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  1. NinjaJayNuva has brought the following up in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu thread: http://www.movieinsi...production#plot I decided that now would be the proper time to begin a thread for the movie in particular. Discuss!
  2. Hi everybody, With the new Alien: Convenant movie coming to cinemas this May, I wanted to pay tribute to the original Alien motion picture (1979) by building the space ship in which this sci-fi classic is set – the USCSS Nostromo. Since there are already some beautiful Lego designs of the Nostromo ship (the “towing vehicle”), I wanted to do something different. As Alien fans will know, in the first few minutes of the movie, a massive refinery is moving silently through open space. I would try building this ore refinery! I hope you like the result and thank you for your feedback and comments. A special shout-out goes to the Arvo Brothers, who did some amazing Alien designs. Their work and our mutual passion inspired me to start this first Lego project . The Lego Model: Bricks: 3'144 Scale: 1:42000 (approx.) Length: 55 cm (22 in) Width: 40 cm (16 in) Height: 38 cm (15 in) Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) The build After doing some research; I started with new and old dark gray bricks. Halfway in the project the model looked like a dark “blob” and I decided to change the color to light gray. After I used up all my old gray bricks, I spend way too much money on buying bricks – especially small parts for the detailing. At first I thought the different coloring of the bricks would not work, but the fact it is not completely build out of new bricks fits the model well. The Challenges One of the main challenges, was the decision to having the top- and bottom section inverted. The reason for doing this, was to allow me to detail the model with round bricks both on the top as well as the bottom. It had to look like a refinery with tanks, pipes and structures. With every brick, it became more evident, the stability would be a challenge. The two biggest towers standing in the rear became quite heavy. This works in space with zero gravity, but on earth this means the model started tipping backward and looked more and more like a banana! After many, many trails and errors it finally worked in the end. I hope you out there like it! You can find all the pictures here on Flickr. Cheers, Remco
  3. We all know that LEGO will not release many of our favorite movie or television characters. Here is thr place to show off your purist figures! Rules (I know, bad word, but must be done): 1. Absolutely must be purist. That means no 3rd party brands, knockoffs, or any custom printing. These must be made from existing LEGO parts. 2. No Star Wars, Marvel, or DC characters. There are separate forums for those. 3. Keep the profanity to a minimum. We have people of all ages here. No hard cursing. Otherwise, let's do this!
  4. Hello Everyone ! Long story short : After i watched Lego Batman the movie i wanted to see if the robe was real or only virtual. It was only virtual. So i decided i was going to make it real. Here is the preview of the file opened in Inkscape : Result once on the minifigure : Progress from the prototype to the last version : And here is the PNG file to print in A4 format : It took some time and work to do, so i hope you will apreciate and enjoy it. Remember that it was not possible to have Batman's robe before i do it and post it online. Don't cut your fingers and have fun with it ! (tags: LEGO Batman the movie , LEGO robe de chambre , batman , fanmade , paper robe , printable robe for LEGO minifigure , non official )
  5. Personally, I think a LEGO Superman movie would be good. It could be like a parody of Superman's origin, where it tries shoe-horning in as much stuff as possible like Supergirl, Doomsday, Luthor, Brainiac, Zod, obscure Silver Age baddies, etc.
  6. Hey All, I've been working hard on my first big LEGO project, where do you all think I should show it off ? Here's the vid : Flickr: Thanks!!
  7. Really enjoyed making this one. When the mariachi figure was revealed as part of CMF i instantly though of the Amigos
  8. "KUBO and two Strings", the animation movie is so fantastic, I loved it so much. So I try to build the characters by LEGO pieces, and try to make them as small as I can. Here we go. I will show you 1 by 1, first is KUBO. i kept the shape of his mouth just like that he was telling the story. You can look at the back, I used a spider to present the bug image. When KUBO carried the two strings, he looks like this. The photo he taken with Mini-Hanzang. And the "Mother Monkey" And the "Father Bug" Let's look at the size compare. Father and Son Mother and Child The family I used the unique building technique to build the heads, and make them close to 7.5 similar with they are in the movie. Front looking The Back looking And the short video for introduction: Thanks for watching, See you next model.
