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  1. I know you can use the Polarity switch in order to do it, but is there an easy way to simply take the motor apart and swap it? My train MOCs already are lacking in room for all the PF cables. I'd like to use two motors on a single train.
  2. The idea is to just put them away for now in storage containers. We currently live in a tiny studio apartment, and our storage space is extremely limited. We will likely move in the next few months anyways
  3. I tried that only for the ladies to pull them down for her
  4. Part of my problem is that my wife has her friend over a lot, with a three year old daughter that enjoys pulling them off the shelf and smashing them.
  5. I own three of them for a really long horizon Express train! Surprised one train motor is enough. I feel it's not as popular because the brick built front looks off. Like it should be smooth but has many strange edges and gives a weird uncanny valley feeling
  6. Which plastic storage box do you use?
  7. Sorry to bump an old post, but what's a good solution for long term storage? I have to pack them up and likely won't be able to bring them out again for several months to a year or two. I'm thinking plastic shoe boxes stacked inside of large plastic storage boxes. Any tips on sizes and such? I also need to store all my modular buildings.
  8. I'd love to see the guardian amiibo on one of these.
  9. Cool idea. Are you going to expand on it? I also hopped on the amiibo train
  10. That's heavy haul train. Red cargo is 3677
  11. Hasnt red cargo train been discontinued and out of stores for a couple years now?
  12. You must answer me these questions three if the thread you wish to see. 1: what is your name? 2: what is your quest? 3: what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  13. Many years ago, I got 4559 as my first ever lego train. I found that it doesn't quite fit well with the other trains I have. I noticed many lego trains have inspiration from real world ones, so I was wondering if there is a good real world train with the black/yellow color scheme that I could base it on?
  14. Thank you! I need to figure out containers for them as I have none
  15. Is coming along great! Mainly need decals now