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  1. That's awesome! Good for you mate. They look good in that setting too.
  2. Hey there customizers! I had myself a bit of fun tonight, messing around with my own bit of customization and thought you all might get a kick out of the results. I've long held an idea to expand my mini-fig army by incorporating custom helmets made from card stock. When you actually have money to spend on Lego, official head gear isn't that expensive but with no budget for actual helmets I figured this would be a great way to equip my solders while adding a personal touch. Where does the ring wraith fit in? Well this fella is a prototype and why not a Nazgul? I decided to just give it a shot and started with a paper template. That template came out so well I just had to keep going. Being just an experiment I didn't want to try for too much detail, but the model is based on Witch-king of Angmar as appears in The Return of the King. Materials other than Lego include: Printer paper, Elmer's glue, recycled cardstock, a cocktail sword and sharpies for color. I did the design by hand, but have the blank yet so I could scan it in if anyone really wants it. It's super easy to create though so I don't imagine they'll be much demand. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think below. More Images Here.
  3. Well, mate, the trouble is that that's not a poop deck. It's the quarter deck and yes on a 4th rate it should be covered up to, and some bit past, the mizzen mast. That deck, which functions as the roof of the great cabin will then be the poop deck . On most of the SotLs I can conjure up the wheel is ahead of the mizzen and covered by or is just beyond the cover of the poop. I'd advise mocking up some portion of the poop deck and seeing how well a helm (wheel) fits below it. If its a good, fit, go for it. if not cut the poop short. I can't comment on the first one there, but I really think you've got a good thing going on your 50 gunner here.
  4. Though we do appreciate your interest and enthusiasm we do ask that you refrain from bumping old topics. This post was last commented on in January of last year. For your edification please revisit the Site Guidelines as well as this topic on Bumping Old Topics. Thank you for understanding.
  5. I like that you're thinking/innovating, but can't picture your proposed mechanism in my head. You say lift arms and pins and I think "Revenge".
  6. Though we do appreciate your interest and enthusiasm we do ask that you refrain from bumping old topics. This post was last commented on last year. For your edification please revisit the Site Guidelines as well as this topic on Bumping Old Topics. Thank you for understanding.
  7. um... Now, that being said; I love her. It's no secret that I'm no fan of prefabs, but I think you picked a good ship to model on them. Shtandart, the replica, is an incredibly small ship so, well suited to the size and scale limitations, IMHO. I too am a fan of her color scheme and find it pops pretty well in Lego. One thing though; you do know that the ports and flaps are actually square? The rings are just wreaths around the openings. I went and took a look at some photos of the replica again and find that the wreaths seem to have always been finished wood, but I wouldn't think it completely inappropriate to interpret them as gold or green. If you're sticking with the yellow, which really doesn't seem to stand out much, I might suggest another hull color. Though she appears in some of the images be painted with a bright lemon yellow color, other's, perhaps from a different time, look like an ocher yellow instead. So, there seems to be some room for creative license there. I've always thought that Bright Light Orange would be a close approximation to ocher.
  8. @Bregir Good point, I was not thinking "river boat" at all. I also must have missed Legostone's "here" link the first time around. Still it would have only done so much good as I cant read German. @Mesabi You're still leaving me a lot of guess work mate. Is this a full hull or waterline model? You seem to be putting a lot of effort into simulating the under-side curve of the hull at the bow but the shape you've achieved would seem more appropriate at the stern, just because of the way wooden ships float. This assumes that you're trying for something realistic at all and that I've correctly identified the front and back.
  9. This is exactly what I mean when I say technique before scale. 3 X 3 is more realistic on a large scale as Anders T points out. It can get pretty bulky and just damned inconvenient though. 2 X 2 is certainly a lot easier but may cause you to further reduce your scale. Bregir has been working on "fractional gun ports" and has met with some success, but I don’t know if he's tackled flaps yet. Here I go beating a dead horse, but again, these are things to figure out on a small scale. "Build, destroy, build." LDD is only so useful for plotting out real world builds at least where ships are concerned. Take it from a former LDD advocate, there's no substitute for just clicking some bricks. The biggest problem I ran into was a lack of gravity in the digital environment, but there's a lot more that often gets lost in translation. Note: Anders T there, is the exception and yet he has only gone so far as to bring a humble gun brig to life in plastic, thus far. http://s199.photobucket.com/user/kurigan_the_red/library/Tall%20Ships?sort=6&page=1 I did suggest modular sections before, but I suppose it just didn't land so might I suggest taking a queue from wooden modelers and leave one side exposed? You could also design her with a completely removable side or just split her in half. I can't see how hinges would do anything but hinder your efforts towards period accurate shapelyness. As to a figurehead you might try one of the old Technic figures. They can actually sit like your example and are quite a bit taller than mini-figs; perhaps too much taller, but hey, it's an idea.