  9. Batcave Invasion Batcave Invasion - YouTube The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! I posted a trailer for this a few days ago, however this is the final release! I hope you enjoy it. If you liked it please subscribe and leave a comment! I will begin working on a new project in a few days. Thank you for watching
  10. Now a Lego Cuusoo Project! Please Support by voting at: Tumbler & Bat Pod LEGO Ideas Page The Bat LEGO Ideas Page Updated the Cover image for my Cuusoo Page to include the Minifigs Added the Minifigures that can be included with the set, designed to be movie accurate of course.From Left to Right: Lt. James Gordon, Henri Ducard, Batman Begins Suit, Ra's al Ghul, Joker, Scarecrow & Two Face From Left to Right: Selina Kyle, Dark Knight Suit, Lucius Fox, Merinda Tate & John Blake These are my renditions of the Tumbler, Bat Pod & The Bat reproduce with lego bricks in 2 seaters minifig scale and staying as close to the original movie design as best I can.It was great challenge building a movie accurate Tumbler as many of the surfaces are angled, not particularly easy with lego bricks that generally connects at right angle. It was even more challenging to build a movie accurate Bat Pod in minifig scale, as the original vehicle was designed to fit a normal human proportion!Tumbler measures at 19cm(L) x 12cm(W)Bat Pod measures at 16cm(L) x 4cm(W)The Bat measures about 31cm(L)x20cm(W)x13cm(H) This is by far the hardest to build among all 3 Dark Knight vehicles due to its front heavy structure and angular design, not to mention overly complicated flaps and rudders system. The interior of Tumbler & The Bat fits 2 minifigs sitting upright. Original vehicles designs and proportions recreated in minifig scale. Every vehicles details faithfully replicated and all flaps movable. Bat Pod comes with an EMP Gun holder and the wheels rotates. Details of the underside, with rotatable rotors and movable flaps.Thanks for viewing, please help support the project! Tumbler & Bat Pod LEGO Ideas Page The Bat LEGO Ideas Page
  11. Hi Everyone! This is a new topic to share your LEGO Batman Movie MOC. Enjoy it! :) Here is my first two LEGO Batman Movie moc:
  12. Hello guys,I found this picture on the internet. I wanted to ask: is it real? I would be delighted if a Lego Batman set was released, which does not directly contain heroes. I really like the design of the policecar. Can you help me? When will it be released? How much will it cost?Thank you. Leaked Set Picture
  13. Here is my review on "The Joker Battle Training" set 30423. Hope you enjoy!
  14. This is MOC of March 2014. It has been exhibited at the exhibition DoubleBrick Fest 2014 at Dolgoprudny, Moscow region. I always wanted to portray a scene from some film. I chose this film because this scene depicts a challenge to those who sets the rules. As punishment for a past rebellion, each of the 12 districts of the nation of Panem is forced by the victorious Capitol to annually select two tributes, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18, to fight to the death in the Hunger Games. According to the rules, there can be only one winner. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark of District 12 get to games and reach the end - which means that one must kill the other. But Katniss does not want to play by the rules of the Capitol, and offers Pete to eat poisonous berries together so that there was no winner of the Games. The trick works, frightened organizers of the Games hastily stopped the tributes and declared them the winners. Main view. Bigger view. A scene in the movie takes place near the Horn of Plenty - abstract metal construction, about which at the beginning of the Games the organizers placed the weapons and equipment for the tributes. Horn of Plenty in the film. It is a little bigger than baseplate 32x32. The whole structure is fairly fragile, as most of the plates are fixed at an angle. Inside the Horn of Plenty. In fact, my Horn is not very similar to the original, and it is not what I wanted, but, judging by the reactions of the visitors of out exhibition, it came really recognizable. And this is the main point! :) Rear view. View from above. Another view. Katniss' bow, quiver and backpack. From Peeta's view. From Katniss' view. Minifigures. Promotion photo of Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen). Promotion photo of Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark). The other side of the minifigures. Here they are, the Winners of the 74th Hunger Games! Thanks for watching and any comments are very welcomed!
  15. **Not official** The storm troopers are out on patrol duty when they come across a very different kind of Darth Vader...
  16. Please kindly check out our review at: Thank you and have fun!
  17. Hey! Here is my review of the Lego Batman Movie - The Joker Balloon Escape - Set 70900 124pcs, Ages 6-12, Set #70900. Technically scheduled for release in 2017, it seems to have hit some store shelves already... Enjoy!
  18. Im here to share with you guys my ideas for a possible lego batman movie series 2 lego the characters would be Villains-Baby Doll/Mad Hatter/She-cat/White rabbit/rainbow raider/polka-dot man/jenna duffy/crazy quilt/mirror man/Chef joker/Toyman/Fright and clock king Batman Suits-Batriotic suit/St.Batrichs suit/gladiator suit/swat suit and merbat suit Others:Oracle and dick grayson arkham asylum suit so let me know,is this a good selection of characters and do you think there will be a series 2
  19. Hi Firends, Here is a short brickfilm for Halloween. I think a lot of you have a horror dream with falling down while sleeping?
