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  1. We can dream
  2. Interesting to now! At least the bear is back in a few months (in another color if we are lucky), the goat hopefully not far behind
  3. It is a good dog But like Scooby-Doo it looks too much like a cartoon figur to take part in this competition.. This is much better that I dared hope for in a city police wave! Lego have really got the steam up on the animal mould machine lately, I love it Keep them coming!
  4. Thank you for the great news! This sound like one of the most useful police waves of all time I was hoping for a puma when I heard about the wave, the bear is a bonus If we are lucky it is a black bear, but the grizzly bear from forest police is also fine
  5. Some lions and cheetahs live in the desert But if we get a puma for the mountain police and a male/female lion in the summer wave next year Lego is exceeding my expectations at least At least we can hope they do it
  6. Owls got a full makeover with the last Harry Potter wave so they are more than good
  7. Well we already have two different rats. Maybe they will make a mouse, but when it comes to rats I think your biggest chance for an updated mould will be in a Harry Potter return hopefully next year Personally I think the rats are fine, but we really need some "flying rats" in Lego soon! If there is something my modular streets is missing it is pigeons
  8. Haha, yes I love it Must have been hungry when I wrote the post Yes, plenty of mountains, but not a police force up there. The closest are rescue units saving tourist in trouble and troll gamekeepers Thanks for the info! Then I guess we have to wait and see what Lego imagine mountain police lock like
  9. 1. A mountain theme, do not seem likely since the cops are there 2. A African safari theme, maybe too similar to jungle, but I would love it 3. A space theme, hopefully not 4. A dessert theme, not unlikely 5. A River theme, maybe too similar to other themes 6. Go back to arctic, hopefully to soon, but you never know when it comes to City Could also be that they skip a year to give room for new trains or maybe a farm...
  10. Do mountain police in the States use horses and or dogs for transportation? I know Canada has a riding force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. To me it is most likely that the mountain police is from the States. Forrest and swamp where and it makes sense since they got a huge population of cops
  11. Both would be super! A deer is also possible, but I think a mountain lion is the most likely, they even have the mould now. It could play the same part as the bear in forest police, so it is not unrealistic at all that they will include it (cross my fingers) Do mountain police in the States use horses and or dogs for transportation?
  12. You are right , when it comes to city that is usually the case! This is of course the winter sets, silly me assumed mining was a summer theme Thank you for restoring my hope in next year city sets
  13. Mining Little to no chance for new animal moulds there I was hoping for a glorious return of "farm".. Mountain police may bring a animal mould with them if we are lucky But the best hope are in "fun at the.... " set, hopefully zoo, farm, forest or something similar
  14. A HP/FB D2C set in the same size as the Disney castle would be great!! Most likely a Hogwarts castle, from all we know Hogwarts may be in the next FB movie, so which figs (and the age) they include in the set could be something like in the millennium falcon sets. Hopefully not to many of the same characters in the D2C and the CMF. I am hoping for and expecting a lot of animal moulds in a HP/FB series; owls, frog, rat, cat, snake etc and maybe goat, badger, eagle (lion and stag are probably to big) etc, happy days
  15. 16 up to 200 of each, at least that was the limit in 2015