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  1. That one Gordon design with the trenchcoat and the fedora has got me salivating. And one or two of those Grayson designs definitely look more like the classic comics appearance (specifically the one with the Gotham varsity jacket).
  2. If they make a second CMF series, Hush seems perfect as one of the figures.
  3. Actually, the Red Hood in the CMF series has a different head than the one in the Croc set. The CMF head is definitely from the Under the Red Hood animated movie while the Croc set head is New 52 inspired.
  4. And if anyone has seen the Arkham Asylum product animation video on the website:
  5. So if Red Hood's head is the Jason Todd version, will he have any connection to Batman in the movie?
  6. Which is why I plan on just using either of the two Bat-Signal dish pieces instead of that dome and small Bat logo disk.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Is it possible for anyone who has the Accessory polybag to put up the instructions for the Bat-Signal? Just looking at that thing and it's a huge improvement from the Toys R Us version from a few years back.
  9. Close, but it's actually Dick Grayson's New 52 Robin suit.
  10. Wow, that was an experience. I went to my Lego Store to get Red Hood and Gordon, and once I stood there feeling the packs, others joined and it became a rush. One whole box cleared in less than a minute, with people grabbing 3 to 4 packs in handfuls.
  11. Really? Can't believe I thought the CMF's were going to start showing up on the 1st, I better head down to my nearest store soon. And by "all the sets" does that include the Catwoman set as well?
  12. Wait, the CMF's have finally started showing up in Canada?
  13. Alright then, looks like I'm going to have to wait for it to appear in dark grey so that I can use it on the Juniors Mr. Freeze in order to complete the Animated Series look.
  14. Sorry if this has been answered already, but is Freeze's armor a new piece or an existing one?
  15. Oh boy, how nice. Good thing I'm only grabbing Red Hood and Gordon, but yikes $10....