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  1. Very seldom use the sticker sheets when building sets and have kept them together in a box through the years... Love them or hate them!? AC
  2. Thanks but no thanks as I've already got this all planned out. If you're not happy with it, please do your own version. AC
  3. Twelve old green regular 32x32 baseplates with MTT and AAT shown for scale which leaves plenty of room for the battle droid units in front, droid carriers, droidekas around. Multiply that by two for the whole Trade Federation invasion force. AC
  4. Thanks again Mike for doing this! AC
  5. Now working on the Trade Federation side starting with the Droidekas (android head by BrickWarriors). AC
  6. Just the dogroids... AC
  7. Time flies when you're having fun! Haven't done a large SW MOC in a while... Here's some more to look at showing the scale with the various beasts together. AC
  8. Thanks and will most likely just mod the MTTs for scaling purposes but not much more. AC
  9. Post-apocalyptic fuel depot guarded by robotic dogs. The dogroids are built using 17 pieces and started when going through storage boxes finding the plastic bag of android heads by BrickWarriors. Ten minutes later the first dogroids was done and built three more for the scene. AC
  10. Checked out of the bucket list for AFOL builds using only multiples of one and only piece that is not a brick. In this case it's the round plate 2 x 2 with axle hole ( used for this micro scale building. No actual building was used as reference for this and if there's any it's just by sheer coincidence. AC
  11. The planned layout will be 8x4 = 32 old green 32x32 baseplates footprint. Here's the center section using the 1x2 curved slopes for additional texture of the undulating grass plains. Battle droid unit shown for scale and four more sections (2x3) to build. AC
  12. Thanks and still have to build those two MTTs behind them. AC
  13. Done almost ten years ago and finally gotten around to rebuilding it with a bigger layout and will make its public debut in the next event... AC Old MOC done October 2007 Fambaas Falumpaset Whizbooma
  14. Thanks and there are more pics on Facebook but here's a link on Flickr ( with the same pic but you can enlarge it. AC