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  1. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1474424165' post='2662043'] But Sensei = Master.[/quote] That's [i]one[/i] meaning of Sensei. It also has other meanings besides that. At least one of those is a meaning that the LEGO Group has chosen to avoid. [quote] Also, why would they changed it to avoid religious connotations after 5 years? [/quote] It's really just after four or four and a half years — all of last year's sets and some of last year's media was already calling him "Master Wu". And why then? I guess that's just how long it took for LEGO to decide/realize that a change might be in their best interest. It may be that the realization came about during the movie-making process, since a lot of thought goes into what aspects of big-budget movies might be received or interpreted differently in different parts of the world.
  2. [quote name='Penkid11' timestamp='1474420440' post='2661995'] Makes no sense. Sensei mean 'Master' in Japanese, so why would it need to change. Or do they think it's too hard of a word for kids to learn? Why not extend their vocabulary? On another note, where does this info even come from, gamejutzu? [/quote] It was from [url=https://twitter.com/TommyAndreasen/status/777607490028597253]Tommy Andreasen's twitter[/url]. It has nothing to do with the word being too hard to learn or with people not knowing the meaning. Rather, he mentioned that "sensei" had other more specific meanings besides "master" or "teacher" that didn't correctly describe Wu. It's possible that it might have been the term's [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensei#Use_in_Buddhism]use in Buddhism[/url] that the LEGO Group wanted to steer clear of to avoid any unintentional religious connotations, like the sort that create controversy in the first year of Bionicle when they used the Maori word [url=http://maoridictionary.co.nz/search?idiom=&phrase=&proverb=&loan=&histLoanWords=&keywords=tohunga]"Tohunga"[/url] (which can mean "expert" or "craftsman", but also "priest"). In any case, it doesn't really affect the story in any way, because the ninja have variously referred to him as "master" or "sensei" at many points throughout the story, so calling him "master" now isn't suddenly coming out of nowhere.
  3. [quote name='BrickHat' timestamp='1474409961' post='2661896'] Is the Chinese plastic more prone to cracking, or is this a more general problem? [/quote] I haven't heard any problems with the Chinese-made minifigures cracking more than ones made elsewhere. The most widespread issues with the Chinese-made minifigures since they first started showing up tend to involve color quality and more visible seams/molding marks. I do seem to remember complaints about the early CMFs' leg and arm hinges becoming loose quicker than those made elsewhere if they were swapped around. I generally try to avoid swapping individual minifigure legs and arms around most of the time anyhow because the connection points are not really designed to sustain that in the long term, so I have no idea if this problem still exists with any kind of regularity.
  4. Beautiful MOC! It has just the right amount of detail — not so much that it distracts from the scene, but enough that the arena itself is a beautiful creation even without taking the minifigures and vehicles into account. It adheres really well to the color scheme and motifs of the Tournament of Elements sets, while also adding elements from the TV series like Chen's special chair. If I could change one thing, it would be to add some small vehicles like [url=http://brickset.com/sets/30291-1/Anacondrai-Battle-Mech]these[/url], or maybe some custom vehicles, to make the impending fight scene more exciting than just minifigures vs. minifigures.
  5. [quote name='zux' timestamp='1474387196' post='2661636'] Guys, don't think Melody is going to look all over internet to gather your feedback. [/quote] Don't worry, I did send the answers in via e–mail as soon as I finished. I just copied and pasted them here as well.
  6. My main disappointment with the book is that since it covers only one year of sets and characters, it doesn't have a whole lot to cover. The first DK Ninjago and Chima guidebooks were the character encyclopedias, which came out in those themes' second years, giving them plenty of material to cover. The Book of Knights, by comparison, has far less substance. That much is apparent just by comparing the number of pages: 176 pages for each of those two themes' character encyclopedias, versus just 80 in The Book of Knights. Mind you, Nexo Knights does have far more characters in its first year than either Chima or Ninjago had in theirs. Still, I can't help but feel like a book like this would've had more to offer it it had came out later. One thing I think is clever about this book is the "cutout" pages letting Merlok be visible no matter what page the book is turned to, and the word bubbles on the various pages so he can comment on their contents! It adds an almost interactive feeling to the book and is quite ingenious. However, even though Merlok sticks forward through this cutout, more than half of the book's thickness is a cardboard case similar to those that contain the minifigures in other DK LEGO guide books. This feels wasteful, to me, and just makes it that much more obvious how little this book offers in actual pages. Generally I feel the Character Encyclopedias tend to offer a much better value, and hopefully we might get one of those next year or the year after. If I were to recommend a guidebook for Nexo Knights fans, I'd sooner recommend [url=https://books.google.com/books?id=1oRzCwAAQBAJ]The Book of Monsters[/url], which offers 96 pages of brilliant writing and illustrations, or [url=https://books.google.com/books?id=roq2DAAAQBAJ]The Knight's Code: A Training Guide[/url], which promises 176 pages of a similarly deluxe experience.
