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  1. There is a new Aussie Subscription box called 3 Mystery Minifigures delivered monthly!
  2. For those who haven't seen it already, BrickPak is a new Subscription Box designed for LEGO fans & launched just last week in Australia.
  3. I just spoke with a Kmart assistant who tells me they have the Sydney Opera House 10234 out the back & are expecting more stock in the next week or so. They are $349. Perhaps gone are the days of the exclusives, as rumoured for a while now.
  4. Has anyone used this service for buying larger numbers of parts, say around 100 of a particular piece? It could be an easier place to get all the parts I need for a MOC without having to use multiple bricklink sellers.
  5. Are these both in store specials? Nothing on their website covering this special :(
  6. Wow, yeah I feel great that it had such an impact on you that you felt the need to call me a smartass, very classy! That's what I would lame & uncalled for! I looked at your link & it was quite obvious to me that they want to purchase old LEGO. A lot of people on Gumtree ask for old LEGO, whether for resale or to add to their collection, I think it's pretty obvious that since they are using their store name on the advertisement, that it would be for resale. I might point out that this is also a "Sales" topic, so someone looking at buying 2nd hand stuff on Gumtree hardly rates as a Sale! Just to stay on topic, I was told that ToysRus will receive more Opera Houses, however not in time for the end of their sale. I was also told that if you leave a full payment on one while the sale is on, you are covered. Not sure they are trustworthy enough with that though.
  7. Looks pretty self explanatory to me :)
  8. You say just about everyone has the Opera House, does that mean Target & K-Mart & BigW? Is it not exclusive to just one or two retailers?
  9. Have they been used, or are they fresh out of a sealed box?
  10. Depends on what you are looking for, you could try Similar kind of online store, just not as wide a range listed.
  11. LEGO Minecraft at Big W? Since when? & EB Games list it as an "EB Exclusive" & have it listed at $78, nearly $30 more than RRP.
  12. Why do people assume these are roughed up, or gone through by Scalpers? By now, I can just about guarantee every kid & their parents know how to feel for minifigures in these packs. I've been to a store in the past where there are 3 or 4 of us feeling for specific figures & none of them were grabbing hoards of any in particular. Simply put, people don't want to pay $5 for a random chance of getting different, or their figure of choice!
  13. That's an impressive list of collectables! I'd be interested in pretty much everything, although I would not be able to afford the lot. Have you got prices for each one that you could PM me with and I will see about releaving you of some of them
  14. May the 4th Sales on S@H have ended for Aussies already. Not terribly fussed about the discounts myself, but it is a shame the order I was planning on putting through won't include a Han Hoth Polybag. I don't think I'll order now & hopefully we'll get the Russell Crowe polybag later in the month like the States do.
  15. LEGO S@H specials are up, unfortunately Aussie's don't seem to get the 50% off the UCS B-Wing Starfighter like the US guys do, so we'll be paying $350 to their $100, at least for a couple of days. That I think sets a new record Most of the deals are 10 - 20% off.