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  1. Now that's what I call a brilliant response.
  2. They do have the mosaic maker, which from a picture taken onsite will give you your own personalised version of 40179 Personalised Mosaic Portrait, you can read about that in Brickset's report from the opening. Apart from that, they used to have the 40220 London Bus for sale, but I'm not sure they're still selling it - I haven't been there since the pre-opening in December.
  3. Tell me where to sign up! Tell me where to sign up! Tell me where to sign up!
  4. I echo LegoFjotten's sentiment - I tried pretty much everything to be able to go, but it wasn't possible to find anybody to replace me at work. And on top of that, I caught a nasty cold and actually stayed home from work on Saturday... so in that respect, I'm kind of glad I wasn't going, because then I probably would have stayed home because of the health issue... which would have been very, very annoying. Next year indeed! If you can just avoid my work weeks, please ;)
  5. Dropdown menu, next to your profile picture and user name all the way on the top right of this page -> Account settings -> Signature.
  6. I'm posting here just to point out that I could have got myself one point here... but I'm not going to try to get the point because the point is: There's still a bigger chance that I won't make it than that I will ;) and if I don't make it to Günzburg there's no point in me getting any points at all. Point taken?
  7. Looks interesting indeed! Just wanted to point out that while Volume 1 goes from 1949 to 72, Volume 2 goes from 1970 to 80. So unless there's a specific reason why 1970, 71 and 72 is apparently covered twice, you might want to fix that if it hasn't already been fixed ;)
  8. That is pretty much exactly what I hoped you would say :) looking forward to seeing it there!
  9. This is brilliant, Jessica! Is this going with you anywhere so it'll be possible to actually see it, or have you already delivered it to the travel agency?
  10. "I mean, really, Ray, it's used. There's no action left in this keyboard." "Um, uh, excuse me, I don't think there's anything wrong with the action on this piano." Absolutely brilliant. One of my all-time favourite movies, I must have seen it twenty times. And what a soundtrack! I love the mural, what an outstanding idea, especially to have Greg Hyland do it for you. It looks stunning. Instant favourite! Well played, my friend. Well played. Now go shake a tail feather.
  11. Nice car! If the distance between the tyre and the slope piece is as small as it looks in that picture, it most likely won't work - not because there isn't enough room, but because there is a little bit of slack when you put the rim onto the wheel holder pin. Which means as long as you hold the car in the air, the wheels will spin, but when you put it down they won't.
  12. It seems I will have to let this event go, which annoys me a lot as I really wanted to see all you nice people again - and visit the legendary Fabrik. But I work shifts, one week on, one week off, and it seems everything I want to attend in these next six months all happens in my work weeks. And I just can't take that much time off :( Hopefully I'll be able to make it to Billund again next year. Have fun!
  13. The exact same thing happened to me with one of the regular Creator house sets - I got a duplicate bag, and one was missing. I called customer service and told them which parts I was missing, and they sent me the bag in question. So it's definitely possible.
  14. I have nothing bad to say about the Brickish - I've been a member for about three years now, and the people I know there are some of my best LEGO friends. I agree that the cheque thing is horribly old-fashioned, but I think they're working on fixing that. What I've done is just make sure to pay my membership whenever I'm at an event, normally Steam in Swindon the first weekend of October. Worth going to if you haven't!
  15. Yes! Join us for På Kloss Hold 2017! It'll be: - lots of fun - lots of LEGO - lots of crazy Norwegians ...and even a few foreigners who will be traveling as far as from Croatia, Belgium, Denmark and quite possibly the Netherlands... What could possibly go wrong?