  7. [quote name='Lyichir' timestamp='1474380083' post='2661550'] I mean, I dunno... there are parts of Lego history that certainly do fade into obscurity. In this case the "losers" might be considered to be things like unreleased sets, rare promotional sets or combo packs, and wildly unpopular themes like Galidor or Znap. The fact that obscure Lego history is still being discovered is evidence that there's an awful lot that wasn't well-documented by the community around the time of its initial development or release. [/quote] I think the discussion was more about about "LEGO portrayals of history" rather than "the history of LEGO". But even then, I'd say there have been changes over the years. Fantasy Era, for instance, was a considerable departure from the human-vs-human Castle themes that had come before it. There are certain elements of how kids perceive medieval history that are iconic and unlikely to change radically over the years, but even so, trending pop culture portrayals of medieval history CAN influence how modern kids perceive it. But it's true that how kids perceive the distant past tends to be a lot more stable than how they perceive the future, which is why we see LEGO Castle and LEGO Pirates revisiting their roots much more often than, say, LEGO Space.
  8. Your link doesn't work but through a little Google-fu I figured you were talking about this set. Looking at its inventory, there are at least 16 molds in that set that are discontinued and have no direct current equivalent: 1x4x5 glass door 1x4x5 wooden door 1x4 hinge plate sunroof plate sunroof glass tail rotor holder tail rotor top rotor holder top rotor 2x2 wheel assembly tire 1x4x5 window frame 1x4x5 window glass baseplate 4x4 wedge with left cutout 4x4 wedge with right cutout For reference's sake, that means re-releasing this set would require introducing more molds than this year's entire first wave of Ninjago sets. "Specialty parts unique to a set" are not remotely the only cost associated with re-releasing a set. LEGO keeps their number of specific elements closely in check due to limited production space. That means any part, even if it's just a recolor of a common, basic part, has to be able to justify its existence, because even putting a common part in a once-common color back into production effectively means taking a part from more recent sets OUT of production. "The existing inventory", as you put it, isn't just parts being pumped into warehouses with no particular purpose in mind, They are parts being produced specifically for use in current sets. And what makes you think there'd be a market for bringing back a set like that? In the early naughts LEGO created a line called "LEGO Legends" focusing on re-releases of beloved discontinued sets. Like many lines from the early naughts, it was a flop. And some of those were sets that are still revered by AFOLs to this day, like the Black Seas Barracuda and Metroliner. Not sets that have zero meaningful advantages over their modern counterparts. Right now demand for that Police Command Base set on BrickLink is negligible — the 24 used copies on BrickLink are selling for an average of just under $45. That's less than what it cost new ($27.99, the equivalent of $62.82 in today's money)! And this isn't just a question of "can this make money?" It's "can this make MORE money than a new set?" Because bringing back any old set means diverting space and resources on the production line that would normally go towards new sets. A modern LEGO police station suited to the tastes of today's kids will ALWAYS make more money than a small, ugly police station that's 30 years obsolete. And a modern police station is generally cheaper to make, too, since you don't have to create over a dozen "new" molds just to put it on shelves. The handful of people who would appreciate obsolete parts being re-introduced are nowhere near as significant as the thousands of kids and adults who will appreciate new molds that create meaningful, genuinely new building and play opportunities.
  9. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1474170582' post='2659732'] And this is why Simpsons 3 didn't happen Found today: [/quote] This might also be a factor in why Disney Series 2 hasn't been announced for 2017. Could be that LEGO is afraid of oversaturating the market or exhausting the license's novelty by releasing two series based on the same license just a year apart.
