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  1. This is just the beach landing so those are not appropriate to the scene. Archers typically are unprotected and have no shields. AC
  2. Thanks and these will be on display this weekend at the BrickFair NJ! AC
  3. Actually, this is the second MOC that BrickWarriors has collaborated/provided the weapons/accessories! AC
  4. Achilles leads his men on the beaches to battle the Trojan armies. Will have the full scene/diorama assembled for BrickFair NJ. AC
  5. Space locked in and should be easy to find! AC
  6. It caters to both adults and kids for the public days. If you take a close look at the map in my earlier post everything (except for Brickmania) on the left side is mostly for kids activities. The rest of the show floor on the other side is the AFOLs displays, sellers, etc. AC
  7. Try to go local especially if it's your first time, find out if your public library/bookstores/comic shops have display cases or hold events. Good to get your feet wet so to speak without the costs of travel/lodging/etc. Don't be afraid to ask and have some pics ready to show your works. AC
  8. Just a suggestion to put the prices on these sets and maybe you'll get more members interested... AC
  9. BrickFair NJ 2016 is on Oct 29th & Oct 30th, 2016 At the Garden State Expo Center in Somerset, NJ I'll be taking the three big MOCs from BrickFair VA last August and adding a few more... AC
  10. It is done as far as the ship is concerned and all that remains is to complete the initial scene with the Greek warriors on the deck. AC
  11. Thanks and it had to be in a smaller scale as it's intended to be in a diorama that will be on display at the BrickFair NJ on the last weekend of October. AC
  12. Inspired by the movie 300: Rise Of An Empire naval battle between the Greeks and Persians, here's a minifig scale version of the warship where Greek general Themistocles leads his men out to the Aegean Sea. Though historically inaccurate and my first scratch-built ship/watercraft, this build/creation/MOC embodies most of the features of the Greek warships. The most challenging aspect of the build is the general shaping/sculpting from bow to stern that required the use of arches, slopes and modified plates to get a smooth, flowing design. It will fit twelve oarsmen and easily twenty four Greek warriors ready for any battle. Unfortunately very parts intensive at around 500 pieces with some that are hard-to-find, it's very unlikely that more copies of it will be made as originally planned. Will be working on a diorama for it that will be brought to the BrickFair New Jersey event.