  10. Hey, this was a great read. Thanks! I actually learned something along the way too. Some clever parts usage in there too, which always pleases me. Thanks for sharing.
  11. @Mesabi Well, mate, if I'm interpreting what I see correctly you're really trying for a dynamic, realistic shape. However, there isn’t a lot to go on. I'm not even sure I can tell the front from the back, or if I'm just seeing what I want to see. Can you help us out with a bit more data, perhaps more than just the one angle. Are you working from any inspiration or reference material? It's entirely OK to create a WIP topic, even if the end MOC if for BoBS. Cheers!
  12. The timing of this is uncanny. Just yesterday I was looking for inspiration for a future project. I did a google search for "Brig Sloop" and a few images in I came across your old Ontario. It got me thinking I might want to do something on the same subject, so started looking into her. Now today, you pop up with this version. If some of the information I stumbled upon in this search you indirectly inspired, it may solve a dilemma I've been mulling over for some time. Does a Snow still qualify as a 6th Rate/Post Ship? I do like this improved version. Much of her seems refined. The stern gallery stands out to me. Never really noticed before but I'm digging the 3X3 gun ports. They seem pretty part consuming, but they look excellent. The sweeps are a great touch, so often overlooked. Though I think they lend a certain liveliness to her overall, almost like they are in motion, I don’t know about displaying her with them in place. If I'm guessing right they only stick straight out? It'd be better if they rested at an angle, where I think most would expect to see them. Perhaps, try doing one side with and one without? That's a pretty common thing on museum models.
  13. Well there are worse reasons and methods to bump a topic. However, taking a peak at MrOutlaw's profile, it doesn't appear he's been a particularly active member. Depending on his settings, he may not even be notified that anyone has replied to his thread. Though the originator is the likeliest source for the file, it would be best to start with a direct message, as he'll get a notification in his email that someone is trying to contact him. As for anyone else sharing the file, although MrOutlaw did publish it himself before, it may not be the best idea to go and redistribute it without hearing from the creator first. Really it's just a courtesy, but you never know until you talk to him, why it got taken down and there may be more going on behind the scenes than you know. So... where I'm not scolding anyone, I am asking that we all be respectful and follow due process. If ever you need help with a situation like this or are just unsure how to proceed, feel free to reach out to any of the staff, myself especially. Thanks for your enthusiasm and participation.
  14. For a long time I've wanted to incorporate a technic connector/axle system, but simply put the pieces just aren’t as prolific as 3062b. Yes when your ordering them they are no more expensive, but when I'm scavenging up what I can find from used lots, I find a lot more bricks then technic. Even at $0.03 a piece, you still need twice as many technic connectors and pins/axles as you do 3062b. I like the look of the technic connectors, even the less than round ones, and I appreciate the tricks you can pull off with them while keeping cleaner lines. Best of all, you don't have to "cheat" to stiffen them up to take weight. Still, for the moment I've quite a few 3062b squirreled away and only a handful of connectors, so you won't likely see me convert any time soon. As to the Austrian brig; do you trust the source? It doesn't look quite legitimate to me. It appears to me that someone went and did some photoshop surgery on a draft of an early to mid 18th c. ship then superimposed a 19th c. rig over it. Nothing seems to scale. While the stern gallery windows wouldn't appear out of place on a cathedral as they appear to span two decks, the sails, especially the spanker/main, seem grossly undersized. Combine that with such a large flat bottom and she'd be likely to be about as weatherly as sheet of plywood. I'd expect she'd give as much leeway as headway all the while tossing her poor crew around something fierce on even the lightest swell. It might be a fun build in Lego, but what strange duck she'd be in the real world. Then again, what do I know?
  15. Well this is exactly the kind of thing we all like to see develop. Why not take some time and give us a (long?) running WIP topic? (if you're legitimately updating the old one, it doesn't count as bumping...) I mean, if the quality of the other buildings is up to this caliber, it'll be a treat. We simply don’t have enough architecture in the MOC forum. Don't get me wrong, I love ships, but what purpose do they serve without places to go? Any way it seems your has come much farther and faster than the few facades of my little quayside. I applaud your dedication, sticking with it. The catacombs would be neat to be sure, but how will they be visible? If not, or not well skip them. You could always do a nice staircase with a neat door at the bottom instead.