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Found 63 results

  1. Hi, i was looking for the set in the lego online shop in Italy but it can't be found. Is it being retired?
  2. Hi, I would like to show you my wip moc of a ferris wheel for my winter village. I got inspiration from this one, expecially for the gondolas, but i spiced it up a little bit (6 instead of 4, top cover, etc...). Of course i still have to develop everything around it, this is just the wheel for now (and still need to add some more decorations). As I'm new to this forum and I'm back on track after a long dark age I would like to know your impressions and suggestions to get it better before ordering the pieces i miss.For example i have some difficulties to attach more firmly the white plates to the black technic rotor plate. Any ideas? The gondolas are connected via turntables, i guess that there is a little bit too friction on that but it's the easiest way i found. FRONT VIEW REAR VIEW Comments and suggestions are welcome
  3. Hello, deep in the forest there is magical place: A kingdom on the roots: The build was inspired by the seed part, the green Duplo grass piece. Hope you like it! Jonas
  4. So far in the past years, we've seen in a Christmas Winter Village: *Toy Shop *Winter Bakery *Post Office What else would you like to see in the future for the Winter Village? My prediction is it's going to be a church or a simple village home. What is your prediction?
  5. Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr I'm building a large Robin Hood Display in "medieval style" with Nottingham Castle, Village, and Sherwood Forest. Here is one of my latest designs, Medieval Watermill, which has a power functions motor hidden inside and geared down to move the watermill. I've also submitted it on the ideas page if anybody cares to vote here: Thanks for any support/ feedback and viewing!
  6. My 9th entry into the CCC XIV, for the ‘Ice Castle’ category. Credit for the tree design goes to Legopard. I didn’t really think I was going to do an entry for the castle category this year, but after looking at several wooden castles from various people, I decided to give it a try. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. The story continues one that Isaac started here. One of the first visits Glorfindel made was to the nearby village of Balkr. Since it was nearby, and the jarl, Torkild, was good friends with Karsten it seemed like a logical starting point. Also for these reasons, Karsten allowed the twins to go with Glorfindel and Dedan. Danni and Elise were enjoying the little excursion, and Glorfindel was glad to have a chance to spend some time with his nephew and niece. Upon arriving at Balkr, Glorfindel and Dedan were welcomed by jarl Torkild and went into the long house to discuss their news. "Feel free to explore the village, but stay close by, we shouldn't be long," Glorfindel said to the twins. They soon found several village children and a shortly after a vigorous snowball fight was underway. As they had expected, Torkild was quite willing to keep a close eye on the Nocturnus border. In fact, from the look of things in the village, he already had been strengthening the town watch. Upon exiting the hall, Glorfindel was almost hit by a snowball! Laughing, he glanced at the playful kids and saw that one of the village children had just been clobbered by a large snowball. "Sorry to break up the party, but I'm afraid we need to head back to Harburg now." "Alright Uncle Fin," Danni answered reluctantly, "thanks for playing Toke and Stefan!" More build pictures: And as usual, you can find more on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  7. Welcome to the Winter Village Filling Station, where you can fill your gas tank and fill your belly at the same time! This creation features the main building, a pair of vintage-style gas pumps, and a retro gas truck. Here's the main building, with tire rack and vintage road sign. It's been decorated quite nicely for the winter holiday. Inside, you can stock up on supplies and chat with the friendly staff. The pumps are shielded by a canopy. And here's the truck, which I had the most fun designing to give it a mid-century diesel look. More images available on Flickr. Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions welcome!
