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  1. That is pretty much exactly what I hoped you would say :) looking forward to seeing it there!
  2. This is brilliant, Jessica! Is this going with you anywhere so it'll be possible to actually see it, or have you already delivered it to the travel agency?
  3. "I mean, really, Ray, it's used. There's no action left in this keyboard." "Um, uh, excuse me, I don't think there's anything wrong with the action on this piano." Absolutely brilliant. One of my all-time favourite movies, I must have seen it twenty times. And what a soundtrack! I love the mural, what an outstanding idea, especially to have Greg Hyland do it for you. It looks stunning. Instant favourite! Well played, my friend. Well played. Now go shake a tail feather.
  4. Nice car! If the distance between the tyre and the slope piece is as small as it looks in that picture, it most likely won't work - not because there isn't enough room, but because there is a little bit of slack when you put the rim onto the wheel holder pin. Which means as long as you hold the car in the air, the wheels will spin, but when you put it down they won't.
  5. It seems I will have to let this event go, which annoys me a lot as I really wanted to see all you nice people again - and visit the legendary Fabrik. But I work shifts, one week on, one week off, and it seems everything I want to attend in these next six months all happens in my work weeks. And I just can't take that much time off :( Hopefully I'll be able to make it to Billund again next year. Have fun!
  6. The exact same thing happened to me with one of the regular Creator house sets - I got a duplicate bag, and one was missing. I called customer service and told them which parts I was missing, and they sent me the bag in question. So it's definitely possible.
  7. I have nothing bad to say about the Brickish - I've been a member for about three years now, and the people I know there are some of my best LEGO friends. I agree that the cheque thing is horribly old-fashioned, but I think they're working on fixing that. What I've done is just make sure to pay my membership whenever I'm at an event, normally Steam in Swindon the first weekend of October. Worth going to if you haven't!
  8. Yes! Join us for På Kloss Hold 2017! It'll be: - lots of fun - lots of LEGO - lots of crazy Norwegians ...and even a few foreigners who will be traveling as far as from Croatia, Belgium, Denmark and quite possibly the Netherlands... What could possibly go wrong?
  9. Oh, another douchebag who sells other people's instructions. This time along with the parts needed, at a hefty price. How nice. A lot of swiped stuff there - Jason Allemann's kinetic sculptures, Iain Heath's Stephen Hawking, and a couple of L.G. Orlando's (Brick City Depot) modulars... It seems eBay are getting lazier and lazier when it comes to removing this kind of content, too. In some cases they don't even seem to read the complaints properly. I haven't been exposed to this (yet) but I don't know what I'd do if it happened. I imagine I'd just give up. It feels like too much of an obstacle to climb. Here's another example of a MOCer who has recently tried to fight a swiper on eBay. I've sent emails to the other three I mentioned. Maybe you could team up with them to take this guy out? Best of luck anyway. I fear you'll need it. EDIT: Found the tank, too, it's by Stefano Mapelli. The seller has just neatly removed everything that he didn't like from the pictures. And here's the Baker Street one and here's the Apple Store.
  10. Going to have to try to get some days off from work - but the old dates were worse, so I think there's a decent chance I'll be able to make it. Yay!
  11. Likewise, Yooha. It's always a pleasure to follow these calendars of yours :)
  12. Well... it might have something to do with the fact that it's a LEGO fansite, not a generic building blocks fansite. If you joined a Mercedes fansite and showed them the wonderful Mercedes you'd built, I'm pretty sure some the members would have told you they didn't quite appreciate all the cheap Hyundai parts you'd used. And if you're going to rant, please rant in the relevant thread. This is not a general thread about other manufacturers which produce LEGO-compatible building blocks, it's a very specific thread about the manufacturers who produce detailed copies of whole LEGO sets, replicated piece for piece, even using LEGOs own box art to sell their (undeniably inferior) product - and the latest development is that they're now even cloning the creations of LEGO fans (without permission) to sell as sets. The general consensus on the site is that this is not okay on any level - it's theft of intellectual property and probably, in some cases, industrial espionage - while the manufacturers who produce LEGO-compatible building blocks are tolerated as long as their products are their own designs. It is, however, generally considered fair game to let people know if you've built a MOC using blocks that are not LEGO. Because it's a LEGO fansite. Sorry, I had to. EDIT: Let me just add something here, while I'm at it, with your best interest in mind (and everybody else in your situation - I'm sure you're not the only one who's become frustrated about this attitude in here). I've read your posts about your ships. All of them. And no matter what you or I or anybody else thinks about the fact that there are a lot of non-LEGO parts in them, they are of course hugely impressive creations, and I sincerely mean that - I would never dare to start a project of that size. You're obviously proud of them and want to make people aware of them, which is completely understandable. Then you had somebody ask you if there were non-LEGO parts used, and you said, rather politely and a-matter-of-factly yes, and explained why. Brilliant. The next time somebody asked the same question, you became very defensive, resorted to caps lock and stated that people shouldn't care about that. And then you've had... what, two people? Three people? say something along the lines of "using non-LEGO parts feels a bit like cheating". Three people! Are you aware of how many members this forum has? My point is: If you can't tolerate that some people (myself included) prefer to see creations built solely (or at least mainly) from LEGO - on a LEGO fan site - then you have a problem. The solution would be to a) ignore those people, or even better, politely repeat the reason why you're not using LEGO (cost, availability, etc), b) refrain from making bitter and repetitive posts about what's wrong with people on this site, on relevant and irrelevant threads, and c) instead focus on the fact that the majority of the people who have commented on your posts seem to like what you're doing, regardless of what kind of building blocks you're using.
  13. Good points. To me the most interesting part about that, though, is that the 2x2 trans-clear tile from set 6590 is the only transparent 2x2 tile of any colour (of the modern variation, at least, with the groove) ever to find its way into a set. Considering we know LEGO uses different molds for transparent colours than for opaque colours, that must mean they've kept the mold for transparent 2x2 tiles in storage only for the production of batches of Q elements. Which means making special parts for the parks really must be a priority for them - even though they don't even own the parks anymore.
  14. The 2x2 trans-clear tile isn't technically a Q element, though, is it? Because it can be found in the classic Town set #6590. I know, because I had that one, and because there was a 2x2 trans-clear tile in my collection I didn't know that it was particularly rare until I wanted to get a few more for a MOC many years later...
  15. This new editor is really crap, I can't write anything in between the two quotes anymore... so, to -zenn: Yes, I was contacted by someone from TLG about a picture of one of my vehicles, and asked whether it was OK for me if they printed the picture and put it on that wall. Obviously, I didn't mind :) And AmperZand: You could probably also argue that it's a natural evolution of the paper skirts they've been doing for a while. I'm not saying they didn't see somebody else doing it and were inspired by that - but it is the only logical way to add accessories at the waist.