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  1. Another experiment using parts I've never used before. I used hammers, wrenches, a scuba thing and backpack as an engine, skates, that yellow shield thing in front, chainsaw and zipline tools as some kind of belt-drive, etc. The wedgeplates in back can be removed to service the greeble under the bike. Happy with how it turned out, though I've have to build it with real bricks to align some of the parts correctly. Industrial Hoverbike by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Industrial Hoverbike 2 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  2. Hi Everyone! This is my entry for the Micro/Midis Contest on FBTB. I chose to make Anakin and Sebulba's podracers because, well, I just love podracers. Actually, I'm only entering Sebulba's Podracer since you can only enter one Microfighter and it's the more detailed one of the two. It is made out of 109 parts (not counting the stand) which is the same amount of parts as the Microfighters U-Wing has. The side pods of the cockpit double as flick-fire missiles and can be aimed up and down. And because you can't have Sebulba without Anakin, I built a microfighter of Anakin's Podracer to go along with it. Which one do you think turned out better? Cast your vote in the poll above. Let the race begin!
  3. Presenting my latest MOC, a 1:20 Tatra 815! It has 7 functions, 3 of which are RC. The drive can be switched from 4x6 to 6x6, to allow the model to drive (it has no diffs, so when steering the motors burn out when it's in 6x6 mode). The doors open and have locks, the seats are suspended, and this model has what I think is the smallest scale Tatra suspension ever. All 6 wheels have Tatra suspension, and it works real well. Thanks, C&C please! Brickbybrick
  4. Hi! Meet our new fully automated, themed roller coaster
  5. My 6th alternate of 70312 features moving head, fully poseable arms and legs, opening chest cockpit that can fit Lance's bot. The Mecha Knight can hold the shield and lance in his hands, has a protective neck shield, shoulder cannon and armpit missiles. The whole figure can be seated and his left leg can kick some butt. Scroll down for tutorial.
  6. Our Inferno HQ is still moving along. The ground level to the mountain base is almost finished and we've moved on to one of the key areas of the second level - the hoverjet launch pad. The face of the mountain will open up to allow the launch pad to extend outside of the main bay area so the hoverjets can launch and be retreived. There is a small control deck immediately adjacent to the launch pad and the hover jets themselves are stored vertically on automated transport drones. As always, we appreciate your thoughts and comments. If you'd like to find out more please visit us on MOC-Pages or Flickr.
  7. These are various alternate models I have made from the LEGO City 60150 Pizza Van set 1st- Sportscar & snack bar 2nd- airplane & air gates 3rd- Cargo truck 4th- JUNGLE off road car Thanks for watching!
  8. Hey everyone, So I recently started re-watching Clone Wars since I finally got it on BluRay, and thought I'd take a stab at some of the ships since Clone Wars was the first series I started making MOCs for. (One day I may show my earlier stuff once I update it all.) I had forgotten how neat the Republic Y-Wing was, and thought I'd tackle that. I had planned to show this off as real bricks but it's going to cost a bit more than I had originally anticipated, so here is the LDD version for now. Anakin's BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter (1) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr Version with landing gear, there is unfortunately no room to fold it in, so it has to be removed and bricks placed over the holes. Anakin's BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter (2) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr They had the design drawings available on the Star Wars website, so I used those to get my design as close as I could scale wise. Anakin's BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - Full (1) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr And then a collection of the different colours seen in the show. BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - All Colours (1) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - All Colours (2) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - All Colours (3) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr As a side note, there is enough room to fit Anakin and Ahsoka in the cockpit, I tried to fit a clone, but the helmet is just way to big to fit under the canopy. Also I am aware that these do contain some pieces that do not currently come in the shown colours. Anyways, let me know what you think, and enjoy.
