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  1. This is absolutely amazing, and so true to the original! As a fan of Gundam Seed, I am loving this
  2. Built for the third round of the Imperium der Steine MOC Olympics. The theme for this round was to build something from the upcoming Rogue One movie. My most anticipated character in Rogue One is Chirrut Îmwe. A blind dude beating up Stormtroopers with nothing but a stick, what's not to like? I also really like his costume, so I thought it would be cool to try and build him. He's only featured in one scene in the first trailer, so I decided to also build some Stormtroopers at the same scale, and build that scene. I actually built the Stormtroopers first, as I thought they would be the hardest to pull off. But I am quite pleased with how both they and Chirrut turned out. Once again, I have tried to use some forced perspective to give the scene depth, and make it look like a screenshot from the movie. It was a bit hard to figure out all the scenery from the little material that is available, so some artistic freedom has been taken One of the hardest parts was creating that crashed X-wing, that is hardly even visible in the picture. [url=https://flic.kr/p/KcUFi8][img]https://c6.staticflickr.com/9/8092/28358100493_a2daa32e46_c.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/KcUFi8]Rogue One: Chirrut Îmwe[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/]Cecilie Fritzvold[/url], on Flickr Close-up of Chirrut: [url=https://flic.kr/p/KcUFkn][img]https://c8.staticflickr.com/9/8671/28358100623_82018b937e.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/KcUFkn]Chirrut Îmwe[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/]Cecilie Fritzvold[/url], on Flickr
  3. Thank you everyone [quote name='BEAVeR' timestamp='1470857638' post='2631861'] Awesome! Your creation is so cute yet so sophisticated! I love how you made it chiby by making the engines more lumpy. The amount of detail is exceptional for a microfighter. The engines look genuinely greebly and have all of the right lines and shapes (even the slope at the back of those protrusions!). The structures on the sides of the pod give a lot of texture on a small scale, which makes the model look pretty big. The use of the pineapple is great as well as the clever use of the rubber band to cover up the gap and give some extra detailing. I find it really inspiring how you could apply the microfighter aesthetic to such an unlikely candidate (aw, Sebulba looks so cute and harmless now...) and at the same time show how detailed creations in that genre can actually be. That's a lot of skill expressed through only a couple of bricks! Congratulations, and good luck in the further rounds of the IDSMO! When you're done there, I expect a full microfighter rendition of the Mos Espa race because this is just too good! [/quote] Wow, thank you! Haha, I don't have any immediate plans for a full race, but I do like this enough that I will probably keep it around for a while, so who knows if I suddenly get the urge to flesh out a bigger scene and add another pod or two [quote name='Joemmo' timestamp='1470903234' post='2632167'] super cool, maybe a little too big for Microfighter scale which is usually no bigger than 12 studs in any direction but a really build nonetheless. Would love to see if you can shrink it even further :) [/quote] I know it's not within Lego's usual Microfighter size, but given the nature of a pod's shape, I think this is the best way to represent it in a chibi way. I'd be interested to see Lego tackle the podracers in their Microfighter series to see how they would do it, but I am personally happy with this, and do not intend to try and shrink it any further. [quote name='BrickShady' timestamp='1471123140' post='2634627'] Cute microfighter with some interesting techniques. I love how you implemented the pineapple decorated heads! [/quote] Haha, thank you! Pineapple heads is totally my new favourite piece
  4. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments [quote name='AgentKallus of Hydra' timestamp='1470219281' post='2626830'] I like it very much but the Gandalf face does make Sheev seem less sinister. [/quote] It does, yes, but Gandalf was the best substitute I could find for my lack of the correct Palpatine face (I only have his later versions, with the super-wrinkle face). [quote name='Inthert' timestamp='1470223034' post='2626851'] Really nice recreation of this scene! I particularly like the use of (what I think are) the clikits parts for palpatine's hand binders, very clever :) [/quote] They are indeed clikits, yes [quote name='Ashnflash' timestamp='1470224572' post='2626862'] Gandalf telling Anakin to kill Sauron xD Love the whole thing! The floor design and build is really nice too! [/quote] You mean Saruman? Even funnier is that I couldn't find my movie-version Dooku, so I took my Clone Wars Dooku and put on the head from my Saruman minifig [quote name='maginnster27' timestamp='1470254156' post='2627190'] Great build, also funniest star wars line to date 'Ech, Do it' [/quote] He's so not hiding his Sith-ness with that line [quote name='mortesv' timestamp='1470284714' post='2627438'] Look awesome, so many layers! How did you pull off those micro ships? :) [/quote] Uhm, by buliding them? The tri-fighters were the most difficult, I really wanted to include some, but I had almost given up on thinking I could represent them at that scale when I noticed some of those axe pieces on my desk and thought their arched shape looked like a good fit. [quote name='atlas' timestamp='1470321537' post='2627649'] Very nice. All,of the little details are magnificent. The only thing that really took me out of the scene is the not-palpatine, but of course that's totally understandable. One nitpick for an excellent diorama. The micro ships are really well done also [/quote] Thank you I really wish I had the correct Palpatine, but sadly I never got my hands on him, and didn't have time to order him for this contest...