  20. Well it is now officially the start of the Christmas season, and my latest creation is the house from the movie "A Christmas Story". In the States, this movie is iconic. So much so that it runs 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve on a particular channel, and the actual house where the movie was filmed was turned into a museum and gets 10s of thousands of visitors every year. However, it dawned on me that Lego fans outside of America may not even know about this movie. Thus, I figured that Eurobricks was probably the best place to get some perspective. Any feedback that you can provide would be great. Just a little about the model itself... I have an 8 year-old, and I really wanted it to be playable for her. Thus, it is modular where the second story and roof can be removed, and it fits fully on a 32x32 baseplate (actually two white 16x32 plates to be exact). Many of the movie scenes were shot in a studio, so the interior layout is based on a mix of the film and the actual house (in Cleveland, Ohio). It was created 100% percent with bricks that I had or was able to procure from bricklink, so there are no custom bricks. I was even able to find a tile with a "FRAGILE" sticker on it! To distinctly set it apart from other Lego houses, I added snow in a unique way to the roof and ground. The most fun feature that I was able to recreate was the famous leg lamp from the film using a Lego light brick above it so that it can be turned on. Anyway, if people outside of the US don't really know about the movie, then I guess those details would be lost. Just looking for some feedback and perspective (mostly from non-Americans, but anyone can feel free to weigh in). I did end up submitting it to Lego Ideas last month, so there are more and higher res pics there, as well as more of a description of the project and how the leg lamp works. Here are just a couple of pics though... Just let me know your perspective and/ or if you have any questions. Thanks so much!
  21. This is a set I made for LEGO Ideas, but I figured I'd share it here as well. I'm still very new on Eurobricks and this is only the very first MOC that I've posted, so I'm open any tips anyone has to offer about how to format these sorts of posts in the future. The set is based on science fiction classic Forbidden Planet and includes minifigs of all the main characters from the film, including a block-built version of Robbie the Robot, plus the weird unnamed space-car thing that Robbie drove around. I also included a minifig-scale lego version of the film's poster. I tried to make everything as accurate to the film as it was possible to get at that scale, including custom decorations for the uniforms complete with accurate rank insignias. Here's some various angles of the car thing. Sadly, I wasn't able to make it so the front opens like in the film. Here's some of Robbie. Funnily enough, he actually has greater range of articulation than the original Robbie costume/prop did. And here's some closer looks at the poster I designed for it Let me know what you think. If you like it, please take the time to support it on Lego Ideas.
  22. It's admittedly been a while since I've created a MOC and with the 45th anniversary of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory coming up this year it seemed like the perfect time to put something together. So without further ado, come and join me on a whimsical tour of Mr. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! Welcome! We begin here at the front of the factory where Willy Wonka himself has come to greet us. Yes, the new rounded windows are not available in LDD as of yet, so do me a favor and use some pure imagination to imagine that piece into the top of that window. The Entryway Next we come to the entryway. To the left you'll find Mr. Wonka's contract, freeing him of any criminal negligence should anything horrible happen to his guests. Really though what type of disasters could really befall any person in a chocolate factory? To the right we come to a set of stairs that lead us into... The Chocolate Room Inside this room nearly everything is edible. Or at least it would be if it were made from candy and not plastic. Still it looks pretty delicious. I was originally going to include the chocolate waterfall but it ultimately didn't make the cut. I seriously suck at building waterfalls and after several horrific looking attempts at it I decided the piece count would be better served elsewhere, such as... The Inventing Room Here we find miss Violet Beauregarde turning into a blueberry. This is what comes of snitching candy. Remember that in the future won't you. The tabletop on the machine does spin as seen in the movie and the mechanical red arms are adjustable. The Egg Sorting Room In this room the rotten egg, Veruca Salt, has decided to climb onto the Eggdicator. What she doesn't realize is that it drops rotten eggs down into the furnace. The doors on the Eggdicator do open and close by hand, one need only to push down on Veruca to send her down. The back is hollow so she can be safely retrieved and the doors reset. Slopes are included so that the Oompa Loompa can easily push the cart right up to the machine for easy access. The new egg mold isn't available in LDD currently, so once again please proceed to imagine two golden eggs sitting on the table. Hate to break it to everyone, but I didn't include the TV room. I initially was going to but ultimately I took it out as my design for it was pretty plain and uninspiring. It ultimately seemed like a bit of a waste. Perhaps I'll create an addition to the factory at some point with all the rooms I missed. I would have liked to include the Fizzy Lifting Drinks Room, perhaps one day... Minifigures Here we have the hero of