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  1. Thanks and the more you build, the more you'll know... AC
  2. What can you build with this part () ? AC
  3. Here you go for the base structure and expect it to be modified... Unfortunately, I don't make a habit of giving away the builds/pieces as there's no incentive to be creative. People do figure it out eventually how it's done based from the pics as some pieces are kinda obvious. AC
  4. Quickly realized that there's not enough supply of tan bricks to build the rest of the fortifications. Switched colors to light bluish gray which should be enough to make the small diorama appropriate for it on a regular 32x32 baseplate.
  5. Still a work in progress... AC
  6. Then you missed out on these MOCs that I've brought along! It was an amazing experience with totally a bigger layout. AC
  7. Didn't you know that they turned to snakes after a while? AC
  8. Were you there last year? AC
  9. Classic board game reimagined in Lego Ninjago theme. Can be played by two to four players using the same rules of play as the original board game. Even better, it's also customizable to change the layout of the snakes and ladders from game to game if so desired! Come on, let's play! ... AC
  10. Thanks and might not be back this year in BFVA depending on how plans go for the summer. This will be the new MOC for this year's events starting with the Brick Fest Live Philly next month. AC
  11. Oppo Rancisis
  12. That was the first thing I checked on Bricklink! AC
  13. The large scale dioramas are most often built in smaller sections that can be merged later on. The same build process is being done for this one as this will be displayed at an event next month. Hopefully if time/resources permits, more refinements/details that I've considered will be included. But for now, the planned overall layout has been finalized to ensure that it will be ready. AC
  14. Very seldom use the sticker sheets when building sets and have kept them together in a box through the years... Love them or hate them!? AC
  15. Thanks but no thanks as I've already got this all planned out. If you're not happy with it, please do your own version. AC