  10. [quote name='fred67' timestamp='1474223605' post='2660077'] Indeed, over the last few years what I've seen happening is that TLG is releasing these enormous D2C sets, like the Hellcarrier, GBHQ, the Disney Castle. They are spectacular sets, but the trend has been to more expensive sets overall. I'm not talking necessarily about value (although I believe that's true also), but affordability of sets. Take the architecture theme; it went from $20 sets of dubious value to some enormous sets that may have provided better value, but were not affordable to a lot of people that would otherwise be interested in the smaller builds. Inflation has been quite low lately (if you believe the US government). A $70 premium over the IFS demands a lot more, but given the trend lately, while I'm sure it'll be a gorgeous build, I'm guessing that you're not going to get a (roughly) 30% more substantial set.[/quote] I think a lot of recent sets do suggest that prices have stayed at least [i]somewhat[/i] consistent with the amount of substance you get. Many people thought Metalbeard's Sea Cow was surprisingly expensive at $250, but it was 47% bigger than IFS by weight and 67% bigger by piece count despite less than a 40% increase in sticker price. A lot of people think LEGO "cheats" piece counts by using smaller pieces, but it's hard to argue that the weight increase doesn't amount to increased substance. And the Disney Castle, at 5700 grams and 4080 pieces, is 49% bigger than the Sea Cow by both weight AND piece count — despite likewise having just a 40% higher price. So even with the Disney license, its increase in price is buoyed by an even greater increase in substance. A lot of people see the price hike on the Death Star as all the proof they need that LEGO is cheating buyers by charging more than the substance of a set justifies. But the original 10188 Death Star, like the Green Grocer, Taj Mahal, and Castle Giant Chess Set released the same year, was [i]extraordinarily cheap[/i] for its weight in bricks. The Death Star weighed 8060 grams — that's 3.11 times the weight of the Cafe Corner or Imperial Flagship. Why were so many huge sets released for such low prices in 2008? Hard to say, but it could have been the LEGO Group trying to hastily adapt to the ongoing financial crisis that had first become apparent in 2007, thinking that demand for LEGO would crash unless they offered more bricks for less money. Presumably, once it was clear that demand for LEGO was stable, they went back to prices more on par with what they had been in 2007, giving Fire Brigade the same sticker price as Green Grocer but with the substantially higher price per gram of Cafe Corner. Consequently, if the Death Star were released in 2007 or 2009, then it might've cost as much as $450, and a $500 price tag in 2016 wouldn't seem so bad.
  11. Besides that hat mold, don't forget the "3649 40 TOOTH GEAR" Wyldstyle uses to build the Super Cycle, which on closer examination is actually a never-released 60 tooth Technic gear.
  12. [quote name='NBuilder' timestamp='1474048462' post='2658877'] Are the Brick Headz just going to be released for the marvel characters? I would love to see some Star wars adaptations. [/quote] The ones released at Comic Con included both DC and Marvel Super Heroes. However, it's likely that the full range will include other themes besides Super Heroes, because the boxes are labeled with "BrickHeadz" as the theme name, rather than with "Super Heroes" as the theme name like it is for series specific to that theme like the Mighty Micros. I think some of the most likely brands for future BrickHeadz will include Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, and The LEGO Ninjago Movie (though this last one would not be a part of the first wave). I would also like to see other brands like Ninjago, Nexo Knights, and Elves, but I don't know how likely that is and I may end up having to make my own.