our story, little Charlie Bucket and his loving Grandpa Joe. To their right is one of the cheeky Oompa Loompa's. To his right is none other than the owner of the factory Mr. Willy Wonka himself! Now we come to the first two Golden Ticket winners and their parents. Augustus Gloop is a rather overweight child known for his gluttony. Then there's Veruca Salt, the most bratty of them all, always demanding of her father whatever pops into mind. Poor man, he looks rather scared of her... Then there's Mike Teavee, the TV addict and his enabling mother. Violet Beauregarde is all smiles as she chews away on her three month old gum. She's a rather beastly child known for playing pranks and disrespecting her parents. Granted her car salesman father doesn't deserve much respect with his money obsessed ways. Accessories Last but not least is the famous Wonka Bar and one of the five Golden Tickets. I decided early on to design this as if it were a product that Lego could sell. This meant I couldn't include everything I wanted to, but it also made it an interesting challenge to fit as much as I could in under 1,000 pieces. I also wanted to make sure this worked as a display piece as well as a playset. This meant that if a build didn't look good or functioned poorly it didn't make the final render. I toyed with including vehicles too, but ultimately to build them at a minifigure scale it meant sacrificing certain details and functions. Unfortunately, I was unable to really perfect a design for any of the three vehicles at the desired scale, so I decided to leave them out for now. Perhaps I'll try again in the future. I have to say this was one of my most challenging MOC's. Setting limitations ultimately meant having to experiment a lot to get the most out of the piece count and ultimately it was a very satisfying process. It was also one of the most maddening Lego endeavors I've taken part in as I kept redesigning the entire thing to get it just right. Eventually I just had to decide it was done or else lose my sanity. I hope you enjoyed the tour and if you would like to make this dream a reality and this reality a dream please head on over and become a supporter! And remember kids to tip your tour guide. Or else they might push you into a chocolate river...
  23. Hi everyone, I'd like to share my first submission for Lego Ideas - a set based on the original Planet of the Apes film from 1968! Click the link below to check it out if you'd like. I'd appreciate if you would support the project and/or leave some feedback on how you think the set looks and could be improved :) Link removed If you could share the project it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  24. In this special film, we put our 6x4 pullback car chassis to the test by racing it, taking it to the skate park, and jumping ramps! The vehicle itself is propelled by two pullback motors. LEGO pieces were unfortunately harmed in the making of this video. CAUTION: This video is action-packed. Comment below your thoughts on the video editing style! If you like it, I can try putting together more of these in the future :)
  25. I recently purchased 21108 and I think it's one of the all time better sets from Lego. I really enjoyed building it, and I can tell you the endresult is awesome. Like you didn't know already huh. Still ater a while some things started to bug me, and I thought I could improve on some details and overall look. The frontend is unmistakenly 59 Cadillac, but somehow it didn't look right... Wheelwell had a wrong angle; the frontwheels were set too far back; the 'eyebrows' above the headlights stick too far out; the hood is too flat compared to the fenders; too much room between frontwheel and lights because of wrong use of snot-technique, etc... I think I have improved the original model. After I modified the exterior I came across this post by flailix, and his work inspired me to do a proper interior and engine bay. I had just one problem: My car is one stud shorter than the original. So that meant I got even less room to place all 4 minifigs... But I managed to do so... ^ seating ALL 4 minifigs! ^ detailed V8 engine bay ^ notice not one but two exposed studs behind the frontwheel. Somehow it doesn't feel like Lego has forgotten something anymore It now looks like the car has a doorline. ^ I replaced the inverted slope which just had the wrong angle and made the bodywork between frontlights and wheel too large with a cheeseslope. By using other snot-parts I managed to shrink it a bit further and clean up the bumperside by separating it from the headlights. ^ Major modification was shortening the cab by a stud. It forced me to create open windows which I love. The windshield is set back to create more bodywork between frontwheel and windshield. The roofrack needed to be set back a stud creating less room at the back of the roof. Just like the real thing. The blue hoses are now compact together compared to the original set. I used an extra slope next to the hoses to let the body have a better flow. ^ now that the ladder is set back one stud I could attach it by clicking it into a red 1x1 clip I placed in the fin. On this side also more slope pieces above the rear wheel for better flow ^ I used a plate to give the bumper more mass. ^ the round studs don't bother me as much as they do on the original. It's much more a 'one piece' frontfender. It even suggested me to use round studs in the hoodcorners. It really helps rounding off the hoodcorners. The hood got raised because I thought it sat too low between the fenders. ^ now this was the most difficult task: Creating enough room for a decent interior that can seat all 4 minifigs. I'ts not able to hold all 4 backpacks but it does have room for a trap ^ sure it's kinda cosy but hey, it fits!