  9. Happy May the Fourth everyone! On to the Imperial fleet! At the height of its power the Galactic Empire had more than 25.000 Star Destroyers in its fleet. These 1600 meter long, imposing vessels were bristling with high tech weaponry and were the backbone of the Imperial Navy. Supported by a full wing of 72 TIE fighters, of various configurations, a single ship could lay siege to an entire star system. The sheer size of the crafts were often enough to discourage attackers and send them fleeing. Any Rebel dreaded the sight of the bright, iconic wedge-shape at the end of a hyperspace jump, which meant almost certain doom. When Lego released the 10030 Ultimate Collector’s Star Destroyer back in 2003, it was one of the most ambitious Lego sets ever created. The immense model set a new standard for the size and detail of Star Wars sets TLG would produce in the future. The 10030 has always been one of my favourite sets, and the first post I ever did here on EB was a tribute to the 10030. I had modified and improved upon the set’s engine section and was, back then, pretty satisfied with the result. Over the years I have returned to the set regularly and added more bells and whistles - as a kind of meditation between building mocs. While still an impressive set, the 10030 looks somewhat dated today - especially when looking at the much more impressively detailed Star Destroyer mocs that are being produced by the afol community around the world. The 10030 has been standing on my shelf for more than seven years – but the time has come to retire the old ship and build something new! With the 10030 dismantled and added to a much larger parts bin, I wanted to create my own super detailed Star Destroyer moc. The goal was clear: as detailed and precise as possible. I wanted to match – and in some cases even surpass - the level of detail of the other modern Star Destroyer mocs. As per usual, I began this process by finding hundreds of pictures of the Studio model. This time it was the “Avenger” used for filming the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – built by ILM. The final Avenger moc is a smidgen over 1m long (1:1600 scale) and uses approximately 7000 bricks. The Avenger. 1600 meters of Destruction and Fear! The Command Superstructure. I have tried to match the look of the detailing of the studio model. Many little details are found in the same places. I have used everything from minifig arms (around 250 of them) to small lever bases to produce the correct shapes and cram in as much detail as possible within the limited space. Comparing this area with the official model, you can see the proportions are very different. The official model’s command structure is much too small - probably to save weight and bricks. The Bridge. The bridge was interesting because ILM also created a more detailed close-up model of it. However, the two models differ in several areas, so what I did was to mix and match what I liked from each model. As you can see old 1 x 4 hinge plates make for wonderful detailing. Bridge Front. Here you can see the Imperial Class II type antenna array. Stowaways. The Falcon hitching a ride… Garbage Hatch. Before it is thrown out with the rest of the garbage. Main Cannons. These cannons have the power the penetrate a planet’s crust! Here they are represented by small miniifg wrenches. Back Hull Detail. When studying the studio model I discovered a ton of detail that I hadn’t noticed before. The backmost edge of the main hull is full of little details – as I have conveyed here using cheese slopes and “gold” bars. Hull Detail. The picture shows the gap where the main sensor array is housed. Using tiles for the hull plating was pretty straightforward, although I soon discovered that the pattern needed the right mix of tiles types to look convincing. It is also worth noticing that there are several places on the hull where the plating protrudes one plate – at this scale that probably mean an entire floor :) Engines! So much detail here, I don’t know where to begin. Again I studied the studio model closely and tried to get every little pipe right. The struts near the edge are made of droids arms – I even counted the struts on the studio model to get the correct number. Close-up of the pipes. See if you can spot the handle bars. More engines, more detail. I used the same wheels for engines as the official model since the have the perfect size for this scale – and that they are perfectly round. I tried making some cool brick built ones, but then I lost the contrast between the clean round shapes and the busy-work of all the piping detail. Middle engine removed. Just so you can see that I am not cheating and skipping details ;) The Side Gap. Housing sensor arrays, tractor-beam-projectors and minifig-arm-cannons. Main Sensor Array Close-up. It is always fun to find and combine obscure bricks to create details. Facing Death. A lot of different bricks were used to get the tip of the vessel to match up with the studio model. Making the detailing of the command structure be level while still crammed in within angled plates took a bit of trickery. What is with the blurred lower hull? Well that is a work in progress – another project came in the way ;) Chasing Rebels! I simply had to build my rebel fleet in 1:1600 scale to see how it would look next to the Star Destroyer :) I cross my fingers the Rebels will escape alive, but it doesn’t look good! Let me know what you think and May the Fourth be with You! A Day in the Life of a Lego Girlfriend...
