Oleon ships and uses them to transport his part of the Treasure Fleet The ship is filled with Eslandolan soldiers, just like all other ships of this small fleet... And due this little trick, this part of the Eslandolan Treasure Fleet arrived safely at its destination. ----------------------------------------------------------- C&C Welcome! As I would not have my hull pieces in time, I decided to revise the (ugly) Carribean Clipper set of Lego. It was fun modifying it and the result is (IMO) satisfying.
  3. The 10th Anniversary logo is relatively easy to replicate - this is what I achieved using MS Word/Photoshop and a spare half an hour:
  4. That is an excellent remark Ondra... i forgot about that.... the fact that Brickset has it listed, is pretty convincing that the whole thing isn't fake!
  5. Ah, so it is! Slightly different print, but a blank name tag... and I have it in my closet waiting to be built!
  6. Here are my Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy (admittedly DD isn't actually a custom, but I did give him actual eyes)
  7. Thank you. That's a good tip indeed. I have been struggling with making a frontpage image clickable. However, please note that changing the embedded image size does not actually make oversized images smaller, because it will still load the oversized image. Instead, upload a smaller image (or use a smaller image size that sites like flickr serve) and embed this smaller image.
  8. Thank you. :) That is the key when designing Lego models. :)
  9. Oh sorry , three still sounds good I wasn't really expecting the small set at all anyway
  10. Thanks for sharing your fun at this WIP! Sorry, but I didn´t get why you preferred to install 4 L motors instead of 2 RC motors which you had put in at your first gearbox version if I remember it correctly? It seems to me that the motors in the rear will make it difficult to fit the airbrake mechanism in. And the W16 (which I like very much!) is located very high for my taste, hopefully it will match the required limits? Are you using blueprints or a model scaler like Sariel´s one? I really enjoy your front bodywork attempt. Of course it´s hard to do, especially in blue. It will be interesting for me to see then the comparison with Sheepo´s legendary Veyron which was built a long time ago in the same scale. That´s a nice sporty challenge you´ve taken on, I appreciate that! EDIT: you admitted it already - the engine is too high, I´m sure you´ll find a solution for that
  11. Thank you for the tip !
  12. I'm not an expert on PF, but I think the L motor gives better power-to-space than the XL motor. But if those are the prices, the XL one is a good buy - its only real flaw is that it's rather slow and so could do with some gearing up. But if you're having one motor per module, you'd be best with M motors.
  13. Hi everyone! I built a replica of the RC tracked racer , set 42065 , which will be released in the 1H of 2016 . Because i completley forgot to take some good pictures , i made screen shots of it from the video. I hope you like it . The youtube video : Here is the front : Here is the rear : And as always , a comment would be much apriciated
  14. GBHQ Don´t know how to put a image in the thread since update?? So only a link to FlickR.
  15. Maybe Lego found that 10-15 of the votes were coming from the same IP address?
  16. Only plausible thing is that Brickset listed this set .With same number and name. Brickset never released false info before.Maybe Huw has already press release.
  17. Thanks for the comments everyone. A few things I should have mentioned up top, The pirate ship is my clone attempted at CGH's build a frigate tutorial, so all credit to it's awesomeness is his! The galleon uses the same technique but is my design - hence why it is definitely not as cool! At the conclusion of our story both vessels will be licensed for the EGS. Also here are pictures of the crew of the two vessels - I've already posted the Eslandolans in their thread, but felt I better take a picture of the pirates with the three stowaways as well! Thanks Kai! It's not that I wanted to fight against Eslandola, but who could resist a challenge to plunder a treasure fleet!! We (Bregir and I) went through several different ideas so I could do this without (hopefully) upsetting any greenies!
  18. Indeed. It would be a big disappointment if the next set comes in such a formation.
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  20. slept only 5 hours and look what they have achieved😉 Tips for more sleep Could you use a little more sleep, try some of these tips a try and hopefully find you soon in dreamland. Make your room dark, think of blackout roller and drapes from ceiling to floor. Or use an eye mask. Provide Coal Moisturizer a standard routine before you go to sleep, so you give the signal to you brains that it's time to sleep and melatonin is created = the sleep hormone. 'm Not looking at your phone or tablet before going to sleep, the.
  21. A wonderful build all around, the trees and crumbling wall look great, as do the pond and rocks! The minifig posing does a good job of conveying the approaching action, and the layering and vegetation works nicely. A fantastic build!
  22. Faking that image would be trivial for someone with even a basic grasp of image editing, and the details are all wrong. No brick bank. Also, I'm not sure if this has been pointed out, but it's made in the graphic style of the old Lego website splash pages, not the newer ones. That website would've been in development for close to a year before the public saw it, bit internally all of the promotional material would've been designed with it in mind.
  23. I think that's absolutely a possibility. It's the long, drawn out approach. Make everyone buy the same minifigure a billion times, getting slightly better each time. But they've shown that they can do so much more, and as I've said, this is one of their biggest themes. This theme should be among those pushing the envelope as the most advanced. I haven't seen a good image of her in the poncho, so I don't know what her legs look like in that outfit. It might actually be fine. I'll reserve my judgement on that one for now.
  24. Well, I might take som more images later. Right now I'm a bit exhausted though and would rather like to focus on something else :D You could take a look at this video in the meantime: SHIPtember WIP by o0ger, on Flickr
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  26. Imagine that. Maybe with a combination of dual molding and printing?
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