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  1. That one looks good. I got one from china and I am not happy with it. I might give this one a go!
  2. I got a set off ebay, he is was in china. And I agree they are very good, but I did not like the type of label he used, plus it had to be cut out by hand.... I ended up using the sign, but not the cockpit.
  3. Looks great Grizzly. What did you use for the decals? I ordered a set from China, I did not like the printing so I just used the Sign part. I have created my own Decal, but have not had time to print it....
  4. I like it, I think I would use a dark grey grill (temp) and a dark grey for his head..
  5. what do you think the cost is to BL this one? Any hard to find parts? I wanted this one when it came out, but missed it...
  6. I love it. And Classic space always! how did you do the decals?
  7. Has anybody built any of these models? would love to see the ISD. but all those grey pieces. 44 2x4 tiles... I am sure we all are fighting over LB grey wings and pieces on BL...
  8. Simple i love it... and... my 2 favorite things. lego and Guitar! except I am a Fender fan! haha
  9. I like, it. I was going to do the same thing, did you just lower the back? any other changes?... and.... a Z/28 has to have the stripes...
  10. Cool, I have been looking to see what is hidden to use other colors. So close...
  11. I am also so close. 92% of the parts... missing some of the tech 1x16 bricks... not easy to get all in 1 spot right now.. prob because we are all building it.. haha
  12. now that is detail.... I personally would use the 4 stud head. It would look very cool. :)
  13. This is great. And the photos are amazing... lots of light coming into your apartment. also, set 30611, would the R2 head be the right scale?
  14. I agree. I am the type where I want it exact, but changes are ok. I BL'd this awhile ago. made a few mods because the color is not available, and I thought, why not make it red...
  15. haha... 2010er.... I have seen the Cafe BL'd. But I have not seen GG's. I would image the price would be high. It was a set I just did not get, and when the price climbs up. I usually let them go...