  10. Good Evening Everyone; Long time LEGO fan main choice of entertainment as a child but now coming back to it as an AFOL and need some help. I have decided to take on the Aliens APC and Dropship for my first MOC's. I've been using 'Missing Bricks' and 'HAVOC' creations and reference but I can't seem to figure out what exact parts make up the wheels on the APC from the LEGO website. Would someone be willing to give me some guidance? Time and consideration appreciated, see pics. Cheers
  11. I have put together a compilation of different Imperial Kyber crystal container designs I have come across. All except the Lego version can hold crystals. Inthert's can hold the 30153 crystal and all of the others can hold a 1x1 cylinder with a flat round tile on top to mimic the internal cylindrical containers seen spilling out in Rogue One. The two designs to the right are my own with a shorter version below. It is interesting to see all of the variations on a small item like this. I think Markus19840420's is actually my favorite. What are everyone's thoughts? Kyber-Containers by James Eilers wolf.leews-無 (Flickr) markus19840420 (Flickr) Inthert (flickr) / Inthert (Instagram post of of Kyber Container) Here is the LDD File.
  12. Hello everyone! I'd like to share our new LEGO MOC, a LEGO Factory playset which is our LEGO Ideas project too! LEGO Factory playset on LEGO Ideas There are many videos about the LEGO production process and many interviews about the LEGO design process, but have you ever wondered about a playable LEGO Factory, where you can play the whole process with your minifigures? You can drive the truck that transports the raw material for the little bricks, then you upload silos - in the meantime, the LEGO designers in the design studio make new models, that could be produced in the factory. Then there is the working moulding machine, “where the magic happens.” It would be so cool, wouldn’t it? We decided to build a playable LEGO factory that mainly looks like the LEGO HQ in Billund, Denmark and it's interior is fully detailed (playable). Let me show you some pictures about the model: (For more pictures visit the project page - awesome renders by Zanna) So what do you think guys? :) If you like it, please support this idea - we can reach together those 10.000 votes!
  13. M:tron base was shown first time March 18th, 2017 at LUG exhibition, Bytom, Poland. Today it is premiere on the internet :) Read more Elevator: Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] M:Tron Base Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  14. When you finish a MOC that you are very satisfied with do you just stare at it for a long while before you want to do anything else? Because I have found when I put a lot of work into a MOC all I want to do for the next few hours is stare at it.
  15. I have been very pleasantly surprised that it's possible to build creative alternates from the Speed Champions line. I thought that the SC models are highly puspose build but obviously bricks are just bricks and it's always possible to have creative fun :) Here are some 75877 Mercedes AMG set alternates: 1. Drift car 2. pick up 3. SUV Thanks for watching!
  16. Alright.. Here's something classic and muscle - the mighty Shelby Mustang from year 1965 in it's original white + blue stripes color schema. So.. it turns out - it is only 3,5 years ago since I started to use some more color in my models - other than white I mean. I really like how the outdoor pictures turned out. For instance - in the next one it does really look like in the same scale as the building, thou the building is of course a real one. This model used some quite interesting techniques and details I think. Take a look at those rims. They are actually steering wheels. But stuffed inside those old type tires - they fit and stay there very well. So does the red break calipers. These do stay in place as the wheels go. Apart from all the historical models - this one I really regret taking apart. A sad moment to the humanity I'd say :) But... at that moment I didn't have enough bricks to keep it in one piece and build another car. So... hope you enjoy this old American beauty. As always - more pics at my flicker album here: Feel free to let me know what you think. See ya next time :) Cheers.
