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Found 457 results

  1. IF THIS IS THE WRONG THEME PLS MOVE IT TO TOWN Hello AFOLs! I´m new to Lego Trains... I mean, i already had a few Train sets (7898,10194,7897) but I never built Train Moc´s or challenging Layouts. But i think this would be a cool Hobby. So i´ll build my own Layout, some Trains and a City. To build: 2 Trains with a few wagons. I thought about a cargotrain (like minecars) and a passengertransport. Buildings: Mine, Tenements, Rail Station and maybe some other Things if I get some more Ideas Layout: Actually i dont have a layout yet. But a idea. I have 68 of those: 37 of those: 1 of this: and 6 of those: I will Need some help at my layout. I dont have that much space but i would like to make a long track. I saw some Layouts, which had 2 Levels. I want do it aswell but which slope may it have? Thanks for Reading!
  2. I haven't posted topics on Eurobricks for a long time (Sorry!) I have make a new MOC, T6W-MC: The 6 Wheeled Muscle Car... T6W-MC by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr T6W-MC by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr It's my first Speed Champions MOC, hope you like it! More Information in My Website... Note: The wheels can't actually turn in Real Life. It's just to make it more realistic.
  3. What do you think.. are the Speed Champions just a tiny bit too big for a Modular Building Layout, or do they fit in?
  4. This is my creation for Brickstory 2017 contest, for the "Age of Piracy" category. This is my biggest creation so far.. and it came with a theme that I love.. Pirates!! This inspiration came from one of my favorites series.. Black sails!!! :D And because i didn't like the end of Vane.. I decide to change it a little bit!! And the story starts..: Year: 1715 Place: Nassau Mission: Free Vane and burn Nassau to the ground! Vane is shuttled to the town square of Nassau where he will be executed. Bones and those loyal to him join the crowd, intent on a desperate rescue attempt. However, Vane makes eye contact with Billy and gives him a silent order to stand down.. But Captain Flint has a different opinion than the movie series.. Free Vane and kill them all!!! Nassau it's ours again!!! I hoped you like my creation! C&C are welcome!! :D
  5. Hi, I would like to show you my wip moc of a ferris wheel for my winter village. I got inspiration from this one, expecially for the gondolas, but i spiced it up a little bit (6 instead of 4, top cover, etc...). Of course i still have to develop everything around it, this is just the wheel for now (and still need to add some more decorations). As I'm new to this forum and I'm back on track after a long dark age I would like to know your impressions and suggestions to get it better before ordering the pieces i miss.For example i have some difficulties to attach more firmly the white plates to the black technic rotor plate. Any ideas? The gondolas are connected via turntables, i guess that there is a little bit too friction on that but it's the easiest way i found. FRONT VIEW REAR VIEW Comments and suggestions are welcome
  6. I was hoping to be the first. Not quite done but now there are others I will share.
  7. My latest modular is a townhouse with a shop of the first floor. There is no interior for this one yet. I have a few modular buildings in the works and I don't know when I'll get back to this one to fill out the interior. I'm thinking of making it an Optometrist office, but I'd be interested in hearing if you have a better idea! :) Close ups of the shop and balcony: And here it is next to my candy stop for comparison: Thanks for looking! I'll post again when I have an interior.... one of these days.
  8. Hi to everybody! this is the first MOC I "publish" here on Eurobricks, Not quit a modular building but something similar. It' my Hat Store! As you can see the building is ruled by the Hat Master, a bizarre human kind... There are three section: on the ground floor there is the store, where you can find each type of hat you need. Here you can have a quick look at the furniture. Then the first floor with large windows and gentle details. And the roof (probably my favorite one) with the clock and the big yellow hat! Final pictures of the whole building. Hope you like. Please feel free to comment or give me some suggestions! Hope you enjoed! p.s. Finds more in Rava Town!