  13. Finished the survey and sent it in! It took me a few days to put all my thoughts together. It got pretty long, so I think I will put my responses in spoiler tags so that people who don't want to read a long, rambling post don't have to scroll through all of it. [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Category 2: Miscellaneous 2 [spoiler]LEGO products in Blister packs:[/b][/font][/size][list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]How do you feel about the Minifigures being pre-assembled in any of the Minifigure/Accessory blister packs?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I normally do not mind the minifigures in accessory packs like [url="http://brickset.com/sets/853544-1/NINJAGO-Accessory-Set"]853544[/url] and being pre-assembled. It certainly boosts their shelf presence, although I sometimes wonder whether that adds to the cost, which is quite high relative to the piece count. The minifigures being pre-assembled in sets like [url="http://brickset.com/sets/5004076-1/2014-Target-Minifigure-Gift-Set"]5004076[/url] and [url="http://brickset.com/sets/5004077-1/2015-Target-Minifigure-Gift-Set"]5004077[/url] did result in the capes of the Chima figures becoming crumpled, which was mildly disappointing even though I did not buy those sets specifically for those figures.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Do you consider them desirable in each theme as currently offered or could an alternative build model, shooter for a specific theme etc. be more desirable?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]It varies. The sets I mentioned above are desirable due to including four minifigures with totally exclusive printing for roughly $3.75 apiece (a good value). Other sets like [url="http://brickset.com/sets/851342-1/Ninja-Army-Building-Set"]851342[/url], [url="http://brickset.com/sets/853515-1/Knights-Army-Building-Set"]853515[/url], and [url="http://brickset.com/sets/853516-1/Monsters-Army-Building-Set"]853516[/url] are more of a mixed bag because they include a mix of exclusive minifigure parts and generic minifigure parts that can be obtained from other sets with a better parts value. Packs like [url="http://brickset.com/sets/850632-1/Samurai-Accessory-Set"]850632[/url] and [url="http://brickset.com/sets/853570-1/Police-Accessory-Set"]853570[/url] are not desirable to me at all because they are entirely made up of figures and parts that I could easily get from other sets with a better price per piece. To make these sets desirable, they would need either a price $5–10 lower, a piece count 100 or so pieces higher, or more exclusive contents. Otherwise, what advantage is there to buying 853570 instead of [url="http://brickset.com/sets/60127-1/Prison-Island-Starter-Set"]60127[/url], which has just as many prison guards and crooks plus 66 more bricks and instructions for playable models, all for just two thirds of the price of the blister-packaged accessory set? Also, I would love it if there were blister packaged sets with exclusive LEGO Elves mini-dolls. The latest LEGO Elves webisodes and TV specials do a good job populating the world of Elvendale with diverse elf characters. However, in the sets, there are very few elves except for the main characters and a handful of supporting characters. Accessory sets would be a great way to introduce more elf characters to populate Elvendale towns.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Are blister packs (with Minifigures/Accessories pre-assembled) ok or would[/i][i] you prefer it in a standard LEGO box?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]The blister packs are alright and I do not mind them for the packs that include totally exclusive figs, since these feel "worth the money". The only disadvantage is needing to tear apart the box to open them (I prefer to flatten out and keep my boxes to preserve the box art). The Target-exclusive Minifigure Gift Sets are the best blister-packaged minifigures. They look brilliant on a shelf yet can be opened without tearing the beautiful packaging apart. For the boxes that do not include exclusive minifigures, I would prefer them without blister packaging if it meant substantially more bricks or a substantially lower price. But if the price and piece count stayed the same, then changing the packaging would not make me any more likely to buy them.[/font][/size] [/list] [/list] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]If you have purchase from the Pick-A-Brick Wall: [/b][/font][/size][list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Have you taken part of the Pick-A-Model/Pick-and-Build program? And if so, where?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]No, I have not. I do appreciate the fact that the Pick-A-Model program has led to more varied bricks on the Pick-A-Brick walls, though.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Do you purchase from the Pick-A-brick wall?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have in the past, but I don't think I've bought any since last year. This is mostly because I don't want to risk making my room more of a mess by buying loose bricks, not because I don't like the parts being offered.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Do you have any other feedback?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I would greatly appreciate if more ball joint pieces like [url="http://brickset.com/parts/design-14417"]14417[/url], [url="http://brickset.com/parts/design-14418"]14418[/url], [url="http://brickset.com/parts/design-14419"]14419[/url], [url="http://brickset.com/parts/design-14704"]14704[/url], [url="http://brickset.com/parts/design-15460"]15460[/url], and [url="http://brickset.com/parts/design-22890"]22890[/url] were added to the Pick-A-Brick wall. Buildable figures (animals, dolls, action figures, mecha, etc) make up a lot of the models I enjoy building at home, and it would be great to be able to buy more of these parts instead of just borrowing them from other MOCs and sets every time I want to build something new.