  5. Built for the Imperium der Steine MOC Olympics, round 2. My theme for this round was "dark side of the force". This is one of the pivotal moments in Anakin crossing over to the dark side. He doesn't know it at the time, but in this scene he is killing Darth Sidious' apprentice, making way for him to take his place, exactly like the Emperor is trying to get Luke to do in the OT. Palpatine is not doing a very good job camouflaging his dark intentions in this scene, but Obi-Wan is conveniently knocked out and thus unable to notice and stop Anakin. I initially tried to include a larger area of the room in my build, as I wanted to include at least the bottom part of the stairs they walk down, and leave some more space for Obi-Wan, but I had to cut it down a bit as I couldn't fit it all on 32x32. It was also very important to me from the start to be able to show the battle going on outside with the use of some micro spaceships, so I had to leave some room for those behind the windows. I'm very happy about how my micro spaceships turned out (can you recognize them all?) and also the curved floor leading up to where Palpatine is sitting. [url=https://flic.kr/p/JBzUaT][img]https://c6.staticflickr.com/9/8616/27969675813_0ba513d9fa_c.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/JBzUaT]Kill him. Kill him now.[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/]Cecilie Fritzvold[/url], on Flickr
  6. [quote name='Aegis2000' timestamp='1468431940' post='2611116'] Wow, you've made it so small, yet it looks as if a perfect scale for Sebulba! Wonderful job. [/quote] Thank you! It could be a perfect scale for a "toy podracing for kids" maybe [quote name='Mr Greeble' timestamp='1468432862' post='2611129'] NPU on the pineapple. [/quote] [quote name='Arthur Schopenhauer' timestamp='1468442177' post='2611269'] Wonderful! I've always loved Sebulba's podracer, and I think you've captured its shape very well, even in such a small scale! In fact, your micro cockpit looks better than that of the 2011 minifig-scale set I think that Sebulba looking unconfortable is not an issue, on the contrary, that's in the very spirit of microfighters And indeed, I think you could even shorten the anterior part of the cockpit by 1 stud, to make it a little more proportionate towards the engines (but i'm not sure, I would need to try and see the result). Anyway, again, fantastic work! [/quote] Thanks! Haha, yeah the 2011 set cockpit is rather strange looking . I don't think shortening the cockpit by 1 stud would have made it more proportionate, given that the size of the entire cockpit is already on the large size compared to the engines, which I guess is in the spirit of the Microfighters' somewhat deformed look [quote name='Gouniaf' timestamp='1468488557' post='2611655'] If only Lego could sell a model as good as yours... Nice job by the way ! Do you know how much pieces did you use ? [/quote] Thanks Sadly my model is not very suitable as a set, given my use of some rather unstable techniques . I did not count the pieces, but I'd estimate there to be between 100 and 150 parts in there, probably closer to 150.