  17. Inspired by the Speed Champions cars. Last year I built a car showroom to show them off. Al's Autos is built on 3 large baseplates. On the left baseplate the blue and white sign has doubled sided brick plate writing and rotates on a Technic turntable. The showroom has a roller door entry behind the office on the left. It is fully tiled inside and lit with PF LEDs. On the right baseplate the brown turntable also rotates on a Technic turntable. The footpath is designed to match up to the Modular footpaths. My own creation cars are a Pick Up truck with removable Camper. A Ford GT40 reverse engineered from a LEGO YouTube movie. The black Pontiac is a KITT replica and has a working red LED scanner in the front. Next was a service centre / workshop for the showroom.The back section is a parts department. On the right are two service bays. The front one has a working Technic pneumatic hoist. Also PF LED lighting. The shipping containers can fit a Speed Champions car or spare parts. To keep the cars clean I next built a car wash. This has a working Technic based linear actuator to move the brushes back and forward over the car. So after a long day. It's off to the Drive In movies. The diner has a projection room, kitchen, counter, seating and toilet. My own creation cars are two NYPD police cars with working light bars. A yellow NY taxi. The two Porsche 911's are modified with brick headlights and door handles. The ambulance has working LED light bars, headlights and taillights One day I will get around to doing close up and interior photos.
  18. This is a fictional space-themed LEGO shopping mall complex named "The Spaceship" due to the shape of main building resembling a spaceship. If that naming idea had come sooner I would probably have designed something that actually looked more like a spaceship, but the idea only came to me more than halfway through the project when I saw what shape the building was taking so I just used the idea to name and style numerous parts of the model. The model uses approx. 175000 parts and 258 custom sticker designs and measures 3810mm x 3493mm x 519mm (13.3m² footprint). It features 30 shops, 218 car parking spaces, 500 minifigs, bank, post office, library, cinema, amusements, restaurant, foodcourt, admin/security office, service access, maintenance areas, escalators, functional elevators, toilets, ice rink, gymnasium, boating pond, custom brick-built road layout, and real LEGO lighting in most of the main building and ice rink. The design attempts to be as functional as possible by providing convenient car access, separate rear public transport access, and separate rear service vehicle access to all shops on the first two levels, as well as multiple entrances and fire exits. It also attempts to be wheelchair/buggy friendly as much as possible using a mixture of stairs, escalators, ramps and a glass elevator. The main glass roof can be removed in two halves, as can the roofs of the gym, the wing shops, and the rear section, the latter of which reveals the battery packs for the LEGO lighting. There's also manual cable winders on both the customer and service elevators. I managed to get the water tank in too but had to forego the boiler room - despite the size of the build I found myself running out of space. The massive size of the model caused numerous problems, especially due to buggy software and PC limitations, so I had to reduce the intended length of the mall and forego a few other features too, but it's still by far the biggest model I've built. It probably should have taken around 6 to 9 months to complete, but due to personal and technical issues it ended up taking more than 2 years. This virtual LDraw model was built using MLCad software and rendered with LDView (sadly it's too big to render with POV-Ray), with additional construction, graphic and animation support via the use of PHP, LDraw Sticker Generator, LDraw txt2dat, LDraw LSynth, ImageMagick, Paint Shop Pro, GIF Movie Gear, IrfanView, PNGOUT, AviSynth, VirtualDub, and ffmpeg. Even had to use Excel to write macros to compute the precise angles needed for the curved window walls on the wings, which were too difficult to compute on paper. And no, I don't intend building it for real! Links: Flickr (lots more images) YouTube (looks better at 720 resolution) The video contains still images and many flyby sequences which give a better impression of the model by restoring some of the 3D visual cues lost due to the non-raytraced renders containing no shadows. Excuse the length of the video and number of images. It's a REALLY BIG model, and 25 images just wasn't going to do it... This is my first post here, and may well be my last! - during the uploads of the more than 200 images the PC terminally died and the remainder of the uploads and this post had to be done from a Raspberry Pi.
