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Found 4 results

  1. When I remembered that Halloween is already here, I decided to make a Halloween symbol such as pumpkin. Thats a result. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! P.S. Sorry for photos' quality.
  2. "Inspector Clurog here! Gotta check over your pumpkin pies. Productions standards, ya' know. Everything has to be ship-shape." "Welcome! I'm Kilos, one of the workers here, and we've been expecting you! You're just the ingre-oomph!" "Inspector, he was saying; I'm Tozna, head chef of the kitchen. Follow me and I'll show you exactly what we put into our famous pies. Highest quality ingredients, let me assure you! Watch your mouth Kilos, or I'll bat your ears in," Tozna growled below his breath as the inspector moved towards the first shelf. "And what do you keep in these bottles, eh, daises?" sneered Clurog. "I should say not! Only the finest quality slime is used in our pies! And we make sure the bottles are spotless before filling them with fresh slime. That jar there contains seeds from our own Venus fly-trap, adds some kick to the pies!" "So you say, so you say..." Clurog muttered, as he scribbled some notes on his paper. "What are you doing now, trying to pull the walls in?" queried Clurog as Tozna grabbed a knob embedded in the wall. "Hahaw! Nothing like an inspector with a sense of humor!" guffawed Tozna, "These are storage drawers. See, swamp flowers from Moruth. Kilos! Keep an eye on that pie! I'll have no burned crusts around here." "Well how many drawers do you need? Isn't a roomful a bit much?" protested the inspector as they moved to the corner of the kitchen. "Those are just for show, no real drawers there. Though we have some potent mushrooms, and carrots here. No Avalonian imports, we maintain a strict Nocturnus grown policy. These also are thoroughly washed before use." "That seems decidedly un-Nocturnian! A few bugs here and there never hurt anyone, I find them quite tasty myself. You chef's always claim to have the best of the best, but it's the inspector's job to see what's really going on." "Of course, of course. Well here's a fresh pie now, why don't you check it over for yourself?" "Yes indeed, I have to say with your obsession for cleanliness, I doubt it will even be edible. And It had better be good, or I'll report this kitchen to the PPA." As Clurog moved to sample the pie, the whole kitchen crew (except for Kilos that is, who was busy watching another pie) gathered around expectantly. "Well, it does smell alright," Clurog admitted reluctantly, leaning in to sniff the odorous pie. And then with a swift gulp, the pie dragged Clurog in! "AAAAHHH." "Well boys, good job, this pie passes the test! You can send it out to the Pumkpin Pie Associatin for distribution now, Erus." "Yes sir, Tozna! One more pie for those ridiculous tree-huggers coming right up!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Built for the Kitchen category of the Pie minichallenge. This build started with the Mixel ball-joint wall design, which I’ve had lying around for a while now. I quite like how it turned out, and will probably be using it more in the future. The working drawers were very fun to make as well. Lots more pictures on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  3. Why did the skeleton cross the road?
  4. Hello guys! We have created new Lego stopmotion animation. Feel free to watch / comment / share and subscribe to our youtube channel!