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  1. Thanks and there are more pics on Facebook but here's a link on Flickr ( with the same pic but you can enlarge it. AC
  2. You never know when an idea pops out and this happened while removing the minifigs from the keychains but that's a story for another day. One thing led to another and it just took all of ten minutes to come up with this. Might finally have to use Kragle (!) for the rings to stay in place if she intends to use it as a real keychain. If you don't have anything yet for your AFOL/love in your life, feel free to make one or for yourself while there's still a few days to go... AC
  3. Finally found the final solution to displaying all the Chima birds into one piece! AC
  4. Not recent buys though finally managed to get the collection sorted out. AC Stored individually in clear sheet protectors with the promo materials All of them still sealed and will remain as is
  5. Want them with cheese? AC
  6. These were kept in their boxes and stored in huge plastic bins. Lightly played with as my three sons were more interested in the Town/Castle sets during that time. AC