  8. The landscape for this scene was built as a commission, and then I finished the build by adding some houses, the fences, and figure activity. After learning that medieval roads often had fences or walls to allow animals to be moved effectively, I wanted to include that detail here. Brother Steven inspired the woodwork on the water mill. This is an entry into the large miscellaneous category of the Colossal Castle Contest. Market day makes for a lot of traffic on the village road as animals are taken to be sold, or purchased and brought home. The watermill is also a popular location as villagers purchase flour and bring grain to be ground. As usual, there are more pictures on brickbuilt. Your feedback is always welcome
  9. I built a Winter Village which contains most of the Lego Winter Village sets and a Winter Station, which I will be submitting to Lego Ideas later on (the station is easily converted to a non-winter station). Here are some pictures: And ofcourse I made a winter themed video too! The video is also the reason why I already built a Winter Village this soon: I want the video to gain some watchtime on Youtube so more people will find it around Christmas :)
  10. What do the vampires of Duskore get up to on Halloween? It's the spookiest time of the year, but not everyone in Vampire Town is feeling the seasonal spirit. Cast Dunn - Rob O'Dwyer Boldecai Blemish - Jack Rizzo Edwin Stokes - Jack Rizzo Edwin's girlfriend - Niki Brogen Happy Halloween everyone! More Vampire Town coming soon... Watch more spooky tales from Vampire Town! Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  11. From the first day that i start to building with Lego i want to make a little creation with my favorite comic heroes Asterix and Obelix.. There is a little village in Armorica (present-day Brittany), a province of Gaul (modern France), in the year 50 BC. Julius Caesar has conquered nearly all of Gaul for the Roman Republic. The little Armorican village, however, has held out because the villagers can gain temporary superhuman strength by drinking a magic potion brewed by the local village druid, Panoramix (Getafix). The chief of the village is Majestix (Vitalstatistix) and the brave heroes of the village are Asterix, Obelix and his little dog Idefix (Dogmatix)! All the Galues are fearless.. except one thing that they fear.. If the sky fall on their heads! Asterix and Obelix!! Asterix is drinking his potion.. while Obelix is getting ready to deliver the menir on the romans head and hit as many he can before the others come..!! Always with him is the fearless Idefix (Dogmatix )!! The little Gaule village.. Druid Panoramix (Getafix) makes the magic potion.. Chief Majestix ( Vitalstatistix) is ready for the battle..!! Ordralfabétix (Unhygienix ) he argues with Cétautomatix (Fulliautomatix) cause his fish as fresh as the sea..!! (NOT) And Âgecanonix (Geriatrix) as the oldest of the village he just want to hit some romans again.. his wife is a little a bit afraid for him.. but.. she loves him!! It's a beauty to see that Assurancetourix (Cacofonix) is hanged out there and our ears will only listen to the melody of the birds.. "Ils sont fous ces romains" Centurion: "The fat is comming..!!!" The romans are here Idefix..!! A menir delivery is comming!! The back view.. And that's all folks..!! I think it came up pretty good and I enjoyed very much the build of this Moc! I hope you like it also!! Please C&C Ps. Special thanks to Kostas for his help with the hair of Obelix!! & soccerkid6 for his great tutorial that i used for inspiration for my house!
  12. Big Stone Village Big Stone Village by Eduardo Gavilán Big Stone Village by Eduardo Gavilán Big Stone Village by Eduardo Gavilán Big Stone Village by Eduardo Gavilán, en Flickr Big Stone Village by Eduardo Gavilán Big Stone Village by Eduardo Gavilán More images: flickr
  13. After a long absence, that I am presenting today it is the single largest MOC and challenging I have ever done so far. This MOC represent a medieval winter district with 4 houses, a cemetery (on the back) and a rock mountain with a castle used today for tourism visits. Around the block it consists of 6 Baseplates 32x32 and will be part again of my famous Winter Village. This project took me nine months of work and the use of 16,000 pieces. All the houses and the whole castle (and the basement of the castle) are embellished with furnishings with many scenes and details. The entire moc consists of 45 Minifigs and there are various curiosities scattered to embellish the work. I put on Flickr over 100 photographs to observe every detail of this moc. You can ask me all the curiosity and I will try to fill all your questions. This MOC will be presented for the first time in Lecco (Italy) during the two days of the exhibition at the end of July 2016. Flickr Complete Gallery: Greetings to all! Sandro ....The Winter Has Come!!!
  14. Hey everyone, I'm very glad to show you guys my latest creation. When I received this Scooby Doo set (Mystery Manson) from my wife. The first thing I wanted to build around was a Haunted Village were all the team could be investigating. So here is the result. I personally think it is my most achieved moc I've done and I'm very happy with it. Hope you guys like it :) C ya around. Lego ScoobyDoo-1 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-3 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-18 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-13 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-6 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-15 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-11 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr Lego ScoobyDoo-9 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr
  15. The Samurai Code represents an ancient Japanese village in Feudal Japan. The courtyard on top of the grand stair case has a samurai dojo, shinto shrine, and Japanese bell. Stunning waterfalls, ponds, rivers, caves, rice fields, volcano, and Japanese characters throughout. Play features like power functions and zip line. Illuminates with LED lights. Please support my Idea project! Thanks for viewing! :-) Lego Samurai Code by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego Samurai Code by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego Samurai Code by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Check out my Idea project: More High Res Pics: Time Lapse Video:
  16. Hi all, I've not been posting since a while and this is because I was working on a big project. I had all these castle parts laying around and never found the opportunity to work on a real medieval build. So this is my fist castle theme MOC.I made it in peace and in War version. Hope you guys like it. Thanks! In Peace version Album: In War version Album: --------------- In Peace----------- IMG_0443 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0471 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0325 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0342 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr ----------------- In War ------------------ IMG_0561 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0594 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0584 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0619 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr
  17. Just a fun little build experimenting with using a border and messing around with ground techniques. I also just wanted to use those great knight figs! I have another build in progress, I might make this into a little series - The Black Falcons vs. the Frightening Knights (or Bear Knights, I can't decide) Figless: Comments & Criticism appreciated.