[/font][/size] [/list] [/list] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]If you have visited a LEGOLAND park: [/b][/font][/size][list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Which LEGOLAND parks have you visited?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have visited LEGOLAND California in 2002, LEGOLAND Florida in 2014, and LEGOLAND Billund in 2015.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Do you buy souvenirs (specific to that particular park) from the park or eac[/i][i]h park you visit?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Sometimes.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]If so, what item/s do you buy as a "memory of the day?" - Is it a regular LEGO product such as keychain, LEGO set/s, tumbler (cup/mug) - should it have a specific LEGOLAND link and[/i][i] graphics to it?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have bought LEGOLAND Billund ball caps, and my brother has bought LEGOLAND Billund and LEGOLAND Windsor minifigure magnets. I have also bought general LEGO sets, if they are a low enough price to buy on impulse or are marked down lower than I can find them elsewhere. I do not mind merchandise with LEGOLAND-specific graphics, although I also love souvenirs that specifically connect with one of my favorite LEGO brands like Ninjago, Elves, or Bionicle.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Any other comments?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I especially like LEGO or LEGOLAND branded merchandise that I can wear, like hats, wristbands, and shirts in adult sizes, since these are hard to find outside of LEGOLAND parks. I would be willing to buy this sort of merchandise whether or not it were specific to LEGOLAND parks. My Bionicle T-shirt from the announcement of the Bionicle reboot at New York Comic Con 2014 is one of my favorite T-shirts and one of my most prized souvenirs of a special LEGO experience.[/font][/size] [/list] [/list][/spoiler] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Category 3: Home [spoiler]Stationery:[/b][/font][/size][list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Have you heard about or seen our latest Stationery products?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Yes, I've heard about them online and seen them at Barnes & Noble bookstores.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Do you like the product range? If yes, what do you like about the product range?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Yes, absolutely. I have a bit of older LEGO stationery from over the years but the new range which is more integrated with the LEGO System is much nicer and also generally very classy! I love LEGO merchandise that I can take places with me to let people know I'm a LEGO fan.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]What is your most favorite item? And why?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]My favorite item is the buildable ruler. It involves the most building out of any of the accessories, is a useful tool to have around, and unlike the markers, pencils, pens, and erasers, I don't have to worry about it running out of ink or wearing out after a lot of use, as long as I take good care of it. The ruler is the only one I have bought so far, though I hope to buy more of the stationery items as I prepare to return to college in the spring. The Journal with Binding Band looks especially nice because if I run out of journal pages, I can remove the binding band and put it on a new journal to start fresh.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Are we missing anything important in the assortment range?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Measuring tape would be INCREDIBLY useful, especially if it included measurements in LEGO bricks and studs in addition to standard inch and centimeter measurements! That way it could be a useful tool for LEGO building in addition to school or office work. A mechanical pencil would also be useful since it could be refilled with standard graphite instead of getting smaller and smaller the more you use it. For the past several years I have mostly used mechanical pencils for writing and drawing.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Do you see many creative opportunities? How would you use the produ[/i][i]cts? - In other contexts...? (i.e. as part of a LEGO brick 'integrated' build)[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I definitely see lots of creative opportunities, like using the printed tiles from the ruler as a growth chart in a minifigure doctor's office or a height chart for suspects in a LEGO police station! Or using the pens or markers for LEGO Mindstorms robots that can actually write and draw! Or using the erasers as wheels on a vehicle! However, these are not the sorts of things I normally build, and I would be more likely to keep the stationery items at my desk for their intended use, rather than using them in my own LEGO creations. I kind of wish the pencil boxes and organizer had studs on the outside as well as the inside, so not only could you store the stationery items inside, but you could also personalize the outside with LEGO bricks! The Journal with Binding Band already looks very easy to customize, which makes me want to buy one.[/font][/size] [/list] [/list] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Upscaled Minifigure:[/b][/font][/size][list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Have you purchased the Upscaled Clock & Torch Minifigures due to the function (clock/light etc.) or mostly for [/i][i]the Minifigure icon?