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  1. Is coming along great! Mainly need decals now
  2. I apologize for the unnecessary quoting, I can't seem to get rid of them. Anyways the parts for my CN train and two yellow container cars are slowly coming in! Should have it all by Saturday
  3. I love it! It's beautiful
  4. The whole "new power functions" kind of interest me. Any more info on it yet? Could you imagine if instead of IR they did bluetooth and gave it a smaller form factor?
  5. Darn, i wonder if a mod could change it?
  6. Wow, I love that photo! Thank you!
  7. Where in account settings can I change it? It shows my display name, but it doesn't give the option
  8. I'd there a way to change my username?
  9. I really want to do photos and video of my Christmas train steam engine going through the snow, but I'm concerned about damaging the power functions components. Everything except the back of the xl motor are protected by brick, though I'm worried about snow melting and seeping through
  10. You did a wonderful job on the stickers! I gotta say, using a black plate with yellow stickers was genius. Those yellow plates are expensive, so I'm thankful I already have one. I don't really have the means to print my own decals so I may have to go for one of the ebay sellers. I'm curious, what would container cars to match the train look like? I have several of the long/lowered train plates in black, yellow, and light bluish gray I could easily turn into container cars. Also, is there a good alternative to those black hoses used on the sides of the train? I can't justify $5-$8 each for those things.
  11. I gotta say, I'm really impressed. I ran through the parts for the CN color scheme, and if I exclude the yellow base plate (have it) train bogies (have them) and the long black tubes, I can get all the parts via bricklink for a mere $33 plus shipping.
  12. Where would I be able to get decals for these things? I'm pretty set on the canadian one.
  13. Currently I have a ton of red and green. The southern black looks lovely! Actually I just saw this in another thread, and I am in love!
  14. The Maersk Train was one of my favorite builds. Several months ago, I lost most of my Lego due to a storage unit theft. The set itself is too expensive to buy, but I was thinking I could build a similar train. What is a good alternate color scheme for the original model that I could do for under $100? I already have train baseplates, wheelsets, all the PF, etc so most of the expensive parts are already covered.
  15. When building a MOC steam engine the other day, I discovered the gearing I had done allowed for the train to move itself, but not pull any carriages. This cause me to have to redo a bunch of stuff. So, I was wondering... How can I learn how much torque and RPMs each of the PF motors has? (M, L, XL etc) What is the ideal torque for a steam engine? How does multiple motors work when trying to account for what is needed? How can I learn more about gearing? I know gearing down increases torque and lowers rpm, and the opposite lowers torque and increases rpm, but is there some good math to go by, and what gears do what with each other? Say a train has 4 drive wheels, should all four be geared, or do only two of them need to be like the emerald night? Is it better to gear all the drive wheels?