  9. Hi all! My Lego adventure started 3 years ago, for my kids, to move them from TV ;) And after 3 years it is I who is on Lego all time !! This is my first try in making warehouse and street. I don't have enough bricks and plates and I use other legos from different sets for help. after one year i did some upgrades ;) finaly, my first street. still, all colors and parts are not the same. finally, a try to connect them all in one place My first try in corner building And you can see my MOC cars, cola, milk and butcher and finaly my town on exibition in Osijek last year ;) from left to right-- butcher shop china restaurant flower shop shop fast food -corner coffy shop house bank-robbery in progress pizza place beauty saloon 4 house sports good shop-corner -and gym up and last pirate topic restaurant lower right corner is not mine, its from a frend ;) after exibition i did some remodeling of the building and new layout of the town trying to integrate trains. because kids like to see trains moving in the town ;) new post office flower shop china restaurant - i now colors are to ..... only bulk is not in yet ;) finaly new space , my old room in parents house, size 3 x 1.5 m i will try to not grow any more until i win euro jackpot and finish my house ;) so now i need some more corner buildings shop house Now finishing 1 more corner building and will sonn post more as i finish layout. TX
  10. Now for my latest hardware store and this one beats all my others hands down. "rt' stands for Rural Traders, a boring name so I call it "rt" The huge glass frontage allows everyone to see all the detailing, and yes it has a roof - a rare thing to come from my drawing board. The pump display gets another outing, but the racking is all new plus the hardware and irrigation merchandisers are also new. The chain saw display contains a fresh saw design - more realistic offset chain drive than the inline city style chain saws. On display also is a red ATV with roll-cage and chunky balloon tyres. Both the chain saw and ATV branding comes under the CITY banner. The irrigation brand is called Rain Brick, based on the real life brand Rain Bird. Garmadon is the brand for fencing and gate hardware, it's real life brand is Gallagher fencing products. Yes, I know and that's why I dropped the Lord bit off Garmadon ;) The chemical department has two products on display in bulk, Muster herbicide (weed killer) based on the brand name Round Up and Brick Chemicals Terrashield soil insecticide based on a Bayor product called Confidor Guard. You can see it's one of my largest builds in a long time, even bigger than my last modular in both build and detailing. Feel free to comment, oh yeah it will hopefully be up on Lego Ideas soon fingers crossed. Thanks for reading everyone and Brick On !
  11. Check it out on Rebrickable: La Plaza Deliciosa (instructions available) Meat, cheese, wine, produce, bread and pastries; what more could a minifigure need in their diet? All can be found at La Plaza Deliciosa! This Modular MOC building features 5 stores, all food related; -Butcher’s -Cheese Shop -Wine Shop -Produce Shop -Bakery
  12. I'm glad you all like the design! New Post with completed model: A new modular building MOC which I have nearly finished, including interiors. Just need to add a few things, mainly to the rather sparse sidewalk. Will make instructions for the design in the near future. It is a shopping center with 5 shops: butcher's, cheese shop, wine shop, produce shop and bakery. Let me know what you think.
  13. done with these projects, maybe putting them on vignettes, if I have the time. CS Small Car Classic Space Motorcycle
  14. Hello, I am not an active Town builder. I tend to build more Pirates and Historical builds but since my little ones are now grown enough to play with LEGO with care I created them some little town/city builds to play with. Here is an attempt to create a new model of Speed Champion car I made for my son : It's not a real car inspiration and my main imperative (imposed by my son) was to build it in green. No more talking, here are the pictures : Hope you'll like it. Any comment is welcome. Thanks !
  15. Welcome to the gallery of older Lego printed decorations, currently featuring various old printed Lego tiles and bricks. The owner, like many in Modular Town, isn't a big fan of stickers but has acquired a decent amount of printed tiles over time and decided to put them on display for the minifigures to reminisce. Exterior Front: Back: With other modulars: The three floors separated: First floor gallery: Second floor apartment, features include queen size bed, small kitchen, dresser, flatscreen TV, bathroom with storage above, window A/C unit, balcony, roof access and emergency fire escape: Roof features garden, seating and outdoor storage:
  16. Hello fellow EB members; My latest MOC is called Astrid and Associates Architecture firm. This building is the new head office for the firm as a showcase of the firms abilities! It's taken quite a while to build as I've struggled to find the right direction to take the building. After finding the right proportions to using the large arch pieces surrounding the windows on the ground floor the rest of the building took shape from there. I wanted a good mix of colour and texture, using inspiration from 1920's/1930's buildings with perhaps a touch of middle eastern influence. The interior is modern as I wanted to do something different from one of my many older themed buildings and timelines. Anyway on with the pics, 8 in all; You can also find them here on my flickr page if you prefer and it bigger sizes. Comments and questions welcome! Cheers
  17. Hey Guys, I have a list of things I want to buy over the next year (18 months) but don't want to miss out anything. My questions is what is the best order to buy things in (essentially what do I need to buy sooner rather than later). I am also included released and unreleased sets - I am new to this so I am playing some catch up! Here is the list of the planned purchases - Palace Cinema (Modular) Brink Bank (Modular) Assembly Square (Modular) Detective's Office (Modular) Big Ben Tower Bridge Friend's Catamaran (Inside joke for a friend) Old Fishing Hut (Fall) Birmingham Palace (Architecture) Potential New Architecture Sets Winter Village Addition - What order would you buy in? I want to pick up one big (Big Ben or Tower Bridge) or 2 Modular soon and then probably the same in May and then the Winter Village in the fall and maybe one more. I don't think I will be able to get them all this year but don't want to miss out (barely got Pet Shop before it was gone). So thoughts?