  18. Hi guys! For your consideration, I've created a set I'm calling "Winter in the Woods", and put it up on LEGO Ideas. It's modeled in a similar fashion to the Winter Village series, albeit with a little more focus on the environment than the building. It's still chock full of charm, humor, and unique building techniques. If it tickles your fancy, I'd love to have your support on Ideas: More images can be found on my flickr page: Thanks for checking it out. I look forward to your feedback. K
  19. Hello everyone! Here is my "last-minute" creation for the Expand the Winter Village VI contest. It's a 2 in 1 building. The main building is an antique store, but it's a little bit big if we compare it with other Winter Village LEGO sets, isn't it? That's why we can open it up and get two smaller, but more interesting buildings: an antique store and an old house. Hope you like my entry for the contest, please leave your opinion here, I can't wait to read it. Please fly to my Flickr album for more, detailed photos: Winter Village: Antique store and an old house Happy holidays, and happy new year for everyone!
  20. Hey there guys! Here is my entry for the contest A traditional German Christmas pyramid (Weihnachtspyramide) made out of LEGO :) I had one of these bought from my father when I was a kid and I still remember how much I loved it so I decided to recreate it with LEGO..! I have also put power functions and the layers are turning around like the real Weihnachtspyramide. I have also put this moc in LEGO Ideas guys, if you like it feel free to support it. more pictures and a video in flickR thanks a lot for looking.
  21. Hello everyone! Here's my latest MOC, Winter Village Square. It is made up of a small mountain church where a wedding has just finished, a fountain - with a couple of guys taking themeselves a selfie, a tree bended under the pressure of the snow, then a newsagents, some bike raks, a mailbox, and a Dodge car. The scenery is completed with some interesting winter minifigures to make a scene that perfectly fits the LEGO® Winter Village layout. That is my entry to the Expand the Winter Village Contest IV! I hope you'll like it! Every comment or suggestion is obviously welcome! Thanks for reading and watching! :) Fusar
  22. Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time. From my part it was one of the great ones. When my wife came to me by the end of November with the city advent calendar (60099) as a pre holydays surprise gift I was very happy and saw in it the opportunity to involve my 3 years daughter to her first Lego experience (small Lego of course). So we did every day's build together and by the end I was impressed how good she became at building. she did understand the vocabulary and building steps. In the end it was a very fun experience for both of us. What she did not know is that in the meantime she was doing all her daily builds I was building a winter village in which she would play the 24 December. I've put a lot of details and some fun to play features. She liked it and we had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the village. Thanks everyone! Album link: IMG_0754 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0783 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0741 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr EDIT: I've had pictures of the church. Enjoy! IMG_0906 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0898 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0922 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr
  23. Kahuka-21 As LEGO fans may know, islanders were 21 years old in 2015 (a pirates sub-theme 1994). And I'm 31. To celebrate that I represent my village of tee-pees with idol-robots from other planets whom native Americans worshiped as gods. You can see tee-pees with golden decorations, a magic defence circle and tombs of ancient chefs. Besides, LEGO group made a cool New Year present for me - this creation was accepted on the 31 of December as my 3d project in LEGO ideas. So please support and maybe you will play with it next year. The MOC is based on my previous MOC Attacking Kahuka's Village. This is a link to the main image. additional ones will be uploaded in LEGO ideas in updates to illustrate some details. Happy 2016!!!
  24. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! While other airports may be hectic and troublesome this time of year, there are never long lines at Village Air. Travelers come from far and wide to take a short ride with pilot Charles Brickbergh, the legendary aviator who completed the first trans-Atlantic flight. Since retirement, he has made a humble home in Winter Village, and built a small prop plane that the locals affectionately refer to as "Rudolph." As our eager travelers (a small family of four) anxiously await the return of the pilot, they enjoy the hospitality and fine food of the Airport Café; and Charles' trusty mechanic Biff works on the plane. ~ I noticed, as I was going through the last five years of Winter Village contest entries, that while there have been lots of cottages, and train stations, and shops, no one had ever built a Village Airport. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. While my entry stretches to 48-studs wide it is mostly open space due to the plane hangar (and the piece count comes in around 1500) so I think it is still in the approximate size of previous Winter Village sets. There are a few more pictures on my flickr account (unfortunately, I was taking pictures as we were heading out of town for the long Holiday so I didn't get time to set them up the way I wanted) - Any constructive criticism would be more than welcome - first time I've built anything like this. Thanks!