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  1. As promised the engine's night pictures more//meer:
  2. update All plates 1x4, 2x2,1x2, 1x1 in the brown lie on the tracks I've also done some further work on the layout Meanwhile I have also placed lighting in the engineshed evening photos follow
  3. update Meanwhile all signals have been raised between the tracks All the white blocks below will no longer be visible later. The gray blocks will be visible more pictures on: The next work is: Make all train tracks brown (Plates 1x4 and 1x2 reddish brown) Also some connections of lighting in buildings :-o
  4. back a while since I've posted here time flies I started to the rear portion of the layout there are tracks placed on 14 high such that there is still free place to build something under shunting track and river next target is to bring up the correct height to the signals more of the build-up:
  5. Hallo Rail co I have answered your email hopefully you have received that greetings Patrick
  6. very nice addition to this set Unfortunately my 12v tracks are demolished several years
  7. I have this for sale for a reasonable price they are not the real
  8. They are no LEDs from the power function the last placed LEDs are high density LEDs, recovered from christmas lights fit perfectly into the lego greets patje
  9. diesel depo also has now its own lighting more on: "]
  10. Thanks for the replay Indeed, for the ballast I use gravel on pictures of lego train boxes lego are also used gravel unfortunately in blue for me it is otherwise too expensive to operate in plates Therefore, this choice
  11. Meanwhile, some further work a first platform is connected back to the lighting The platform stands for in the layout and has high tensity leds The sand tower now has also lights more on: http://legotreinforu...6948.html#26948 Meanwhile the coal depo has also received his enlightenment more on: http://legotreinforu...6948.html#26948 what do you think about it like reactions
  12. after a long time finally finished with the ballast in the large station everything now has pebbles on the tracks :D
  13. verry nice moc the moc looks very good at the real model
  14. 1 word beautiful
  15. never seen anything like it interesting