  18. Hello Eurobricks world, Having followed the site for a long time, I figured it was time to put up some of my own work to get some feedback (good or bad). First thing I want to share is a project I've been working on here and there for a couple years. I present Delbaere Stadium. This is being designed as an outdoor stadium (nothing like this here in Canada) Current Diemensions Length: 52.5" 133.5cm Width: 58" 147cm Height(Top of the scoreboard): 13" 33cm The Stadium has over 800 seats, a zamboni, dressing rooms, private suites, broadcast booth Under construction: Finishing touches on structure, 2 flood lights, concession stands, ticket booth, other side of private suites. I'll update it as construction continues. Stadium Scoreboard View facing east: View facing West:
  19. Hello All, I am looking for 12v trains that are 100% complete along with track and transformers to start my 12v collection. I am in the U.S. so I have had a hard time finding any 12v trains for a decent price. Please comment here or PM me with information if you are willing to sell any Thanks, -Cameron Muir
  20. Every season, a new Lego City subtheme is announced, and every time somebody makes a joke about "(subtheme) Police!" So, I took that idea and rolled with it for a while. These are all mods of existing City sets, most contemporary but I've thrown in a few classics. I've also drawn on past City Police color schemes for some additional throwback goodness. There are definitely more themes out there I haven't touched on (Airport Police!). Feel free to contribute your own silly police builds :) Coast Police (Based on 7726) Who watches the watchmen? Patrol the seas and find the corrupt coast guard! Fire Police (based on 60002) Anarchy has consumed the City! Good thing the cross-trained Fire Police service can extinguish their firebombs AND arrest the hooligans! Cargo Police (based on 60020) Make critical shipments of standardized equipment to all of your City Police services! Special delivery! Shuttle Police (based on 6007) When the Space Police fail, who is Lego City's last line of defense? Lock up the criminal in the shuttle jail! Farm Police (based on 7636) There's trouble a'brewin' in the countryside! Help Constable Cornfield and Cow Cop sow justice! Bonus: Bonus: Deep Sea Police (based on 60090) Sharkbite and his underwater minions have stolen the Atlantean treasures! Octo-Cop and the Deep Sea Police to the rescue! Potty Patrol (based on 60073) Beat the Party Pooper at his own game! A clever trap by the Construction Police saves the day!
  21. My main goal for this little build was to experiment with some less common colors in the buildings, and a few new techniques. I’m pretty pleased with how the SNOT design of the dark red tudor building worked out. Credit for the cobblestone technique goes to Mike. A Mitgardian courier brings the long awaited news of the Heir of Cedrica, and Daydelon rejoices. More pictures. Thanks for looking
  22. Amalienborg project is built by 6 persons (me from Norway and 5 from Denmark). First event for the total moc/layout was at LEGO World Copenhagen last week. It is a line of Copenhagen from the Opera to Marmor Church with the royale palace (4 Palè) in the middle. Total layout is 13 x 47,5 baseplates (about 3,35 x 12,16 meters). We have used 1 year on this layout (started after LEGO World last year - Marmor Church and the royale ship is build earlier). The total moc/layout has moore that 1 million bricks. Huge thank`s to the rest of the group/team for making this possible! Thank`s to Eiker86 for pictures and Anders L. for video
  23. ayy mates what do you guys think about the new summer 2017 city lego sets like whats your favorite theme from this wave and whats your favorite set and what do you think in general?
  24. More Speed Champions MOCs, Limousines! Features: Rolling wheels (DUH!), Opening side doors, and removable front windscreen but can't fit any Minifigs.. Limousine by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More Information in my Website!
  25. This is a house where people meet and hang out, watch the latest indie band, record a demo, paint, or just grab a cup of coffee in the café. Welcome to the LEGO City House of Culture! ------------------------ The house is built on 2x2 Moduverse plates. (64x64 studs). About 4000 pieces. I've been wanting to use the big wing part as a roof for many years. But it took a contest (as always) to complete this project. I started sketching in LDD in april 2016 and began building it about a month ago. LEGO City - House of Culture by o0ger, on Flickr LEGO City - House of Culture by o0ger, on Flickr LEGO City - House of Culture by o0ger, on Flickr LEGO City - House of Culture by o0ger, on Flickr LEGO City - House of Culture by o0ger, on Flickr LEGO City - House of Culture by o0ger, on Flickr