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  1. I have a power functions IR receiver which does not work on one of the four channels. But I switch between two other channels and so it can still be used.
  2. Some things are impressive, others are plain crazy. This is both. Very slick and functional. Although I can't see it becoming a new set for 2018. Too many motors for that. But well done.
  3. This mini 8865 is sweet. I have the original big brother. I was just wondering if you used any of those notorious black pins....
  4. I'm afraid the rear pillars, with the panels are a bit too scary for my liking. All the internal features and functions are good, but the body just doesn't do any thing for me.
  5. Nice work. We all have to start somewhere, and some of us are old enough to have been brought up on studded lego. if you can master this, then you will appreciate the versatility that the studless parts bring.
  6. I hope you get a replacement part, but it does show to all of us how well the Lego parts, particularly the pneumatic elements, are manufactured in the first place. I have some problems with my pneumatics, and I hope I can problem solve as well as you.
  7. I'd say it is vastly over priced for what you are getting, but then we are in the silly season for Lego now.
  8. I'd say you are doing pretty well. You just need to raise the rear roofline. I also fear that you are too low at the front bib to be of any practical use, speed bumps beware! But it is better than I would do, so keep at it.
  9. I thought the first photo was the real model, and then I started looking for the Lego one. Oh hold on. That is the Lego Model. The building is one thing, but it is the photography that really brings the trucks to life. Great trucks and great photos.
  10. I would find it hard to see why one of the 1 x1 round tiles would break, as the load is being distributed among so many. If anything, there may be some wear under use, but this will be replicated across all the tiles. Great idea though, and it is nice to see the use of the curved rack piece starting to develop into other applications.
  11. Well, I just want to let you know that I am throwing in the towel in this one. After many weeks of frustration, I have had to admit that I have not been able to get my walker walking as I would have liked. The largest problem was the sequencing of the functions, due to the weight shifting ankle movement. There should be about eight movements on the valves in a complete cycle. Each movement piston movement triggered a switch, which then caused another movement. But whilst this was easy in theory, in the original plan, the two ports on the switch did not actually work the two ports on a cylinder. There needed to be some crossing of circuits. As a result the walker locked up within a cycle, as the exhaust air was not exhausting properly. I then resorted the right leg switch operating the left leg, and then the left leg switch working the right leg. The ankle movements were added later. This did create a cycle which worked, but not in a constant action. It also took some time sorting out the ankle weight shifting. This does work, but only a short powerful stroke was required, ideally a cylinder half opening, which was impossible to achieve. There were other issues with cylinders having minor leaks, which caused irregularities in the cycle. Needless to say, this is much easier to achieve using an NXT, or motors and switches. I don't give up easily, but due to work commitments, and other time factors, I have to reluctantly pull out of this one. Thanks for your encouragement in the early stages.
  12. This is great now. A big improvement on the first attempt.
  13. My walker is walking, and I am just working on the weight shifting at the moment. I will try and post some photos. I actually wasn't even looking at videos of previous effort before I started mine.
  14. I hope that this helps
  15. If you could lower your pivot point slighly at the rear of the dump bed, this way the actuators would be pushing back as well as up. This does help in the initial start up of the lift. As presently the actuators are trying to push up from a near horizontal position.