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  1. Hi Trevpack4563. There's already a number of topics for official Collectible minifig series in the Special Themes forum. As for custom minifig discussion, it belongs in the MCW forum.

    Not sure what causes your problem, I'm not able to reproduce it. Have you tried using a different browser or logging out then in again?
  3. Hi ChrisBrown777, please check out our site regulations. Selling is not allowed here until reaching a specific number of posts, and then only in the appropriate forum.
  4. Of course!
  5. Hi brickmerchant114, welcome to Eurobricks. I have moved your post to the proper forum. Please make sure to use proper punctuation when posting here. Do check out the forum guidelines available in the menu bar or in my signature.
  6. You need to upload your images to another host first (such as Flickr, etc).
  7. I would say Special Themes, just post away and we can always move it later if it feels like a better fit elsewhere.
  8. Thanks for joining, but your post goes against the rules of this board.
  9. I'm sorry to tell you, EB is not a billboard one can join solely to promote their projects. Do feel free to engage with our community, and down the road you might tell us more about your ideas. Oh, and about those tags...
  10. ASK HERE

    Thanks for the heads up. It's not a problem unique to your setup, it would seem that all of the FAQ links have been replaced in the upgrade. We will look into this shortly.
  11. Welcome to Eurobricks. I have moved your thread to the proper introduction forum.
  12. You should be able to tap the brick at the left of the thread title to jump to the first unread post. Do let us know if it doesn't work for you.
  13. For what it's worth, the overlay menu behaves normally on my Windows 10 phone using either Edge or UC Browser. There are no other issues I can find with the rest of the site either, except for minor formatting issues also found on the desktop version.
  14. The posts made in the Community forum are not added to your post count. It's not a new feature, but the board upgrade has generated a new post count that may be lower than what you had before.
  15. While your point is valid, please leave the moderation to moderators.