  7. Built for the first round of the Imperium der Steine MOC Olympics, which tasks us to build a vehicle in the style of Lego's Microfighter series. I like to build in strong colors, so I picked Sebulba's podracer. This also provided a lot of challenges because of the format of a podracer being quite different than what exists in the Microfighter series, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Sebulba does not look too comfortable in his cockpit though! [url="https://flic.kr/p/JW5dN9"][img]https://c5.staticflickr.com/9/8733/28178898532_b7b8c64ee5_c.jpg[/img][/url] [url="https://flic.kr/p/JW5dN9"]Microfighter: Sebulba's podracer[/url] by [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/"]Cecilie Fritzvold[/url], on Flickr [url="https://flic.kr/p/JYk1ne"][img]https://c8.staticflickr.com/9/8600/28204416391_642f3cae2e.jpg[/img][/url] [url="https://flic.kr/p/JYk1ne"]Microfighter: Sebulba's podracer (details)[/url] by [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/"]Cecilie Fritzvold[/url], on Flickr
  8. In April I built [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/26455892756/in/dateposted-public/"]Mario in a Kart[/url] and [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/26288109100/in/dateposted-public/"]Yoshi on a bike[/url] to place on a 16x16 street vignette for a collaborative street display and contest. But the small format was a bit too crowded to make a proper scene out of it, so for displaying at Paredes de Coura in Portugal and Brickworld in Chicago in June, I decided to build a larger scene for them, including my [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/27279460202/in/dateposted-public/"]Lakitu[/url] as well (with a camera this time) and a Piranha Plant built for the occasion. This also scored a nomination for "best vignette" at Brickworld! The Piranha plant especially was quite challenging, as I needed it to scale with my other characters, and be in the same style. [url="https://flic.kr/p/Jyqacy"][img]https://c3.staticflickr.com/8/7374/27933825762_2ab71198fa_c.jpg[/img][/url] [url="https://flic.kr/p/Jyqacy"]Mario Kart: Mario Circuit[/url] by [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/"]Cecilie Fritzvold[/url], on Flickr
  9. [quote name='Niku' timestamp='1466619967' post='2593771'] It doesnt matter there is no base, because the dragon itself is all you need to stare at. Has nice proportions, posability, and articulation from what it can be appreciated from the pic. I specially like the neck and crest part of the head. The end of the head(mouth) I find it a bit confussing, but is just a little nitpick on a nice moc indeed. [/quote] Thank you The head might make more sense if you knew what it looked like with an open mouth but I didn't take a picture of that [quote name='Zblj' timestamp='1466782576' post='2595367'] What an mazaing model! it looks right out of a story or an animated movie! Awesome use of transparent blue and white and very well jointed body. Any way you could do an LDD of the support structure? I am very intrested how its held together. [/quote] Thanks! LDD is not very compatible with my building style . The shape of the body is achieved with flextube that is held together in the right curvature by some plates clipped to it on the top. The neck is just constructed with a series of plates with clip clipped to plates with a handle. The legs are attached with mixel hinges.
  10. [quote name='Hinckley' timestamp='1466715448' post='2594803'] Maybe something less distracting on the skirting? [/quote] That could work.
  11. [quote name='Phred' timestamp='1466713692' post='2594770'] Should there be a banner of some type made? Most of the other LUGs had their own banner. [/quote] I find that the banners just distract from the layout...
  12. [quote name='Hinckley' timestamp='1466622095' post='2593799'] Aasaasargh!!!!!! If it makes him feel any better it took me 24 hours to notice I had left myself off. [/quote]
  13. You forgot Ace!
  14. This is something that has been on my to-build list for a long time, a dragon. For some reason it has felt like a very daunting task, and it took me quite a while from deciding to build an ice dragon to actually getting anything done on it. And after building the head it sat on my desk for what felt like ages before I was able to get into making the rest of it. It finally came together for the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend in Portugal, and then made its way to Brickworld the weekend after. [url=https://flic.kr/p/HsB8qR][img]https://c6.staticflickr.com/8/7427/27211710293_19a30d69fb_c.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/HsB8qR]Elemental Ice Dragon[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/]Cecilie Fritzvold[/url], on Flickr My original intention was to build an environment for the dragon to be in as well, but as I ran short on time, that came down to me just building it a white base, which, due to unforeseen circumstances, got stuck in Germany on my way home from Portugal, and thus never made it to Chicago. In the end, I chose to publish the picture without the base, as it felt more like a distraction than adding to the creation. In the end, I'm really happy with how the dragon turned out, and that I was able to overcome this kind of barrier of building something like this. The legs aren't the most stable around, but once it's posed correctly, the dragon does stand up on its own with no added supports, which I'm very happy with. Hope you like it
  15. Interesting to see this thread get a revival! Thanks for the nice comments guys I've actually thought about redoing my Ultralisk at some point, there are some things with this I'm not too happy about.