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have not bought any of the full-size clocks and torches because they're expensive and I'm afraid they'd take up too much space. However, I have bought a few of the smaller Minifigure Key Lights. I bought them mostly due to the minifigure icon and the specific characters they represent. My brother and I especially loved the LEGO Movie Unikitty Key Lights.[/font][/size] [/list][*][i][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]If yes, what needs does it fulfill for you or the purpose? - It is for the function (Time/Light) or for the shape (Collectability)?[/font][/size][/i] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]My brother and I use our Unikitty and Angry Kitty key lights as light sources when trying to find things in a dark place (like a cabinet or under a bed) or to see our surroundings when the power goes out. We generally do not keep them on display, instead keeping them in our backpacks so we have them handy. However, we generally do not use the ones with colored lights (like the Queasy Kitty and Astro Kitty Key Lights) as a light source. Those we appreciate more for their novelty and collectibility.[/font][/size] [/list] [/list] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Collectability:[/b][/font][/size][list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Is it important for you to have something unique to collect?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]To an extent. I try not to become addicted to completing a collection, and some of the products I buy are as stand-alone items due to their usefulness and charm. However, there are things like the Unikitty Key Lights where my brother and I have tried to get a complete collection. We would be more likely to buy items like key lights from brands we love like Ninjago if, for example, all six ninja were available as key lights in the same style of costume. That way we could buy a couple at a time until we had a complete set.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]If there are unique items in each country, how much effort do you go to obtain the items/product?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I don't tend to go to any extraordinary effort to get things that are only available overseas. However, if I am visiting another country for other reasons and see something that goes with a collection I have at home, but that I haven't seen available at stores back home, I will be more likely to get it. For example, my brother and I bought the Queasy Kitty and Astro Kitty Key Lights when we were in Billund for the LEGO Inside Tour.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]How do you collect things? What is your favorite way of displaying the things you collect?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I tend to be somewhat specific about the things I collect (for instance, keeping my LEGO wish list mostly constrained to specific LEGO themes). This year, for example, my brother and I have collected the LEGO Bionicle, Ninjago, Nexo Knights, and Elves sets. I try to limit how much I buy in some ways. I do not limit myself to a specific budget, although I probably should. Instead, I make a list of every set I want, and then try to see how many I can cut out without feeling like I'm seriously missing out. I like having a sense of choice. For instance, it's frustrating to feel like I can't get every character from a theme without getting every set from that theme. My brother and I display LEGO sets on our shelves or our dresser, although both are often a bit of a mess. It's important to me to be able to access, take down, and play with the sets and figures I have on display, so I try not to display sets by hanging them from the ceiling or by putting them behind glass.[/font][/size] [/list][*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Are you missing any key display or storage items from LEGO?[/i][/font][/size] [list] [*][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]It would be nice to get some display cases to show off our Ninjago minifigures, but Ninjago includes some figures like Pythor, Nadakhan, and Dogshank who are too big for many display cases including both official LEGO cases and unofficial cases. And also, there are nearly 200 Ninjago minifigures, so I'm not sure how many I'd have space to display even if I had cases big enough. Instead, my brother and I currently have most of our figures from our favorite themes in a shoebox, sorted into Ziploc bags by year and by theme. We may soon need to move them into a bigger box, but the Ziplocs are nice and better than having them all piled loose in one box. I want to get a better display option one day. I also might one day wish to buy some brick storage and sorting cases or shelves, but that may have to wait until I have a house or apartment of my own.[/font][/size] [/list] [/list][/spoiler] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Category 4: Promotional and Other[/b][/font][/size] [spoiler][b]Licensing & Extended Line Products (brick based):[/b] [b]If you buy/receive/collect Seasonal/Promotional items, please answer the following:[/b][list] [*][i]Where do you purchase your LEGO sets?[/i] [list] [*]I buy many of my LEGO sets at the LEGO store at Potomac Mills (Woodbridge, VA), or from [url="http://shop.LEGO.com"]shop.LEGO.com[/url]. I also sometimes buy sets at Target or Toys 'R' Us, which are closer to where I live. [/list][*][i]Whom do you buy these products for?[/i] [list] [*]Mostly for myself and my twin brother. [/list][*][i]Do you base your purchases on the freebie/give-away/gift with purchase items?[/i] [list] [*]Usually only if they're specific to a theme I collect, like Ninjago, Elves, or Bionicle. I'm generally more likely to base my purchases on special pricing or VIP points. [/list][*][i]How do you use these products, as they are intended or part of a display or build etc. ?[/i] [list] [*]I might build them for temporary display, or just leave them in the box and save them for another time. I like the seasonal sets but don't have a real place set aside for displaying them. When I'm done displaying them I might put them back in the box or take them apart to use as loose bricks, depending on how I feel about the model. [/list][*][i]What role do the products play?[/i] [list] [*]They are cute bonuses for a LEGO purchase, but I am not super into collecting them. That's mostly just because there are so many other LEGO themes I'm more focused on collecting. [/list] [/list] [b]Collectability:[/b] [list] [*][i]Do you collect a lot of 'non-themed' LEGO sets like the above or merchandise?[/i] [list] [*]No, not really. I prefer to focus on themed products, specifically on non-licensed, story-driven themes like Ninjago, Bionicle, and Elves. [/list][*][i]What puts you off collecting some items?[/i] [list] [*]It's difficult to commit the time, money, and space for a lot of non-themed products when the themed products I love already demand so much of all three. [/list] [/list] [b]Monthly Minibuilds/Seasonals/Promotional IP Products/Black Friday/Other promotional/Gift with purchase products:[/b] [list] [*][i]What do you like about these products?[/i] [list] [*]These products give me an incentive to shop at specific times and places, but mostly when they relate to IPs I collect. [/list][*][i]What do you not like about these products?[/i] [list] [*]The non-IP related products are often extremely cute and charming, but I have a hard time justifying going out of my way to obtain them when I already commit so much time, money, and space to "themed" LEGO. Also, models specific to LEGO store events (like the monthly minibuilds) are hard for me to obtain because I don't drive. [/list][*][i]How can we improve these products?[/i] [list] [*]There are certain promotional polybag sets like [url="http://brickset.com/sets/5002942-1/Bionicle-Villain-Pack"]5002942[/url], [url="http://brickset.com/sets/5004391-1/Sky-Pirates-Battle"]5004391[/url], and [url="http://brickset.com/sets/5004409-1/Accessory-pack"]5004409[/url] that either fail to get a wide release in the United States, or are not released in the United States at all — despite containing contents you can't get in other sets. I would like it if these sets got released more widely, or if the ways to get them were at least more publicized. [/list][*][i]What would you like to see more of?[/i] [list] [*]It would be cool if there were more exclusive figures for non-licensed themes, like Elves and Ninjago, rather than just for the licensed themes like Super Heroes and Star Wars. For instance, it would be cool if Ninjago DVDs came with promotional minifigures like many Star Wars and Super Heroes DVDs have in the past. [/list] [/list][/spoiler] [b]Category 5: LEGOLAND[/b] [spoiler][b]Have you been to a LEGOLAND Park? If so, please answer the following:[/b] [b]LEGOLAND Parks:[/b][list] [*][i]Is there a need for more LEGO Technic experiences in the parks (both rides and hands-on)?[/i] [list] [*]Not particularly, in my opinion. I'm not a huge Technic fan but I feel like the Technic attractions at the parks I've been to have been satisfactory. [/list][*][i]Are the Miniland models delivering "wow" moments and inspiration for you as an AFOL?[/i] [list] [*]The miniland models that wow me the most and leave the most lasting impressions are the ones with humorous details, like the LEGO Space cosplayers lined up at a movie theater to see "BLACKTRON: LEGACY", a Miniland version of the "Sad Keanu" meme, Miniland versions of the Doctor and TARDIS from Doctor Who, etc. When I am at the parks I am usually not too concerned with looking for inspiration. I do look at pictures of Miniland models for inspiration sometimes when I'm at home, but at the parks I'm usually just trying to savor the experience, perhaps not thinking as much as I should about what I can learn from it or apply in my own creations after I leave. [/list][*][i]What would be the ultimate AFOL park experience?[/i] [list] [*]To be honest I haven't been too disappointed with the LEGOLAND parks from an AFOL perspective. They give me an opportunity to feel like a kid again, so the kid-focused attractions (like not-too-intense roller coasters, costumed characters, interactive features in the Minilands, live shows, silly brick sculptures, etc) generally appeal to me just fine. And this is coming from somebody who is not super interested in other theme parks. My main disappointment with the LEGOLAND parks as an AFOL is that there are often not enough LEGO T-shirts and hats in adult sizes at the shops — often a lot of the adult clothes at the shops are not LEGO or LEGOLAND branded at all, but instead just normal clothes. I would prefer to be able to buy more souvenirs that I could wear to show my LEGO pride when I'm out and about. Especially if they connected to my favorite LEGO themes! [/list] [/list][/spoiler]
  14. [quote name='SollX' timestamp='1474209928' post='2659936'] Palace cinema... But that is just because the movie posters are to detailed to be printed [/quote] And also because LEGO isn't (currently) able to print those window-pane pieces front-and-back. Really, there are quite a few times when the distinction between printing and stickers comes down to "do we have the proper machine fittings to print this surface or not?" Every printed part in the Caterham set is one that has been printed before. By comparison, the Big Bang Theory set has two stickers for parts that haven't been printed in the past, while all the other decorations are printed. That isn't the ONLY reason why stickers are used in place of printing, but it is a common reason in themes where printed pieces are otherwise the norm.
  15. I would probably not consider the Nexo Knights Action sets a replacement for the Mixels. If anything I'd consider them more analogous with the Chima Legend Beasts, which coexisted with the Mixels in their first year and were likewise a low-priced item for a "big bang" theme moving into its second year.