  19. Hello, all! Here is my UCS Venator Class Star Destroyer. I began this project back in 2016 and it is near completion. Here is the old thread if anyone is interested as I forgot my password: Update: Here is the current model as of 15/5/17 all comments are technically now irreverent apart from the last page; most of the older photos have been removed as well. Thanks, Ellis :)
  20. MOC

    Uh...surprise? It's been, what...three, four years since my last proper MOC? Well, now that I know I'll be renting the same room for the rest of my time at university, I moved a good chunk of my collection in with me. And then I had to go on a Bricklink spree after I saw all the new parts (Seriously, you guys are spoiled. ) and minifigs that have come out in the past couple years. I had the AT-ST on display, so I was planning to rebuild and update my T-47 to go alongside it. Then I had a quick conversation with LilMeFromDaFuture, and he was looking into different combinations of slopes to minimize the stepped effect of SNOT wings. I figured, well, if you really want to get rid of that stepped edge, it's just like building a Star Destroyer: you flip the thing around and put the flat edge on the outside, right? So I did that. The last time I built a Snowspeeder, I was a teen with no income, so there were some workarounds required whenever I didn't have the right part or didn't have enough of a part. This time, I had no such limitations, and I think that's a big reason why this iteration is so much cleaner. I opted for the regular orange instead of the Rogue Leader grey this time. I like the extra color, and since I did the repulsorlift housings entirely in tiles instead of SNOTed slopes, all the pieces I needed existed in orange. I'm not sure how obvious it is in the pictures; the entire wing assembly is ever so slightly inclined inwards towards the front. Some other general angles: The front portion of the guns are pneumatic tubing stiffened by two train axles apiece. (You can just barely see the divot in the middle where the two axles meet.) The exposed ends of the axles are fed into flex tubing to be clipped or inserted into a Technic pin. So smooth... I'm not entirely happy with how the radiator is integrated, but the 'real' one goes through the trailing edge of the wings, and I don't have that luxury. Comfortably seats two! As usual, reference material is Toromodel and the venerable Starship Modeler. And you can still see some of the influence of Larry Lars's speeder, especially in the canopy. Up next: The next batch of BL orders coming have a bunch of white curves, the new Hoth Rebels, and some transparent Technic liftarms, so I can build a proper stand and a display base to match the one I built for the AT-ST (or, well, an updated version of the AT-ST; I've made some minor changes to smooth out the head and strengthen the legs). EDIT: ...and base complete: As this is a display base meant to showcase the Snowspeeder, I kept it clean and simple, rather than adding a bunch of trenches and gun emplacements, as was my original plan. Comments and criticism are welcome! Thanks for looking.
  21. Hi everyone, this is my first post here :) Below is an 8-wide Le Mans race car, which is able to fit a minifigure with helmet in the cockpit. Hope you guys like it ! As I need more funds for my future mocs, this LDD file is now available for sale :) Regards, KMP
  22. Hi, All! Here are alternate models I have made using the LEGO Creator 10252 VW Beetle set. No. 1 Buggy No. 2 Pick up Truck Thanks for watching!
  23. My first entry for the Color It Blacktron Contest over on Flickr. The idea is to make any build you want, whether that be in Castle, Pirates, Space, Town, etc. but build it using Blacktron colors. This was quite enjoyable to make, and started with the cockpit, when I realized the tracks would hold them together pretty well. It took a little patience to get the driver/controls in, but I like how it turned out. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  24. A commissioned model for one of the Skyrim game designers. It is based off of the actual Proudspire Manor in game, which is located in the city of Solitude, just like my previous General Goods, and Windmill. The model uses many of the same techniques as my previous Skyrim models, but I changed the stonework technique in this creation to be more parts efficient. Proudspire Manor is the home of the respected Proudspire family, in Daydelon. Plenty more pictures on brickbuilt. All C&C welcome
  25. This is the "historic version" of my previous moc: