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  1. Want them with cheese? AC
  2. These were kept in their boxes and stored in huge plastic bins. Lightly played with as my three sons were more interested in the Town/Castle sets during that time. AC
  3. Thanks! Started with the small one and luckily the BAM had more of them. Only wish had more of the red. AC
  4. These were the opened sets found from the storage boxes awhile back. All complete with instructions and boxes (except for 1722). AC
  5. Want some more? Found the hairpieces in the Build-A-Minifig station and bought a fifteen pack. AC
  6. Just completed the discussion before the picture was taken with the museum curator Alexandra for the tentative floor plan of the MOCs to be exhibited from December 17, 2016 up to February 26, 2017. Deeply honored for this opportunity to bring them at this new venue and hopefully you'll be able to make it during the exhibit... -Theed Hangar -Queen Amidala Overlooks -Duel Of Fates -Droids Building Droids -Geonosian Arena -Akai Shiro Castlegrounds -Troy Beach Battle -Nazgul On Mordor -Think Tank -The Control Room
  7. Thanks and it did! Was requested to bring the SW MOCs and could only bring one large creation since it was only for a day with short setup/breakdown times. AC