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  1. cool, do you have pics? Yes, i was thinking of a slight mod as well. I mentioned lepin, because they make a copy, and I was thinking i wonder if i could get just the canopy... lepin blocks are not welcome in my home... haha
  2. I have been thinking about this for awhile. 2 big ones for a BL is the cloth tops, and the dark red inverted slopes. I have seen the lepin set, and was thinking if I could get just the cloth, and change from dark red... it might be doable. Has anybody thought about this?
  3. thank you for the detailed photos. So, the middle part is just resting on the tiles? nothing is holding it in place?
  4. I feel, get what you think is cool. to me, the FB and City Hall do not fit in with the others. However, on that note... I am BL-ing the FB.... collecting the Mod's is hard, they take up space...
  5. I also love the 16 wide. Where I live its a normal thing...
  6. Is the color magenta? hard to tell... I like your building, and the windows are great. I love how you have on its side... how is it connected?
  7. Anybody else BL-ing the GG? I have decided to go with the mason front, has anybody else done this? if so, what color for the sides? looks like in the photo above is maybe all mason? I was thinking maybe all white with the some mason here and there...
  8. that actually looks pretty good. I wonder how many are used for the front. and probably any color for the inside.... it really needs to be sand green....
  9. Yes, that part was never made in a lot of colors.. The rest of this set is easy to BL, its just the Sand Green... to replace it with what? Olive green might look ok, but then what to use for a 1x2 substitute?
  10. I agree. Get them before they go away... PR is a few years old. BB just came out.
  11. Digging up this thread again. I found this: and have been thinking about building the GG. But a huge issue is the Sand Green. Has anybody here BL this in a different color? He stated Olive green which could be cool. The biggest issue is this part: I was thinking of doing it in Olive Green, but it might look odd. any thoughts? or has anybody done it in another color? and I love this BrickStock. good job on whoever did it!!!!
  12. I guess you are right, In ep5 they are straight. I was looking more at fan art...
  13. AT-AT from California reporting for duty. absolute joy to build. With only a few mods, and ran out of 2x2 tiles for the top of the head.... I did a few mods: I covered up the top of the hip a little different: I raised the top of the head up, by adding 2 1x4's: And I added a 1x6 to the front, for less space: and discs at the axles, which i think i might move sideways: for the "side" legs, I shortened each by 1 stud. in this photo i used a 2x3 instead of a 2x4, it gave better range of the legs. Or maybe i messed up or something....: thank you for creating this model and for the instructions! I even sold my original LEGO AT-AT because I feel this one looks so much better..
  14. That one looks good. I got one from china and I am not happy with it. I might give this one a go!
  15. I got a set off ebay, he is was in china. And I agree they are very good, but I did not like the type of label he used, plus it had to be cut out by hand.... I ended up using the sign, but not the cockpit.