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  1. And here in Norway we are talking about doing away with cash entirely...
  2. Signing up me and Ace! - need reservation at Kirchenbauerhof: yes - apartment sharing: No. Please get us a room for just me and Ace, thanks - Number of people: 2. Arriving on Wednesday, leaving on Sunday (4 nights) - Member of RLUG? Yes, we are members of Brikkelauget. I have sticker.
  3. Who knows, when Norwegians gather...
  4. Doing things in the right order I see
  5. Heavy snow falls in Norway often results in this kind of situation: After a night of heavy snowfall by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr Fortunately fro me, I have a garage to park my car in, so I can just enjoy the sight of pretty snow
  6. Thank you so much everyone for all your nice comments Thanks Fangy! I have a soft spot for Paris, so I really wanted to do it justice with my build Thank you Yes, with the buildings themselves having very "boring" colors (grey/tan), including some color in the base is important for the visuals. But I also felt that including the Seine was important is it's such an important part of Paris. Well, thank you I'm sure it's always possible to do better Or you could try your hand at another city, there are many possible ones out there Haha, well, TLG has some more rigid rules to what building techniques they allow in sets, and I can promise you that neither my Paris or my Tokyo skyline would pass But I do hope to see them tackle both Paris and Tokyo sometime in the future, it would be interesting to see how they would do it.
  7. After building my Tokyo skyline, I was inspired to build another skyline, this time of Paris. Paris is a city I have visited many times, and it's a city with a lot of cultural heritage. Paris skyline by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr Choosing what to build for this skyline was not easy, as there are a lot of grandiose buildings to choose from in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is of course a given, but trying to keep the build from growing too wide, I landed on these 5 (left to right): Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, Dômes des Invalides, Notre-Dame, Colonne de Juillet (place de la Bastille). The Eiffel Tower provided maybe the biggest challenge in this. Even if it's quite similar to the Tokyo Tower, it is also very different, so I couldn't just reuse the techniques I used there. Notre-Dame was also quite a challenge to make, and I obviously could not fit in the entire cathedral, so it is cut off in the back. I also included parts of the Seine, as it passes right next to both the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.
  8. Thank you everyone The thought has occured to me
  9. Just a fun little scene from me to celebrate Halloween. I assume everyone remembers this movie? The Ring by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr The Ring by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr The Ring by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr
  10. A banana peel made of bananas, yes
  11. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments For sure! I had a little over 2 weeks to build it. I don't use LDD, and I have no idea how many bricks, as I don't count them while I build Thank you for the suggestion, however, for the cockpit I needed the tiles to cover up gaps, as the wedge plates I used underneath don't cover it all up. I know it gives it a bit of a weird, maybe bulky look, but I found no other way to solve the gap issue within the time frame of the contest. As for the engines they are all SNOTed bricks, so I'm assuming you're talking about the cockpit.
  12. Ah yeah, when I display it he's being held up by trans clear supports, but I edited them out for the photo
  13. The string you see is this type: http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=93229&idColor=11, which is attachable to a clip.