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  1. Only bragging rights
  2. I was actually up this morning, but once again I didn't get the email notification from the forum, so I didn't see it until it was too late.
  3. I am starting my journey towards Germany tomorrow, so won't be able to pay much attention throughout the day, so Skalldyr should have a fair chance
  4. The emails from Eurobricks don't always arrive, for some weird reason. Sadly I was at my mom's for her birthday this afternoon so I missed it But normally I am just as online in the afternoon as during the day
  5. I clearly need to practice this art too if I am to beat you
  6. Well, you beat me by like a second, might as well beat me right
  7. 40172 - Brick Calendar - Miscellaneous/Desk accessory Wrong set number there?
  8. It was
  9. Totally not procrastinating at work
  10. 75525 - Baze Malbus - Star Wars (Buildable Figures)
  11. Bring on the competition then
  12. 60142 - Money Transporter - Theme/Subtheme: City/Police I like to be thorough
  13. You're the one who asked for the subtheme not the theme I was just being pedantically accurate But it's Aredhel's point, she was first to find the set
  14. To be more exact and answer all the things Holodoc asked for: It's 41300 - Puppy Championship, and the subtheme, according to brickset is "Dog Show"
  15. I'm not really interested in a guided Miniland tour to begin with, so I'll pass. Think I'll rather spend those 5€ in the Fabrik